Whispers from the past ((read the details below))

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The Plot:

The world has ended. All sources of life have been wiped from existence, silence consumes the now empty air. The humans who had earlier occupied this planet before this incident hadn't seen this coming. All except one, that is. The only man who knew of this coming was named Hariju Guingi age 54. His belief was that there was no stopping it, so he kept the information to himself. But being the man he was, he also thought that to leave this world inhabited would be a shame. So as his final work of art he created over a million robot-like creatures who appeared as a human in a line, unaware of which ones would wake up and which wouldn't. These robots were called 'The Zodations'.

Starting point:
Basically, all members will join as they wake up in the factory along with the rest of the Zodiations who were created. There are 12 options ((will be listed below)) of what type of Zodation your character will be. The goal for this is to rebuild a civilization and to wake the rest of the Zodations slowly. Zodations are basically humans so everything a human can do and feel is the same for them. Zodations are able to have special abilities as well as unique features (such as tails, elven ears, etc...) but have to have a sub-type.
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