Which you, is you :D

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Which you is you?

  1. Your mind

  2. Your body

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  1. So we all have that voice in our head. Most the time, it's super demented XP Like sometimes you'll think something super dark and then you'll be like 'WOW! Where did THAT come from? O.o Or the times you REALLY wanna punch someone, but you don't because "It's not you" But you thought of punching them in the first place, so perhaps it IS you after all o.o

    And then there's you in real life. For allot of people, they are shy so things they WANT to do, they cannot. Weather it be anxiety/shyness/other.

    So my question is, which "you" is the real you. What you end up saying/doing? Or that voice in the head that wants to do allot of things, but cannot due to consequences/shyness/anxiety/etc etc
  2. I think, therefore I am.
  3. If I want to punch someone, I'm going to punch someone. Then I think, "Was that really me?" Yeah...it probably was.
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  4. Sounds about right. :)
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  5. I surprise myself all the time with my own bluntness. I am brutal sometimes and have no filter between what should stay in my head and what shouldn't.

    That voice? Don't have it as I just use my physical one constantly.
  6. For me its so simple. I mean vhat I say I say vhat I mean. No double-talk. Fact is I hate double-talk in general, I prefer blunt honesty.
  7. Regardless of how much you´d rather identify with the more positive aspects of yourself, that does not detach you from the aspects you consider negative or would rather ignore.

    Understanding the whole of the self is more valuable than most would like to admit.
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  8. Wait, so are we doing the mind/body argument or taking about identifying with one's subconscious thoughts?

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  9. I'm pretty sure it's the latter and the poll is just a poor representation.
  10. For someone who spends most of their time enveloped within their own thoughts and withdrawn from the rest of the world, I certainly do like to think that the 'me' inside my head is the real me that no one else gets to see. Everyone has those shadows in the back of their mind that they'd like to go away. We all tend to assume that we're the only ones with those dark thoughts because obviously we can only see inside our own minds, and not anyone else's. But it's part of what makes us all human, they will never go away. The way I see it, you can either ignore them entirely, or embrace those thoughts for what they are: a part of what makes you, you. I couldn't tell you which one was the right choice, because I honestly don't know. I just know that the only way for me to stay sane is to separate that part of me from the rest by calling it a voice in my head, instead of just actual thoughts that I came up with. It's what most people tend to do, after all.
  11. It's nice at times to imagine the you that you imagine in yourself is the real you.
    But that to me becomes painfully false once you realize this means that even the most cruel person on earth could then count as a good person as long as they spent time alone day dreaming about being Mother Teresa or Gandhi.

    On top of which, let's say you're in a situation.
    You get cornered and being beat upon within inches of your life.
    There's another person nearby, who if they join in can stop it, but instead they just watch, or they flee.

    If you confronted them later and they said "I'm actually a Brave person, I just didn't know what to do", would you accept that?

    Real me is real me. But I show everyone a different face. I am a chameleon. I adapt to the surroundings and the people I am interacting with so that my behavior is appropriate to the situation and the person(s). It's always the real me, it's just an adjusted real me. o___o My Boss Voice is different from my Acquaintance Voice, from my Family Voice, from my Besties Voice. Everyone knows all of the exact same information about me, but how I talk to everyone is different. @___@

    Which is why I have a friend who is SHOCKED AND APPALLED any time he hears me cursing, and was FREAKED OUT when he saw me get pissed off about something. Cause for some reason I never curse around him? I don't know. O___O

    While I have other people who are like "LOL DIANA IS A HUGE ANGRY PERVERT". 8D
  13. If you have issues differentiating 'the voice in your head' from reality then you likely need psychiatric help.

    Otherwise, what Seiji said. I am in charge of myself, no other outside entity can dictate what I do or think.

    Waiting for someone with head mates and otherkin craziness to show up.
  14. That voice in your head IS your mind DX you think, you imagine, you have sudden thoughts that don't seem like you, but apperently is you as you thought of it.

    So let's put it this way then. Is what you do with your body, or is it what you think that determines who you truly are?

    Some people in real life lie allot, manipulate, and aren't exactly "good" people. while on the inside, they can be quite sweet and just want the best, it just doesn't translate in their body language or actions, weather it be a disability or something like that.
    (Or gens example, perhaps good cause, terrible and cruel method of doing so)

    On the other hand, there are people who appear nice, but on the inside wants the world to burn, but will never actually do it even if they had that red button right Infront of them. In their mind, they'd press it no problem. But their body will never do it.
  15. The body is a reflection of the mind.

    If someone lies a lot then they surely aren't a good person no matter how 'sweet and kin' they fool themselves into believing. It's called mental gymnastics. Unless you have a mental or physiological disorder (like Tourette's I believe.) that interferes with the signals from brain to body your body does exactly what your brain tells it to.

    There is no disconnect between brain and body. What you think is what you do.

    This whole topic is incredibly vague.
  16. It's vague because it's supposed to be SIMPLE DX.

    Mind thoughts, or body actions.
    Which one is closer to the real you?

    There's no hidden meaning in my words, there's no technicality or trickery. There's no point im trying to make. Just a simple question.

    If you want complex discussion beyond my question, feel free :D there's lots to learn.
  17. This isn't just the mind though, but your reasoning for actions.

    The physical action has already taken place, you're just looking at why they did said action.
    Which isn't the same thing as simply thinking/telling yourself what you are, without ever doing anything.
  18. I'm def mind over body. My heart may be like. "Hey baby girl you looking fine as fuck" My mind however goes into baby speech mode and just makes sounds and therefore I don't say anything and just say hi. God I'm a bitch
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