Where's the Jumpin?

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  1. So what happened to the jump in section? I'm just curious is all, did it get moved or am I not seeing it because of the device I'm using? I have no problem creating group roleplays but I enjoyed using the jump in portion.
  2. Jump-in is now a tag.


    "No Bios Required" is now Jump-In. "Bio & Jumpin" means either is acceptable. "Open Signups" means you can join, but you need to sign up with a character sheet to join. "Closed Signups" means nobody can join. "By Invitation Only" means people can join, but only if they've received an invite from the GM/DM.
  3. Oh cool, thanks a bunch my friend; tis helped a lot updates mess me me sometimes.
  4. Bio& jump in means that you can jump in after having left a bio. You don't need to wait for approval on the bio, but a bio is required (usually these bios are just appearance name and age and possibly something more if the gm needs to know something, they rarely are as big as normal sign up templates).It's just like when we had jump in as a section. You could either require or not require a bio. So bio & jump in does not mean that you can choose if you want to leave a bio or not, you'll have to do so. The difference to sign ups is that you don't need to wait for the gm to approve of your character. In no bio required you can leave a bio if you want to, but it is not a necessity.
  5. You can pretty much jump anywhere there is room and it's appropriate. I prefer my apartment, because I jiggle when I move and I'm self conscious about it.
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  6. Aha thank you the community here is great. Yeah I decided jumping on the bed would be the perfect jump-in, it was fairly epic, with no broken bones.
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  7. I did this once as a kid... The Bed broke.
  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Weak Bed, and two of my Cousins were helping. :P
  10. "Fairly epic"

    . . . .
  11. Aha so if the bed breaks shall we set it ablaze?
  12. Yes, and then roast marshmallows over the bonfire! :D
  13. Hey hey, everybody likes bonfires.!
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