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  1. I'm terribly confused at the moment. It's not about my school life or even on my personal life, it's most about what type of role player I want to be. I mean do I wanna be the roleplayer who is carefree and doesn't care about rules and restrictions an is open for doing anything, or one who ideas and pairings that she wants to do but never gets to do them.

    I'm just really really confused.
  2. Had the same issues when I first joined Iwaku (just about) one year ago.

    On one hand, I'd been roleplaying for years, learned the ins and outs, found what I liked. On the other I knew that it wouldn't get me as much roleplay as there was to get.

    You'll have to find a balance, it won't be easy of course, but it's there. Make sure to write down your expectations and what you want to do with the roleplay. But be flexible. A whole lot of the time people are so rigid that no one wants to reply or seek you out.

    Who knows? Being flexible and open might open so many more doors. It's worked well for me!
  3. @Windsong

    Flexible and open, what exactly does that mean. I'm not even sure anymore. I like having a ton of pairings and having a banner that goes around the site t get responses but then again. I get so flabergasted that I can't reply sometimes or I don't show enough enthusiasm,
  4. It means you're willing to work with people when it comes to brainstorming. Give ideas, take ideas, share them, and explain them.

    If you're dead set on X plot using Y character with no flexibility and no creative leeway some people might be a little turned away from that.

    As for the banner, it might be a better idea to take it down if you're unable to handle the influx of people asking for things you don't want. Believe me, can't STAND IT when someone asks me about a plot or idea, then completely alters it. Sometimes having all those pairings is simply too much to remember each neat idea for them unless you're an organizing genius. Maybe cut some back but flesh them out.
  5. Hmm, that makes more sense then I thought and I am an organizing nutcase, have all my ideas tucked in way in different folder son laptop. I suppose I could try it out, maybe get a fresh start, pm some people and see what happens.
  6. You'd be surprised at where being a little open gets you. If we never left out comfort zone there'd be no adventures.

    Good luck!

    So, I too suffer from the problem of not being able to get what I like. O___O It's hard to find partners, it really really is. Sometimes I think I should just play some stuff other people like so I can get more roleplaying in.

    ...but then when I do, I get bored really fast and then I end up doing shitty posts. >>; So then we BOTH suffer.

    If you HAVEN'T already tried all the things, go ahead and give them a whirl. New things every once in awhile is good for you and every roleplayer should experiment. But if you've been there, done that.... just play what you love. >:3 It IS harder, but we should always strive for what makes us happy and not just settle!
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  8. Find what feels right and works for you.

    Don't be afraid to grow and try things.

    If it doesn't work walk away.

    It doesn't matter what style I play as long as I do the following I'm okay with me:

    1) Always respect your fellow players' talents. Everyone brings something to the table.
    2) Never insult the intelligence of those you play alongside. Once you do that getting their respect and trust back takes years.
    3) Go with your gut and trust your instincts.
    4) If you screw up admit it
    5) Enjoy yourself

    Good luck.
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  9. Or be. I don't know. Yourself?

    Think of the things you look for in an RP, strip them down to their bare essentials. You will now find that you can apply these as building blocks to make a bunch of different things.

    Now figure out what you think your audience wants. Look through threads and see what kind of elements attract players. See what parts match up with your own preferences. Got that? Great. Start making your interest check or partner request.

    This is a dumbed down version of all that goes into a good RP, but it should shed some light on that there are far more possibilities than you perceive.
  10. You need a healthy mix of both, and not go too extreme in one or the other.

    Too carefree means you'll never get what you want out of the RP.
    Too rigid/demanding means no one will want to play, and conflict will pop up.

    Be ready to stick up for yourself when you need to, but also remember it's a group effort and everyone needs to be involved.
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  11. I'm going to be brutally honest. It's absolutely terrible.

    What does the image do for you?
    What do the words underneath it signify?
    Paragon/renegade makes you seem as if your personality is inconsistent. Just be yourself. If a partner has an issue with something it's their job to let you know.
    Overall these points suggest you're not a person in your own right but just try to adapt to potential partners.


    How would I be able to get the paragon/renegade reference if I hadn't played mass effect? It's confusing and alienates potential partners.
    You are now on your third post, I scroll down and see there's a ton to come. This is bad form.
    Use the shift button once in a while.
    A lot of your 'always' overlaps with renegade/paragon.
    Are you really up for all those pairings/fandoms? Do something like marking the ones you want most. Remove the ones you feel meh about.

    I apologise for being so blunt, but fuck. Do you even understand what you are trying to do here? Sit down, ask yourself, who am I and what do I want. And then, only then, you start asking how do I make this compatible with other people? You gotta think, man. Seriously. Look at other threads too, see how they do it, ask yourself why they do it that way. There's a ton you can learn from the good ones. Go scroll some threads and see who seem like people you would want to play with and why. Use this information to your benefit. Use it hard.
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  12. You seem to change names every five days or so along with your theme. That signifies to me that you really don't know who you are or what you want yet. I can't criticize too harshly due to the fact that I change themes pretty often as well, but that type of habit doesn't really signal that you're too healthy emotionally.

    Also the fact that you seem to be asking for other's approval of YOUR signup. Why should it matter? Yeah, I'll agree with Kestrel in that your signup does suck, but does it really matter? It's a RP, a game. Who cares how bad you fudge it.

    Life isn't always a sugarlized wonderland, but it doesn't really matter. My recommendation would be to stop taking yourself so seriously, and if you want to improve your sign ups follow Kestrel's advice. If you want to improve yourself though, maybe a break from Iwaku is in order since it is clearly stressing you more than it should.

    Go outside and smell the grass or something. Take a walk. Gain perspective. Tame an army of mice. Whatever kids do these days.
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  13. I don't even know what to say to this, are you trying to offend me or piss me off. I was trying something different and I failed at it, miserably. Like I said, I wasn't sure on what to do, so I tried something I've never done before. so i fucked up, so what. and being blunt is rude.
  14. and yes I do adapt to my potential partners. if that is a problem it is mine, not yours or anyone elses. and here's the thing, you didn't need to say this in fact..why did you?. I didn't want some blunt rude answer.
  15. @Minibit

    can you remove this thread please. I got my answer.
  16. Well, you said this.
    This is asking for opinions. When asking for opinions, you can't expect all of them to be positive. I gave an answer. It was blunt, sure, but saying it has the intent to insult is untrue. Rather it contains advice and tells to look at what you want and who you are. The mere suggestion implies there is something of worth to be found. It also touches upon other technical things that can be improved. If my intention was to insult, why would I include all of that? If all you took away from it was "This guy is being rude to me." I'm very sorry, but that's on you. If you feel that's worth deleting a thread over... Your call, I guess (pro-tip, you can report your own thread to get the attention of the entire staff team at once) but yeah. If you ask me that's rather silly.
  17. I'm sorry okay. I didn't mean what I said. I'm thankful for the advice..but I didn't know how to interupt your post.
  18. Thank you.
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