Whispers in the Walls [Sign Ups and OOC]

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  1. Sign Ups for the First Year are underway!

    Welcome, young one... may you live in.... interesting times.

    Take a seat, stranger, and let me tell you about some of the mysterious horrors young Highschoolers will experience this coming spring... the spring of the year 2046.

    Those young ones, innocent and eager, will be enrolled in the most technologically advanced school in Japan, if not the world, and will recieve an education only dreamt of by the most ardant of academics... but things will not be as they seem, for the particular area occupied by the campus is a very special area where the dead is the most felt. Indeed, the Dead and the Living live in two identical yet separate dimensions, where the former grow more and more instable and bitter as they stew in their unfulfiled hopes and dreams and, in most case, in their brutal and unjust death.

    You see, the veil between the two dimensions is thin in the school, one Sugimura Koutou Gakkou, and even in the brightest day the dead can be heard and felt when alone and silent. During their years as high schoolers, our young heroes will be confronted with a tough choice; live in fear or risk death for their own peace of mind?

    Should they choose the later, they will be able to comunicate with the dead when alone and get Mysteries bestowed upon them in exchange for boons of Peace, but one thing is for sure, no matter their choice...

    Do not go in the school at night.

    This roleplay will be much like a very interactive game mixed with a visual novel, where your character will face both mundanity and great danger... should they seek it. Your first priority should always be to keep your protege alive, for once they die you will have to make another character and start as a freshman all over again, that it may be the start of a new year or as a Transfer Student.

    What is also important to know is that your character will be expected to at least get medicre scores at school, and so studies will be important, as will social contact for their sanity. They will be stressed and hounded by spirits of all sort, and as such will have to either gain a sense of self of ironclad sturdiness or get into alievating the plights of their hunter by either working for them in some tasks or, should they become lost, provide another target to the vangeful dead's wrath in exchange for Peace of Mind.

    That brings us to your character Gauges, all with a miximum of an hundred percent and all steadily draining as time goes on. They are as such:

    Academic, Social, Physical, Peace of Mind and Health.

    Be ver aware that should any of these gauges reach zero, it will be game over for this character, and so you must keep a steady eye on every gauge of your character. What will happen if they are full, however? You will gain access to a beneficial event, at the cost of seventy five percent of your full gauge that will give a worthwhile boon or bonus to your character.

    How can you make it so, you ask? It's quite simple, each day will be separated into three time spheres called
    Morning, Afternoon and Evening that will give you the choice to do one sole event related to your choice of gauge, making it so that you will gain a proportionate amount of good karma in the chosen gauge.

    Mysteries, or quest given by spirits, can be taken during either Morning or Afternoon and will be the only way to gain Peace of Mind in an important amount but will be dangerous. Choose wisely.

    That is all for the Gameplay, let us proceed to...

    First of all, be polite in the OOC.

    Post at least one worthwhile paragraph per post, so the story unfold at a satisfying pace.

    No extreme violence of sexual content or even swearing for that matter.

    My word is law when it comes to outcomes, respect it, please.

    Never be aftraid to ask questions or give suggestions!

    Character Sheet

    Birth Day: (Keep in mind that all characters start at fifteen yesrs of age!)



    Blood Type:

    Moreover, you will start with the following, that you must keep at the start or end of each IC post and keep updated:

    Academic 25
    Physical 25
    Social 25
    Piece of Mind 25
    Health 25

    Thank you for your interest!
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  2. Name: Aiko Hirota
    Gender: Female
    Birth Day: February 23, 2031

    Personality: A friendly, joyfull, yet industrious girl with alot of intelligence at her disposal, she tends to be affectionate towards others, especially ones she's close with. She loves to help others out, even alot of times sympathizing with others even despite some bad first impressions, she sees some good in almost everyone. She can indeed be childish at times though, making her both cute, and sometimes quite timid, panicking if given the right situation despite her best efforts to try and stay calm.

    Likes: Flowers, nature, drawing, playing her flute, interacting with the local wild-life, and helping others (can vary from schoolwork, to resolving large issues outside of school and so on)

    Dislikes: Bullies (especially ones that just do so for their own enjoyment), the dark, vultures, spoiled people, being treated as a child, ignored, and being alone (monophobia)

    Biography: Aiko grew up with a kind family that taught her the benefits of helping others, like they helped her whenever she needed it. She often did so just out of instinct nowadays, growing up in a house with a big backyard, and plenty of wildlife to spend her free time with, sometimes with a friend or two she brought over. Happy to make her parents proud, she studied, and did her own research throughout her elementary and middle school days, beginning to show interest in digital and non-digital arts. Choosing to spend her free time painting/drawing the scenery her backyard provided, playing her flute, and sometimes just hanging around with the animals that were now fairly familiar with her. When the day came where she went to highschool, she was amazed when her parents gave her the news that she was accepted into the newly built highscool, one rumored to be the best in Japan! She was overjoyed, ecstatically awaiting the day school started, something that seemed almost alien to your average teenager.

    Blood Type: O+
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  3. I love it :)! There is two issues, however; You name her Aisha at her History and the school just opened that year, so rumors haven't started yet as it will open in her first day of class. Besides that, accepted!
  4. XD Whoops! A little error there from me being a tad tired, I'll fix that!
  5. That's quite all right, I'm herefor that, as well :)!
  6. Now... *Gets overly hyped about RP and awaits other CS(s)*
  7. Hehe, I hope we get enough people soon X3!
  8. This sounds amazing so...take my CS!

    Name: Aniki Suzuki
    Gender: Female
    Birth Day: May 5th 2031
    (Sorry the pic is so big!!!)

    Personality: As any Taurus, Aniki is very headstrong, like a bull! She often prefers to be the leader of a group and lead her friends to victory. She is very independent, self-confident, determined and competent. She's very loyal to anyone who gets close to her. She often has a hard time handling her emotions, but they are very strong and passionate when she shows them and is ALWAYS very energetic. She's obsessed about tech and art, even though she keeps it to herself, and is very organized. Hidden behind her headstrong personality, she's very intellectual and actually, pretty sensitive. However, a little on the negative side, she is very unpredictable and sometimes, her ego can get a little big. She can also be very stubborn and can get pretty jealous. All the beside she is all about work work work!

    Likes: She loves peace and tranquility, and sometimes when alone, she can be found meditating, and over all she loves sleep and food.

    Dislikes: She despises being rushed and doesn't so well in uncomfortable surroundings. She hates being forced into something, especially changing her mind and above all, hates being annoyed or pestered!

    Biography: Aniki grew up with a large family, having five younger siblings, one sister and four brothers. Being the eldest of the six, the others looked up to her, which meant she was the role-model and even better, the leader, which she loved. Aniki had always been a natural leader and preferred leading in most situations. Her parents had always been busy with work and were hardly even around. Even so, they raised her right. And now, she practically raised the five on her own. They always hung out with her, and she taught them all how to organize, get great grades, paint, and even meditate. And after all those activities, she'd cook for them all. Lather, rinse, repeat. That's how it went every day. Well, until one day she found out she'd be going to the most amazing school in Japan, only her dream school since she heard it was being built. Now she was accepted and she couldn't have been happier. Literally. She celebrated for days.
    Blood Type: O-
  9. Great, welcome on board because Aniki is accepted!
  10. Looking forward to seeing how we interact with each other XD *Has stayed up all night partially due to the RP hype*
  11. Ahh! I go to bed and get left behind. X..x; Gimme a bit I'll get my CS Up!
  12. Sure, I need at least four characters to start, anyways.
  13. Name: Fukuko Akiyama

    Gender: Female

    Birth Day: November 8th, 2031

    Appearance: 321738_1322165888348_381_300.jpg

    Personality: Being a Scorpio she is wise and resourceful, her loyalty to friends goes unmatched, she is analytic and observant and will never be afraid to speak her mind. She can be a flirtatious girl with a personality that draws people to her, her odd looks help do that too but what makes them stick around is her attention to the details of their life that they share with her. She is a compassionate person and understands people on a strangely deep level, she isn't a shallow girl and will never judge a book by it's cover. All in all she is kind, compassionate, loyal, and outgoing. She is an independent girl who rarely relies on anyone, more often being the one that people rely on.

    Likes: Paranormal things, Technology, Music, Her Violin, Dogs, The Dark, fire, and people

    Dislikes: Silence, Cats, Rude People, people who have no manners, water (Hydrophobia), and being ordered around.

    Biography: Fukuko has been a violinist since she was very young, a prodigy in it, as she grew older though her interests expanded into technology and she seems to have skill with understanding and repairing almost any tech she gets her hands on. Fukuko's home life was not the most pleasant, her family pushed her to constantly practice the violin, she didn't mind at first, she still loves to play, but the punishments she would receive for not doing as her family wished were rather cruel, so she grew to do as she was told up until she finally lost her temper once and told them off. She was quickly and efficiently handed over to her Grandmother and Grandfather; the most loving older couple you could ever meet; when she was 13, for the past 2 years she has lived with them and has had a more filling life from this. Her grandparents had encouraged her interest in technology which is what made her pursue it's study. She had grown into the independent girl she was now thanks to her grandparents. Her fear of water is linked to when she was a 7 year old girl, she had gone on vacation with her family and had nearly drowned in the salty ocean, this had traumatized her making her scared to death of water; although she can stand a shower for about 10 minutes but no more.

    Blood Type: AB-
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  14. Sorry for the delay, accepted!
  15. Yay, thanks!
  16. I'd like to sign-up, but are only female students allowed? I haven't seen a single male student.
  17. Any gender is allowed, we are just skewed in gender ratio right now ^^'!
  18. Agreed! And I'm also very excited for this Roleplay.
  19. Oh, alright! I'll get a character sheet up in a few minutes, it's been a while since I've been in a modern roleplay.
  20. Mhm, take your time and have fun with him :)!