Whispering Woods

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  1. It was a late afternoon and Kristabeth had just gotten off work at the local coffee shop. She'd been working 8 hour shifts 4 days a week and was exhausted. The walk home had always been the best part of her day, no matter what went on. It was something about the Autumn leaves changing colors and falling to the ground of the Whispering Woods that made her smile.

    She'd made it to the mouth of the woods and made her way to the log bridge from her childhood she'd loved so much. She stepped up onto the bridge, slowly walking over as her headphones blasted Ed Sheeran in one ear and she heard the soft whispers from the floor of the woods in the other. Kristabeth took a deep breath and let the smell of the fresh water creek and musky smell of her surroundings encase her in the memories she had from the better part of her childhood. Kris heard a twig break from behind her, and only then did she let her concentration of happiness be broken. She had stumbled upon a girl, her blond hair in tangles and her face a bit confused and dingy. 'What is she doing out here? I've never seen her around.' Kris thought to herself. "Excuse me, miss. Are you okay?" Kris walked over to the girl. She didn't look much older than herself and could probably use a shower and hot meal.
  2. It didn't make sense. Everything was scrambled, she couldn't think straight. It was as if this was her first moment on Earth. Her legs kept wobbling like she didn't know how to walk but the blonde knew she had walked before. She was breathing heavily but she didn't remember anything before theae few moments. Everything was spinning. She was pretty sure that wasn't supposed to happen. No-this couldn't be happening.. why her? Why did she have to be the poor girl who lost her memories? How did she even get into these darn woods? Her head was pounding. Where was she walking? Her clothes were ragged but plain. She wore a plaid skirt and knee high socks. She was wearing a poofy light blue, collared button up shirt with a small grey jacket on top. But they had dirt and mud and twigs stuck to the fabric. Her shirt was ripped, exposing her chest and her corset was ripped apart too and her skirt was pushed up on her thighs. Her shoes were covered in ashes and she could feel a twinging sensation at the bottom, as if she were standing on a old stove. Pain shot thrpugh her arm and she cried out in pain. Never had she experienced something like this.. Well, it wasn't like she'd remember if she did anyways. She heard a twig snap under her foot and she cocked her head up. There stood a brunette haired girl. "Excuse me, miss. Are you okay?" She couldn't push hersekf to speak so she just shook her head. Her eyes were stinging, she felt so violated and ashamed of herself and she didn't know why. Still not finding the energy to speak, the girl pointed to her head. She had noticed blood coming from her temple but she couldn't do anything about it. Her eyes were raw from her crying but she hadn't remembered crying. Her mouth was bleeding to, her lip was torn. But she hadn't remembered anything.
  3. This was so... So crazy. What was she doing out here in the middle of the woods? Her clothes were tattered and covered in dirt. There was blood in her hair and her lip was busted. Had she gotten into an accident. Had she been beaten up and left in the woods? Either way, Kris felt bad for the girl. She was probably between 22 and 24 and was just left out here, with no one to help her. Kristabeth walked over to the girl, looking her in her eyes. She had been crying. "Oh my gosh! Do you know what happened to you? Not to be rude or anything, but you look terrible. Is there anything I can do to help? I can take you back into town if you'd like." Kristabeth always was a compassionate girl; taking the way people felt about certain things into consideration. She'd hoped that there was something that she could do to help this girl. She was so disheveled and seemed so lonely...
  4. Her head wouldn't stop hurting. She clenched at her head, wanting the pounsing to stop. 'Just die already!' she thought to herself. Death would be better than enduring this pain. "Oh my gosh! Do you know what happened to you? Not to be rude or anything, but you lookterrible. Is there anything I can do to help?Ican take you back into town if you'd like," the brunette said. She shook her head furiously. She didn't know why but going back into town was a worse idea then staying here today. But she needed help. She would die here if she didn't. What was she was supposed to do other than accept the brunette's offer. "Your.. your name?" the blonde heard her voice speak. Her voice sounded weak and frail.. gravelly.
  5. "Oh yeah, I'm sorry. My name is Kristabeth. You can call me Kris, or Luci. Whichever you prefer." She held out her hand for the girl to shake, unsure if she'd even have the strength to. The blonde's voice was so small and helpless when she talked. Kris couldn't help but feel sorry for the girl. Although she didn't know what had happened to her, she knew that she had been through some sort of struggle. All she needed was someone to be there for her and show her some compassion. The girl had just shook her head when Kris had asked to take her into town. She couldn't really think of anything else she could do to help the girl. "Is there anything else I can do to help? Maybe call someone to let them know you're out here or something? There has to be someone who's looking for you. right?" The thought that someone, friends or family, could be looking for her, scared to death that something bad might've happened made Kris's heart hurt.
  6. Kristabeth. What a unique name. Wait-why did it matter what this girl's name was when she couldn't even remember her own!?!? She needed help and this girl was willing to give it to her. Kristabeth held out her hand and the blonde furrowed her eyebrows. "I... I do not have anything to give you," she explained. Of course, going into town would be the best choice. She would be helped.. maybe see somone she knew. The blonde listened to the girl speak,"Is there anything else I can do to help? Maybe call someone to let them know you're out here or something? There has to be someone who's looking for you. right?" She shook her head again. She didn't know (or better yet remember) anybody. She didn't remember anyone who cared enough to be looking for her. In fact, she hadn't remembered anyone! "I do not think so.. I cannot remember one who cared," she stated, looking down at the ground. Had it not been for this stupid twig on the ground breaking under her foot she eould probably not have even noticed Kristabeth.
  7. Kris looked at the girl, sorrow in her eyes. 'She really had no one who cares about here? No one that was looking for her..." She thought to herself. Kristabeth looked over at the bridge, chewing on her bottom lip. "You don't have to give me anything, miss. I just want to help and be nice. It looks like that's something you could use right now. I'm actually glad I found you. If it weren't for the twig I wouldn't have noticed you would still be all disoriented and alone." Kris looked over at the girl smiling.
  8. Pity. She was looking at her with pity. She didn't want to be pitied! She may not have known her own name but she didn't need anyone to pity her. Kristabeth looked over at a wooden structure and the blonde looked down at her laced up boots. "You do not want anything? I need help.. I understand thy wants to take.me into town? I will go.. since thou wishes to help," the blonde finally decided, walking torward the brunette called Kristabeth. "My name is... A-A... I seem to not remember,"
  9. Kristabeth nodded. "You don't remember your name? D-did you hit your head or something? Do you remember anything that happened to you?" Kris looked at the girl, confusion in her eyes. She'd never seen or even talked to anyone who'd gotten amnesia before. She'd led the way towards her cabin, instead of into town. The two girls walked across the log bridge, nothing but the sound of nature filling their ears.
  10. The blonde shook her head, frowning. It was a bad thing she didn't know her name her mind knew that but a part of her told her that her name didn't matter anymore. "You can just call me A 'til I remember my name," the blonde decided. Kristabeth started walking somewhere and A followed behind, not really knowing what else to do. "No.. I don't remember anything. I remember small shreds but not much.. I remember being here and being scared but that is about it," the blinde explained. They entered a cabin and A examined the loggen room. She found it comforting to be in here but she didn't know why..
  11. Kristabeth nodded as they entered her cabin. It was fairly larger than most cabins, with wooden floors and an apple cinnamon smell in the air. The TV was on and Kris' favorite show American Horror Story was streaming from her Blu-ray player on Netflix. "Feel free to make yourself at home. Would you like anything to eat or drink? A hot shower maybe?" Kris asked pouring hot water into two coffee mugs for hot chocolate. She didn't know what A meant when she said she'd remembered being here, so she decided to ask. "When you say you remember being here, do you mean like here in the woods or like at my cabin here?" Kris looked over at the girl, a bit of confusion in her tone.
  12. A walked in the room and almost had a heart attack. The amount of gadget and inknown widgets scares her. There was a box showing scary looking people. The blonde looked around the room, it was huge! The girl walked over to the small box thingy. She didn't dare to touch it. There was a woman dressed in black robes, a strip of white scross her hat. Her blonde hair peeked out and her eyes seemed squinted and focused. "What is this socery? Make it stop. She is hurting that man!" A shrieked, pointing at the television. What was a shower? A needed to bathe badly, she needed a change of clothes but if Kristabeth had offeeed something hot and A was practically freezing. Shower was probably just a beverage. "Whatever is available. Do you have a change of clothes? I am afraid my corset ripped," the blonde stated, running a hand through her tangled her. She thought about this next question carefully, "I am not sure.."
  13. She looked over at A as she screamed. She was pointing to the television. "You've never seen a TV before?" Kristabeth walked over and turned the tv off. Had she never seen a television before? Maybe she grew up in a very religious family and wasn't allowed to have electronics? She could be Amish... But Kris doubted it considering the way she dressed. "Yeah, I have something you can wear, but I'm sure you'd like to take a hot bath first, wash your hair and all of that fun stuff." Kris put a few ice cubes in the glasses of hot chocolate and handed a mug to A. "Be careful. It might still be a little hot." Kris smiled at A and sat down on the couch in front of the TV. "Drink your hot chocolate and then I'll run you a bath or a shower. Whichever you prefer." The two were both silent at first before Kristabeth spoke. "Have you never seen a television before, A? I mean you don't look like you'd come from a very religious or Amish family, but I could be wrong." A was a very interesting girl and Kris was a little excited to know more of this stranger.
  14. A sighed in relief as Kristabeth turned off the 'television'. She gently shook her head and began to ask questions, "Will the man be okay? What does television mean?" The blonde placed a hand on her left thigh. There was a big welt. Her thin legs started to hurt. A wasn't lean, she was skinny. Malnourished. A gratefully acdepted the hot chocolate from Kristabeth and took a sip, the warm liquid burning the roof of her mouth. "A bath would be nice," A decided, taking over sip of the beverage in her hands. She liked the beverage. It was different from anything else she tried.. or at least it felt that way. "I don't think so," A replied, staring at the black television. Was it really all that weird she hadn't seen a television? She hadn't ever seen most of the things in the room!
  15. Kristabeth giggled at A's questions "Well a television, or TV as most people call it is a machine that shows moving pictures, called shows and movies. And yes A, the man will be okay. The movies and shows I told you about are mostly all fake. She wasn't really hurting the man, they were just acting. Kind of like pretending" Kris felt like she was explaining all of this to a pre-schooler.
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