Which character trait should everyone have?

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Which character trait should everyone have?

  1. Honesty

    15 vote(s)
  2. Altruism

    11 vote(s)
  3. Tolerance

    25 vote(s)
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  1. Soo this is mostly for my statistics class, but I'm also a little bit curious. Out of the choices above, which do you think is the most important trait for people to have? Feel free to state your reasoning. Also if you want to list a trait that's not mentioned here, go ahead, just remember to vote in the poll; I kinda need it for my project.
  2. I voted Tolerance.

    Originally I was going to say Honesty, because that is vitally important.
    We need to work on true and honest information to thrive, and as a result we need honest individuals.

    However, how can we ever be expected to move forward if we cannot work together in the first place?
    And that's where Tolerance comes into the picture.
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  3. I believe all those three are needed. Honesty becouse communication is key to our species evolving. Altruism becouse selfishness is a fucking disease and the "me want, me have, me not give" is a trait that serves noone in the end. But in the end i went with Tolerance. Becouse Tolerance indicates Compassion. It encompasses patience.
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  4. I went with tolerance. o___o You need the patience and understanding of tolerance. You're ALWAYS going to be faced with things you might not like or agree with. Having tolerance is a necessity.

    Honesty and Altruism are not always the best policy or good for a situation. >> Although I guess there are moments when you can be TOO tolerant too. O__O But out of the three, I think it is most important.
  5. I get that tolerance encompasses patience, but wouldn't it make more sense for altruism to indicate compassion, seeing as its kinda hard to be altruistic if you're not also compassionate. Whereas you can tolerate others without needing to feel compassion towards them.
  6. Alright, since everyone seems to be picking tolerance and that's not what I choose, I'ma explain why I picked altruism.

    Personally, I believe altruism makes way for the other two traits. As I said, altruism indicates compassion and caring. If you care about others, you're able to respect and tolerate them and what they believe, right? And why would you lie to someone you care about unless you were trying to protect them? It wouldn't make much sense otherwise. You see what I'm getting at here?

    Altruism is very important to human society, it's how we got this far in the first place and we need to preserve it the best we can in this world of growing selfishness and corruption. Why do you think people lie? Why do you think people are so intolerant? Because they only care about themselves that's why! Or, at least, that's what I think.
  7. I've ran into an alternate reasoning with my own family.
    They tend to believe in lying for good quite a bit.

    Justifying them as "White Lies" where they're done with the persons interests in heart, therefore no reason to be mad.

    Now, this is something I strongly disagree with and they know it.
    However they themselves do legitimately seeing lying as a good act.
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  8. Easy one. Honesty. The only trait that can absolutly NEVER backfire, in any way, under any circumstances. Both of the other 2 traits are very situational. Tolerance, vhile generaly a positive trait, can be exploited by the unscrupulus who wil see it as weakness (something all too evident in Europe these days). Same goes for altruism.
  9. I think this statement is dumb.

    If you find this offensive or even for a second think something amongst the lines of "Man, what an asshole." Well, that's why. White lies and half-truths are necessary because a great majority of people prefers comfort over truth. If everyone was honest, a lot of people would be angry at each other all the time.

    I made the choice of altruism. Altruism is the idea that you put the needs of others above your own. If, as the question states, everyone would have this trait, there would be greater unity amongst the human race, which in turn would pave the way for peace and advancement of our species.
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  10. And thats exactly why a great majority of ppl arent capable of critical thinking, in my honest (keyword, honest) opinion. White lies and half-truths are the reason todays world is as fucked up as it is. Sometimes you need to have a thick skin and handle the truth. It can be unpleasant, but its worth it. Lies only lead to more lies.

    And no, I dont find anything you sayed ofensive. Everyone has their own opinion. If you think my statement is dumb, thats fine. Its your opinion.
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  11. If people were capable of dealing with honesty, then I think it should shoot up in the polls. Unfortunately, as of right now people are not.

    Hah, good. I'm a confrontational dick sometimes, but good on ya not feeling offended or provoked by it.
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  12. Lol I dont take ofense easily or for no good reason! :) If I have enogh reason to, I tend to confront the ofender physicaly, not verbaly.
  13. Honesty.

    Honesty to tell people how bad things are and the integrity to not hide it for fear of hurting them.

    Sometimes people need a helping hand to get back on their feet. Altruism is another good one if people didn't abuse it. Same with tolerance.
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  14. Come at me, bro ;)
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  15. Careful vhat you wish for :D
  16. What? That does serve someone in the end game.

  17. Since true altruism doesn't exist, and tolerance is for pussies, I pick honesty.
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  18. /thread
  19. Honesty triumphs all!!!!
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    We need compassion and sympathy as a race, otherwise we're going to nuke ourselves out of existence before we can create Master Chief and go to space and make colonies and space robots and other cool shit like that.

    Of course, I'll be dead before then, so really-- fuck it, let's kill everyone! IF I CAN'T HAVE IT, NO ONE CAN.
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