Which VILLAIN deserved/should have won?

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  1. Drawing from all sources of media, including historical reference and literature, which villain deserved or should have won?

    Was it Darth Vader? Hannibal Lecter? Or maybe Satan, or Magneto?

    Additionally, why do you think so?

    Looking forward to your answers!
  2. I think Gaston should've won. The Beast locked her father up, kept Belle as his prisoner, withheld food from her, threatened her constantly, and basically forced her into a state of Stockholm Syndrome so she would realize he was the true love for him.

    Gaston was the hero and celebrity of some random town in France which he brought joy and fun into. During the days, he'd bring back feasts for the little thorp and at night he drank the night away with his buddies. Sure he is not the best hero. He does not have a lot of redeeming qualities but its not as bad as making someone your lover through inflicting a mental illness on them.
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  3. kefka




    ....oh wait
  4. I find myself sympathizing with the villain (or at least the people on the villain's side) as much as I sympathize with the hero in a lot of different stories. This seems to happen most often when the big bad is some variety of populist ruler, offering dignity to a group that has been cast aside by the established order.

    The hyenas of The Lion King are a good example. Sure, Scar was a power-hungry asshole, but all that the hyenas were looking for was food and the right to be able to live outside of a barren, lifeless mass grave. That goes for the Orcs of The Lord of the Rings as well, and no doubt the baddies of countless other stories that I can't recall off the top of my head.

    All that Scar had to say to muster forth an army of hundreds of hyenas was, "Stick with me, and you'll never go hungry again!'. Seems like a modest proposal to me.
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  5. Scott Evil! He was the only one that knew how to villain!
  6. The Wicked Witch of the West, man. I would have loved to see her get her way, but oh no. Gotta melt instead because you got some water splashed on you.

    Also, Maleficent from the Disney Sleeping Beauty movie. She's so hot. I wanted her to win so badly, but dammit true love.
  7. Have you seen the movie yet?
  8. The Maleficent movie? Yes I have. I liked it more than I thought I would. Or is there some other Sleeping Beauty I dun know about? c_c
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  9. Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. Yes, he was a megalomaniac dictator who had absolutely zero regret for mass genocide, but what came before him? An inept Republic that was sincerely threatened by these people with an army of these things. A Jedi Order manned by a green goblin who gets his wisdom from fortune cookies and Samuel Jackson, who apparently couldn't express any emotion other than mild annoyance. The same Jedi Order, mind you, that forbade its own members from silly things like love. They regulated what you could even feel. This is also the same Republic & Jedi Order that had zero qualms with using a mass produced army of people with dubious origins, and happily sacrifice billions of them.

    Now, who commissioned that army to be made to keep the Republic safe seeing as how without it the senate was basically scrambling to not get instantly owned by the Separatists? Hmm...

    Palpatine may be evil, and he may not give a shit about people, but he was efficient. Had his engineers not intentionally put weaknesses in the death star's design (weaknesses which he later fixed in Death Star 2: The Deathening) his giant comical metal laser pointer in space would have easily crushed the Rebel Alliance. He also only wanted one thing: Power, as much power as he could get, and keeping it forever. Judging by how Cloud City and Coruscant look, I'd say the deranged levels of opulence among the general populace of the core worlds remained intact, so he can't be charging insane levels of Space Taxes™. His stormtroopers seem largely well taken care of when they aren't being used as disposable pawns. Hell he even gave Vader a new pair of arms and legs and charged him with making sure that no little shits go and fuck up his tidy, efficient space empire that lets people live in opulence so long as they don't give a shit about him having all the power and sitting on it. I mean think about it: If the Rebellion hadn't tried to interfere, Alderaan wouldn't have been blown up by the death star.

    tl;dr: Emperor Palpatine should have won. Under his rulership, the galaxy was run under an extremely efficient military superpower which would have been ready to take on the threats that followed it in the Extended Universe.
  10. You forgot to mention that he did all this because due to the force he foresaw the coming of the Vong and all of his works was intended to prepare the galaxy to kick the ever loving snot out of the Vong to the point that the Vong flat out admitted that had the Empire been whole when their worldfleets arrived they'd have lost hands down.

    Palps engineered rebellion was just a little too successful and undid it all leaving an incompetent universe for when the Vong arrived.
  11. Fluffy means the original Sleeping Beauty. The cartoon.

    At least if i'm reading Fluffy's post right.
  12. @Kadaeux I know, but I was just ensuring she HAD seen the new movie.
  13. Grendel's mother in Beowulf. She just wanted vengeance on the person who killed her son, but for all her righteous cause she just ends up decapitated. Also Beowulf keeps Grendel's head as a trophy, so added douche points for him.

    I would count Light from Death Note as fitting under this as well. I see him as being a villain protagonist who felt the ends justified the means. He wanted a world free of crime of all kind, and that's a pretty damn noble goal. Too bad he caught caught up in megalomania, heh.

    And then there's Lucifer/Satan from various iterations of Christian mythos, but especially in Paradise Lost by John Milton. In Paradise Lost he rebelled because he thought it was bullshit that God decided that his son would rule over all the angels in heaven. Lucifer had the temerity to say that they were all of equal rank, so it was bullshit for a new guy to be favored over everyone else and placed in rulership over them. He wasn't even trying to say he should be the one in charge, he was rebelling against nepotistic tyranny and fighting for personal freedom for himself and his fellow angels. Then he and his followers were exiled because they wouldn't bend the knee to the tyrant, and afterward he continued to work against what God wanted because he kept refusing to submit. Classic story of a guy railing against oppression, but he doesn't really win in the end, just fucks with God's plans for humans.
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  14. Nox from Wakfu. IF you don't know what Wakfu is, it's an amazingly animated french series.

    Nox is one of the best villains I've seen. He is tragic villain done perfectly. And his ending is just sad as fuck.
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  15. Adolf Hitler.

    Not because I actually want him to win but because i'm using the rage generated in response to my answer to power the heaters in a home for lost kittens. (Which may and or may not also be a boot-camp for training them to be assassins.)
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  16. Don't forget Quilby.

    I didn't think they could top Nox's tragic past but damnit if I didn't start to pity him when he was pleading not to be left alone in the space between dimensions. Yeah, the way he did things was wrong, but he was sort of cursed with memories throughout his rebirths.
  17. Quilby shouldn't have won or deserved it. He was a maglomaniac scientist. He was far less redeemable. His goals were never really honest.

    Meanwhile. All nox wanted was to have his family back and fix the world a little.
  18. Randall Flagg. He had all of the scum of the Earth on his side, the people who would rob their own mother if they could. They had what it took to survive, and they would have slaughtered the old woman's side in a heart beat if there hadn't been supernatural forces at work.

    Whoever knows who I'm talking about is my new best friend.
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  19. well. As a avid Stephen King fan I know who he is ;D
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