Which is mightier?

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Which is mightier, the pen or the sword?

  1. Sword

  2. Pen


Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. The Sword


    The Pen
    What's the reasoning behind your choice? Has your opinion changed in your life time or has it always been constant?
  2. I'll be not-Sith for this one. :p (Also! Forgive me if the grammar of my post sucks. I have an infant chewing on one of my arms while I type with the other. lol)

    I've always considered the pen to be mightier. Like the sword, it is destructive, protective, solves problems, and is involved with war. The pen is capable of so much more than that, though. In addition to those reasons, it also can create peace, it scribes our histories, we communicate with it, artists use it to make poems and stories, we use our pens to write notes of forgiveness and apologies, pens are the starting drafts for essays, blueprints, and so much more!

    I'll leave it brief since commenters after me will more than likely have more detailed responses. Our pens are precious tools that we must use until the ink runs out. :] Even then, we'll never run out of ink because people will never run out of ideas.
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  3. ^^^^Not to mention that pens can still stab, just like a sword. Pen 1 Sword 0.
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  4. THE PEN.

    Because as powerful as the sword is, it induces fear. And people can only be moved by fear for so long as they are afraid. Once courage bubbles in their hearts, they will rebel against an unjust sword.
  5. The sword can silence the pen which, in turn, manipulates the sword. Neither is mightier than the other.

    *is being difficult* :p
  6. From the opinion of a soldier it is the sword. the pen may have the power to begin or end wars, or pass judgement that affects the lives of millions. The sword however chooses the writer.
  7. The Pen: Preferred makeshift stabbing implement of diplomats/assassin's everywhere.
  8. With the sword you can kill a thousand people.

    With the Pen I can soe the seeds needed to wipe out your entire country, race, ethnicity, creed, religion. All without ever getting my life in much danger. All without ever having o kill a single man woman boy or girl myself.

    With the Pen I can also ironically stab someone in the throat and end their life... but that's just one of it's ten thousand uses! It also makes a good back scratcher, I'd like to see YOU scratch your back with a sword! EXACTLY!!
  9. I scratch my back with swords everyday. :p
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  10. ... I find it disturbing that some of you are devising ways to kill with your writing utensil. >.>
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  11. PEN.
    Because the pen can create a giant monster kitten cthulhu hippo that can tear dat sword to shreds, yo.
  12. why is it that staci makes the only valid point again?
  13. You can stab people in the eye with a pen and give them ink poisoning...

    and also is anyone amused that both pen and BLARAGGHGHGHGHG!!! Got more votes than sword?
  14. Well this will be fun to explain, but here it goes:

    While the sword is the one that causes more deaths vs. the pen, the pen is what signs the death certificate and orders of execution. It writes the hitman's book, and it signs warrants that turn into blood baths. using the pen can get you more of what you want than the sword, because it has more uses to it than killing; without the pen or writing objects, computers and other inventions we have today wouldn't be realistic. Where there is words to be written there is power.
  15. The sword is immediate, but the pen lingers.
    What's more powerful, a regular bunch of dynamite or a nuclear grenade? While the dynamite will leave a bigger hole, you can fill in that hole and it will be like nothing happens. The nuclear grenade creates an area which will be unusable for decades or even centuries. Even when you fill in that hole, you can't build on it.
    The sword can end a life, but without the pen to record the action, similar idiots will be performing similar butchery until the death of the species. And violence begets violence- it take a pen to end the vicious cycle.
  16. I believe in the power of nonviolence, so I never choose the sword! The pen, however, is a nasty little tool.