Which is More Important for You?

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What is important in a roleplay?

  1. Good Grammar

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  2. Super Spelling

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  3. Phenomenal Plot Ideas

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  4. Something else that I haven't mentioned already

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  5. All of the above!

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  1. In every roleplay, there is something that everyone just looks for in their roleplay partner's posts - whether it be good grammar, splendid spelling, prime plot ideas, or anything else - what is it for you?

  2. I wanted to vote PLOT BUNNIES first... because that is the bestest ever part of roleplaying, but then I remembered one that is even more important for me!

    Player Chemistry!

    You see, no matter how awesome someone writes, or how badass their ideas are... I still need a really good back and forth playing chemistry with a roleplay partner. It's so hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that causes this chemistry, though. .... it's just this spark that makes everything we do together that much more awesome!

    In fact playing chemistry will trump EVERYTHING for me. A person can write one liners with bad grammar and mispells, but if we have a good chemistry together, they are still the best partner in the world. XD
  3. Phenom plot! All the way.
  4. Hmm. I am not quite sure what is the most important to me, but if I had to choose, it would be a combination of good grammar, good spelling and good writing. Now, good writing does not mean having great or unconventional ideas, it is merely putting one's thoughts into the proper format. Even the greatest of ideas can be ruined by sloppy pacing, unlikeable characters or a sheer amount of lack of properly used literary devices. A plot idea can be grand in scale, awesome and awe-inspiring, but if it hidden behind ridiculously short or long sentences, bad dialogue or just bad presentation, it will come across as a failure. In contrast, with the proper use of literary devices, even the most clich├ęd and repetative stories can be turned into epic conflicts spanning decades.
  5. This thread is basically a debate about grammar nazi/elitism, right? Ok. While I prefer to make posts with a good level of grammar and spelling, I'm not really bothered if the other roleplayers don't have a great level of syntax.
    Answer me this though, whatever happened to great plotting? Nowadays it's like "OH SOZ. I'M WAITING 4 THE GM TO POST B4 I GET INTO SOMETHING THAT I'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT WRITING 4 AGEEES". Who cares what the GM is doing? Go ahead and just do your own damn thing. The GM accepted your profile because it was a cool cs, right? So stop waiting on the GM to start the ball rolling and make dem plot ideas happen, boi. And if they only accepted your cs because the rp was running low on characters, then screw that for a laugh.

  6. A plot that keeps everyone excited and posting. Otherwise I find that things die off. All of the other stuff like grammar and spelling tends to work itself out once that happens.
  7. I think the most important thing for a roleplay is Phenomenal Plot. It keeps the roleplay going and keeps things from getting boring and plus it also grabs your attention as well.
  8. The only thing that separates a RP from reading a book is having other players acknowledge and use what you write.