Which are/were you.

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  1. Chaotic Good on up in this bitch; I remember sharing my notes with a bunch of first-years doing the module I had done the previous year.

    Coincidentally, also the alignment I tend to go for in D&D.
  2. Neutral good or lawful neural but never lawful good.
  3. I think I'm somewhere between Chaotic neutral and true neutral.
  4. Was Chaotic Good. Slowly becoming Lawful Good. Hey Grumpy, hit me up for D&D!
  5. Might be running a game on the forum at some point, actually.

    I have also been in too many fucking classes with Chaotic Evil assholes. "Hey man, totally didn't do the reading. Tell me about it so I can pretend I did the work" was what the worst of them commonly came out with. EVERY. FUCKING. DAY. I was alright with telling him some shit for the first few days, but he seemed to think that he could expect me to fucking teach him the course instead of him actually having to study.

    He seemed genuinely confused when he asked that for the final time and I suggested that he read a fucking book for once.
  6. Neutral and chaotic good for most classes, with the exception of Advanced Higher French, where I bounced between neutral and chaotic evil. The teachers for Adv French were a bloody joke and nobody learned anything that year, which makes me feel a bit better about that.

    That's right. Diana was a slacker. Always aced the tests. Never did the homework.
  8. ^ Ditto, with a hint of chaotic evil. My study habits are atrocious but I tended to do just fine when the tests came around.
  9. Heh, chaotic neutral. ;]
  10. My alignment is true neutral for the most part - but I'm Neutral Evil for this one.
  11. Lawful neutral. You ain't getting my notes just because you missed class on purpose.
  12. Same.
  13. Somewhere between True Neutral and Chaotic Neutral. I had elements of both.
  14. I'm so neutral I didn't even bother to read the entire whatchamacallit.
  15. Mostly neutral good but sometimes a lawful neutral.