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  1. All of them sound disgusting :L SO none D<
  2. >.>


    *attempts to keep her lunch down*

    Um, the Anything and Whatever sounds interesting.
  3. Yeah, that Anything and Whatever seems most tolerable. x__x

    I'd try the Synthetic Blood, to put a variety in answers. I'd make a buddy drink it with me.
  4. Yeah, that's one I'm curious about, Fluffs. They actually sell it in texas, but I've been.... chicken..
  5. Well that was educational.
  6. I'll take Anything and Whatever. Synthetic Blood seems interesting, but they don't actually say what it's made out of -- specifically. Cocaine might be decent, but I can only imagine the conversations that would arise should someone find cans labeled "Cocaine" lying around.

    ... Everything else up there makes me want to vomit.
  7. The "health drink" bit seems questionable.
    The duracell one would probably be fine? I mean, they don't say what's in it.
    Placenta is, weirdly, on the list twice.
    And the Anything/Whatever sounds pretty nice.
    As for the breast milk, if I had HIV and it was shown to help fight it? You bet.
  8. I'm sorry but Placenta 10000 is a hilarious name for anything.

    This stuff reminds me of the salted pork and seaweed donuts they have in china.
  9. also, my friend from school drinks Cocaine Energy Drink like crack, it tastes like fire. (Cinnamon to the max)
  10. I have to question some of these health drinks, but then others make a bit more sense than their counterparts. I would be definitely willing to try breast milk, Anything and Whatever, possibly the synthetic blood, the Duracell Energy Drink and maybe Bilk. But the others I would not dare to touch with a ten-foot-long pole.
  11. e.e

    WTF? Deer penis wine?!

    I wouldn't try anything but Anything/Whatever! D:
  12. Would try the blood one, too. Iron, protein and electrolytes? Sounds like a post workout cocktail! Also, that packaging is cool....Halloween IS coming up : )
  13. I'd try anything, whatever, and the blood bag =P

    POSSIBLY the milk. If no one told me what it was. I mean, its not like I haven't had it before
  14. Out of the variety of options listed, I would firstly try the Synthetic Blood. Anything and Whatever sound alright, although I'm not partial to any of the energy drinks already marketed in the U.S. The one that looks like a Duracell battery sounds interesting, and the one labled Cocaine. I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to foods, and would possibly try most listed if it strikes my mood.