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  1. I noticed how few Comics threads there are on here, so I decided to set one up. Which Comics have you been reading recently? What did you think of them? What is your favourite Comic Book Series at the moment?

    I tend to read most of my comics in TPB, but I still pick up some Doctor Who Comics in Single Issues. I've just finished #11-12 of The Eleventh Doctor series.
    #11 was an interesting experimental piece-basically all of the TARDIS crew are separated, and each character gets 1 panel per page in a separate colour while all 4 adventures take place at the same time:
    Show Spoiler

    While #12 involves The Doctor, Alice, Jones, and ARC trying to stop a meteorite from destroying the Earth in Roman times, with a pretty cool cliffhanger involving the Cybermen.
    All in all, I didn't expect much from

    Plus, tomorrow, I'll be picking up a large amount of TPBs I've ordered into the library.

    So, people of Iwaku-what comics have you been reading recently?
  2. I've been mostly catching up with issues I don't usually read, such as the recent Daredevil series that's just been released, which is fantastic. I'm a pleb in that I mostly read DC and Marvel comics(mostly Marvel) with the occasional Judge Dredd, Savage Dragon, and Predator VS Alien comic.

    Persoonal favourites? Kraven's Last Hunt because that was the best damn character arc for a villain. Wade Wilson's War, the ending is fuckin stellar.

    Ill get back to you, on more of my faves ;).
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  3. Been reading All Hail Megatron and a 1993-1994 Venom collection. I have to say, I really don't care for how comics used to be written, where it almost talks down to the audience and the characters announce when they are suffering from a weakness. If I took a drink every time Venom announced that he was suffering from fire or sound, I'd have had severe liver failure by the time I was half-way through the issue, and it's impossible to take any of the characters seriously. A journalist is under cover with a gang and will be forced to kill soon to prove his loyalty unless Venom saves him! Venom didn't get there in time because the Punisher holds him up, so the guy decides to get revenge on Venom for forcing him to become a villain! Oh no, the guy finds a secret Hydra lab that's hidden in the gang's hideout and ends up with powers that happen to be exactly what Venom is weak against and now the guy he was like too late to save is a super villain!

    Fuck, it's awful.
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  4. Comics? Um... I guess this counts:​


    I've been reading this Korean webcomic called Cheese in the Trap. I love it. It's the perfect mix of slice-of-life, mystery, suspense, comedy and even hints of romance for me. And it's set in college life which makes it entertaining and sorta relatable. It deals with relationships, grades, and just - life.

    And I just like the art style in general.

    Yu Jeong

    Also the two main guys are interesting, but I'm more interested in the possibly
    Yu Jeong. He's seemingly the perfect student and senior (sunbae), but as you get deeper into the story... He's confusing but very fascinating, and at times just plain unsettling.

    The other main guy honestly comes off as your typical tsundere bad boy at first, but he has an interesting backstory. I can't reveal much about him.

    Hong Sul

    But the delight of it all, the best character ever, is Hong Sul. She's smart, and she's very introspective and she's careful. Call it paranoia, but after what happened to her it's good that she knows to be on guard. She still makes mistakes, but she's honestly trying to be a good person - and she is the most relatable character here.
  5. The new Constantine series. Its pretty solid. Not Alan Moore or Ellis levels, but more then serviceable. Also reading Saga which is prolly my favorite ongoing comic right now..
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  6. Rereading The Authority and Planetary, great superheroish/sci-fi tales and also great artwork from both series. After that, and since The Punisher its back, im gonna start rereading The PunisherMax by Garth Ennis.
  7. I'm glad to hear that the new Constantine series is good. I tried the first New 52 series but I didn't really enjoy it (except the Trinity War story which was awesome). So I may give the new series a try. :)
    Oh God, the whole Venom weakness thing. I remember how overused that (and probably Venom himself) was. I mean, it worked well in his first appearances, but by the mid-90's Venom would hide from someone with a lighter (literally). Plus, I remember reading some bizarre 90's Spider-Man comics earlier this year, and every issue ended with one panel teasing Venom's return for 3 issues in a row until Venom actually came back.

    Recently I've been reading a lot of Ultimate comics, and I've just started reading the Miles Morales series. I've just gone through Death of Spider-Man, Ultimate Fallout, and the first 2 Miles TPBs. It's actually been really good so far, except it feels like the last couple of issues have been spinning its wheels a bit. That said, they've exceeded my expectations, and I can't wait to see how the Prowler arc plays out.
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  8. I love Venom, but it feels good when someone sees eye to eye with me on this. I am pretty sure most characters were the same way, though; I swear I've seen more panels of Superman loudly complaning about Kryptonite you think the writers are just fucking with us.
  9. The 90's was a dark period for many a SPidey Fan. Clone Saga with Venom and Carnage thrown in all willy nilly for good measure.
  10. I'm currently reading Huck by Mark Millar and Monstress by Marjorie Liu on the regular. Both are very solid, interesting series, although I feel that there's so little content in single issues these days that I don't get much from reading them. Somehow I feel that comic books weren't like that several years ago when I was heavily into them. They were also a bit cheaper. So goes the world, I guess.

    I'm also keeping up with Saga in trades as new ones come out because it is everything. Seriously, it's one of the best series you could ever think about reading.

    I've bought a couple of the trades for the Valiant series that were brought back a couple of years ago, Harbinger and XO Manowar specifically. I'd had a fascination with Valiant comics from way back, even though I was never able to read any of them after everything that happened in the 90s that resulted in them being sort of lost to time. I was really excited when Valiant came back as a line and recently I've been trying to check out some of their classic series now that they've been recreated and have new stories.

    I also picked up the first issue of Empress, another Mark Millar book that came out this month. Again, not sure I can justify spending more than three dollars a month on something I'll flip through in two minutes, but it has some things in common with Mad Max: Fury Road that I think will work in its favor.

  11. As absolutely horrendous as the 90s was, and it really, really was for comics in general, I still have quite a soft nostalgic spot for it since that's when I first got into comics, particularly the X-Men. :D Which, honestly, was probably one of the series that came out better from the 90s since that's what had all of Marvel's talent being thrown at, but I digress. As much as I'm sure I'll regret it I'm still going to be picking this up.

    As for what I've been reading at the moment - I'm very, very close to finishing off the entire Fables series including its many spin offs and miniseries, with only two volumes of the main series left and one of Fairest.

    And man that series really went down the toilet after issue 75. It's not all bad but it's a shame when a series just loses its luster and never reaches the same high points it once had. The last few volumes of Jack of Fables in particular were a goddamn crime.
  12. Fables is the perfect example of a what should be a "limited run"

    From the second they give you the premise, it screams "This should have a set ending". ITs in the the damn name even. Fables are all about the ending and the moral punchline.

    Clone Saga gave spidey some cool stuff. It was however, a giant clusterfuck. Also, features the worse case of "TEXT EVERYWHERE" of all marvel series at the time.

    But it avoided Liefields corrupting touch. Which was nice.
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  13. Absolutely @ set ending. I've been feeling the same with the Walking Dead too, although the last few storylines weren't too bad. But it's just ongoing and ongoing for the sake of milking it and making fun. It's a shame.

    As far as my favourite comics go I think it'd have to be Y: The Last Man. I really, really got into that series.
  14. I couldn't agree more about the Walking Dead. I collected up until the end of the Negan arc, and I decided that as far as the story goes, that should absolutely be the end of it. They'd been showing the zombies all largely rotten and becoming too weak to be a threat, and after defeating how many hostile groups while building a network of safe communities, it feels like civilization should be returning and the bandits aren't willing to screw with communities that probably have more to offer by allying with.

    But the series won't end. They keep doing a cycle of finding refuge, fight a dangerous foe, suffering losses, and having to move along, over and over. Now 2 years in story after Negan, apparently, a new group called the Wolves or something are now threatening the peace.

    I bet when that's over, another faction will be threatening everything again.

  15. I seem to always be reading this one.
    I love it. It is surprising and always keeps you on your toes.
    Plus, nerd rage <3
  16. Ah, I haven't read the Clone Saga yet, but I've always had a soft spot for Kaine and Jackal, so at least we got them out of it. But of course, the main problem with it was that it was dragged out. Hey, has anyone here read 'The Real Clone Saga'? It was a miniseries released a couple of years ago by the original Clone Saga writers, which rewrites the saga the way they intended it to be. I remember hearing that it even had a different ending where
    Show Spoiler
    Ben Reilly survives.

    Meanwhile, I'm up to Part 4 of X-Men: Battle of the Atom crossover. It's good so far (and the future X-Men are pretty awesome), however, the last issue (X-Men #5) suffered from what I call 'Chase Syndrome'-where the entire issue is one giant chase sequence which begins and ends with the characters being captured again. :/ (See Episode 3 of nearly every classic Doctor Who 4-parter).

    However, it works well as an anniversary special, featuring every major X-Men character in some shape or form, even very era-specific ones like Xorn and Kate Pryde.
  17. Comic books and graphic novels are my favourite medium.

    A bit before Jessica Jones came out on Netflix, I ordered the TPBs Alias and it was fecking amazing. I absolutely loved this series. There are rumors that the same creative team will be coming back together after like 15 years to make another Alias series and I'm ultra thrilled!

    I'm a huge fan of Carol Danvers. I have all of her Captain Marvel series, and am currently following the monthly one. It's not as amazing as DeConnick's run but damn am I happy at how they are portraying her.

    Who does not love Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel? She's hilarious and I think it's quite incredible that she was presented to Obama at the White House.

    I read pretty much anything by Rick Remender, Brian K Vaughan, Warren Ellis, Matt Hawkins, Stjepan Sejic. ALL OF YOU, go read Sunstone by Sejic. It's beautifully drawn and delves in the BDSM world but presents itself as more than just an erotic graphic novel. Matt Hawkins has Think Tank, The Tithe, Symmetry and a few more.

    The only DC Comics I read are Prez (though it's currently finished I think, maybe just on break, maybe they'll come back, maybe they'll continue the second arc......) and Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death.

    My fangirl comics at the moment are Jem & The Holograms, Harrow County, Giant Days, Spider-Gwen, Silk, Tomboy, Wayward, Trees, Weirdworld, and Bitch Planet.

    I have a lot more, it's pretty much my #1 entertainment along with videogames and a gym sub. lol.
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  18. Thats some legit tastes. Giant Days is fan-fucking-tastic. And I love the Captain Marvel series.
  19. You are now my favourite person in the entire world <3

    Like Hellis said, some great taste in comics there :D Also welcome to the forum!
  20. Thank you! I've been reading comics for about less than a year, but the owners of my local comicbook store had amazing suggestions. I got into comics with Garth Ennis' The Boys - and I just fell in love haha :)

    Hahaha thank you <3 <3 I just love Sejic's comics and Sunstone just raised the bar when it comes the art of the characters' expressions - incredibly executed.

    And thank you :D I hope we run into each other again ^_^
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