Which Skin Do You Use?


Lunatic AI

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Out of curiosity? I've been using the Iwaku default, but I just stumbled across Valentine and I am LOVING the toxic bubblegum pink.
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I switch between the Crimson and the blue.


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I'm using Cyan default. It's a nice soft color. :D

I love the Iwaku Default in the Green too though. XD

Blind Hemingway

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I've been using the default one all this time because the black is easy on the eyes. And I just don't like changing things. >>;


A Relic of a Bygone Era
I use blue.

In fact I think the name "Blue for babies" is directed at me for the fact that I raised absolute hell about needing a basic blue skin even before the forum switch. So I figured "Hey, I bitched for it. You bet your ass I'm gonna use it."