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Name: Lex Jones


Gender: Male


Powers: He has the ability to create and control fire he just doesn't know it yet

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Lex is tough, brash and hard, but he does care and very loyal and protective of his friends. He is kind and extremely intelligent, despite his rough exterior is really quite sweet and gentle on the inside. He hates being crowded, bottles up his emotions and can be quiet and reserved.

Lex's past is vague, he was abandoned by his parents at a young age and moved to the village of Dakur shortly after. He was raised by the local blacksmith and taught how to fight with twin long swords, he became the villages best solider protecting villagers from invaders. But lately that's been getting harder to do as a number of magical beings who used to live harmoniously with the village have been rising in number and power and have been corrupted by a dark force. The force is unknown some say it is the dark gods, nothing is certain but now no magical being is allowed to enter the village. The townsfolk they are hiding in the wood that surrounds the town and it is said that if you enter you don't return.

Other: Uh nothing yet

Starting location:
Whisper Wood
Name: Summer Ramirez




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Personality: Summer is sweet, kind, caring, intelligent, creative and fun to be around. She never holds back and always speaks her mind which can often result in her putting her foot in her mouth but shes very persuasive so gets out of it OK. She's loyal to her friends and always ready to defend them, she is a real tomboy and quite tough despite her girlie girl appearance and not afraid to get her hands dirty. Shes independent and likes to do things for herself but still loves company when she can get it.

Powers: Summer has the ability to morph into any animal she see's fit, she can talk to them and she has their sense's. Which can often result in her acting more animal than human, she can also control water ((think Avatar the last air bender)).

History: Summer was orphaned when she was just seven and was forced to find her own way in the world, as she grew so did her powers. When she turned 15 she moved to Whisper Wood as it was safe from the evil beings that roamed the lands and has been there ever since. (it sucks i know but im feeling very lazy at the moment i'll fix it later. XD))

She is known As Natures Warrior and is a Vegetarian
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Lex cursed silently under his breath as he fought his way through the undergrowth, what the hell was he doing here? this place was cursed and he had been sent in for no good reason he thought to himself as he angrily sliced a vine with his swords. He looked up sharply at the sound of footsteps "whos out there" he demanded, getting no response he drew his swords and stepped forward cautiously alert to every sound. Suddenly he fell, having stepped over the edge of a ditch. When he stopped rolling he tried to get to his feet but quickly sat back down again as a sharp pain bite into his left ankle "a broken ankle, great just what i needed."

Summer was on her way home when the sound of footsteps distracted her, she looked ahead and saw a young solider perhaps a year older than her hacking at a vine with twin long swords. She quickly ducked behind a tree before he saw her and held her breath, a soldier here was not good if they found her she wouldn't like to think about would happen. She moved slightly which caused a twig to snap under her feet, she froze as he called out
"whos out there?" She was about to leave when she saw him fall down into the ravine, when she saw he couldn't stand she bite her lip and tried to work out what to do. If she helped him he could attack her later, and if she didn't he would be dead come nightfall. Even with his swords he was unable to stand or get back to his village so he stood no chance against the creatures that roamed these woods. She let out a deep breath and slowly descended into the ravine, she stepped out from the trees in front of him and offered a nervous smile " i saw you fall good sir, might i offer some assistance?" She asked politely whist extending her hand down to him.
Lex looked up and hardly believed his eyes standing in front of him was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, she walked over and spoke to him with a soft gentle voice. He was speechless for a moment lost in her blue eyes, he shook his head come on snap out of it. "Thank you fair maiden, your help would be very much appreciated." He took her hand and she pulled him to his feet, he was embarrassed when she put his arm around her shoulder and he had to lean on her he was the solider he should have been helping maidens like her not the other way around. He smiled a bit shyly "might i ask fair maiden what are you doing out here in this dangerous wood so close to sunset?" He allowed himself to be lead not noticing that they were going in the opposite direction of the town, no all common sense had left him at this point.
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Summer pulled him to his feet and put his arm around her shoulder, she smiled when he blushed and relaxed a little. Until he asked what she was doing out here "i am a traveler, i was on my way to Dakur but was held up and i knew i wouldn't have been able to reach it before nightfall. And i've heard terrible things about traveling at night through this wood." She smiled at him but was still nervous "there's a cave just up ahead, its safe." When they reached the cave Summer carefully helped Lex sit resting his back against the cave wall, she then disappeared outside for a moment returning with an armful of wood which she started to build into a small fire. As she worked she looked at him "my names Summer by the way, and you are?" she asked politely.
Lex stared at her slightly her story was pretty far fetched, but he really didn't care when she told him her name he tested it out in his head Summer yes it suited her he snapped back to reality when he realized she had asked his name "Lex, my name is Lex. Its a pleasure to meet you Summer" he watched as she expertly got a perfect fire going "might i ask do you travel frequently? And do you do so alone?" That was his subtle way of asking if she had a boyfriend she probably does, she's so beautiful and kind. And there was something different and mysterious about her just below the surface. He edged his way closer and embraced the warmth of the fire "you make an excellent fire."
Summer smiled "and its a pleasure to meet you Lex, yes i enjoy traveling." She grinned and slid closer to him "yes i travel alone, let me take a look at your ankle." She gently removed his boot and felt his ankle, he breathed in sharply trying to mask his pain. She frowned so it was broken that would make things more difficult, she reached for two long sticks and some vine she had gathered earlier. She fastened the sticks to either side of his ankle and bound them together tightly with the vine "that will help until you get back to the village." She longed to help it heal with her magic but deiced to wait until he fell asleep, she liked him but didn't fully trust him with her secret at least not yet.
Lex grinned like a fool when she confirmed she was alone, now if you want to have a chance with this girl act cool cause she is so out of your league. He told himself, he breathed in sharply as she held his ankle but tried his best to hide it so as not to appear weak. He then watched with interest as she gently and expertly tied a sort of brace to his ankle. "Thank you, you have a healers touch" he smiled brightly at her, "i must find a way to repay you for you kindness and knowledge." He reached behind his back and removed a pouch that was hidden beneath his swords, he held it open to reveal gold and other items. "Please let me pay you what i have."
Summer smiled at the compliment "thanks", when he showed her his gold and offered to pay she held up her hands and shook her head. "No i can't accept that, it wouldn't be right and besides i don't need payment for helping someone in need." She got to her feet and walked over to the cave entrance, she pushed a large boulder over the entrance sealing it off. She went back to the fire and laid down before smiling at Lex "that'll make sure we don't have any unwanted visitors in the night." She laid her head down and looked up at him "its late and it'll be an early start tomorrow so you should get some rest. Goodnight." She smiled at him before closing her eyes but she wasn't asleep, she was waiting for him to fall asleep before she started to work on his ankle.