Which famous person from history would you like to RP with?

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  1. Pretty self-explanatory. Which famous person from history would you like to have an RP session with?

    My choice would be CS Lewis. And maybe have Tolkien GM. Best D&D session ever.

    But that's obvious, perhaps.
  2. Leonardo Da Vinci, L. Frank Baum and H.P Lovecraft......AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!
  3. Tolkien as the DM. Without a doubt.

    For my table, I'd want (in no particular order)

    1) Robert E. Howard
    2) C.S. Lewis
    3) George Washington
    4) Napoleon
    5) Jesus

    I dunno. I think these guys rocked.
  4. Edgar Allen Poe.
    I'd laugh. Alot.
    "Rapping" at my chamber door"

    For the seriously freaky creepy stuff.

    Something tells me he'd be a good Roleplayer.
  5. Safe Choice: Tolkien. If I could pick that man's mind for an evening, what wonders I could unveil for the rest of my life.

    The first one that came to mind: Jesus. Just so I could ask him how he managed to con the world and why he random-killed a fig tree. I'd imagine he also makes for a rockin' cleric or bard: Unlimited rations of fish and wine! Though I'm not sure he exists, so Tolkien is a safer choice.
  6. Dude, Tesla no doubt! Fuck jesus, tesla would say "I use a potato and a sausage to electrocute a goblin" and he'd show you how to do it!

    "Che" Guevara in an anarch party for VTM

    For The Legend of the Five Rings i'd choose Sun Tzu
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  7. I was about to say Tesla.
  8. Miyamoto Musashi.
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  9. Bruce Lee
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  10. A nation rp with Hitler would be interesting?
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  11. In no particular order;

    Theodore Roosevelt
    Winston Churchill
    Sigmund Freud
    Andrew Jackson
    William Shakespeare
    Robin Williams(I know he isn't 'historical' but I hope he still counts).
  12. Isaac Newton. Man was crazy as fuck

    Mark Twain. His humour was the best ever.

    Todd Howard. Because... Elder Scrolls? DUHHHH

    Richard A Knaak

    Chris Metzen
  13. Nobody's mentioned Jim Henson. Or Hayao Miyazaki. For shame! And yeah, I know, but I consider them historic, just for their body of work.
  14. Alexander the Great, Gengis Khan, Muramasa Hendo, Goro Nyudo Masamune, Vladimir Lenin, Carl Marx, Stalin and finally little bit controversial but Adolf Hitler.
  15. Fighting Mad Jack Churchill

    Who the hell goes into a modern battlefield with a sword???

  16. Heh... just thought of a "historical" figure who'd probably be fun to RP with: Rooster Cogburn. Yes, he's a REAL historical figure... I have a book written by his great grandson, Brett. Titled: "Panhandle" ... very good book.
  17. My dream D&D campaign:

    DM: J. R. R. Tolkien -He would make every encounter mean something, the sheer complexity and depth of the story would make it feel so real.

    Warlord: Napoleon Bonaparte -Simply because he would flip his shit constantly, creating the most intense and crazy encounters by making us form some kind of bullshit formation and pulling it off like the pro he is.

    Paladin: Joan of Arc -I can't think of anyone who would get into this role harder than her. She would live and breath her given religion, and smite motherfuckers left and right.

    Bard: William Shakespeare -This guy would truly live up to the bard reputation. He would steal the show during every encounter, role-playing like a motherfucker. I would like to see him add commentary while the rest of the team is fighting.

    Fighter: Miyamoto Musashi -I feel he would add a dynamic that is usually missing from most campaigns, actually reflecting on every action, every kill. And preforming them in the most bad-ass way possible of course.

    Monk: Mahatma Gandhi -Sure, he might not participate in the fighting, but come on. Just think of how compelling of a character he would make, making you feel bad for killing that goblin.

    Wizard: Sigmund Freud -Someone who would over-analyze everything while moving about the battlefeild doing who knows what. He would be the best kind of wizard player, the one where nobody can figure out what's going through his head.

    Sorcerer: Benito Mussolini -I could depend on him to be cool and calculating, to think his action through like a boss until BAM! An action scene hits and he fucking looses it, blasting everyone in the room with glorious fire.

    Rouge: John Dillinger -The guy I can depend on to be undependable, would he steal our shit? Yeah. Would he lie about it? Yes. Would he turn everyone against each-other? Very likely.
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  18. The way I see it, the best people to RP with would be Philosophers and Authors.
    They also have to be agreeable people, who aren't likely to want to get in arguments, or hog chips. So, Stalin would be out.

    If I had a giant group RP with historical figures, it'd be with:
    Ayn Rand
    CS Lewis
    Mark Twain
  19. Yaaaaasss I would totally do one with Hayao Miyazaki