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    It was a rare moment whenever Leone could sit back and relax for five minutes. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, temperatures in the low 70's, a very light breeze blowing through the valley which the air attack base was hidden away in. He sipped some coffee from his World's Best Pilot mug, which had been sent over to him by his sister once he got back in the States, and contemplated whether or not it was safe to leave the safety of the porch knowing that Pablo was probably up and about causing mayhem.
    He shrunk down in his chair slightly, loosing most of his motivation for the day with that one simple thought. He really didn't want to get pranked today. He really didn't. But he knew that it was coming. Eventually Pablo would strike again.


    Pablo gently snored into his pillow, laying face down on the floor near his hammock. The blanket was just barely hanging onto the hanging bed. And Mr. Adrenaline Junkie himself was out like a light. He'd been in a rowdy Skype call with a bunch of guys he worked with back in the Air Force until two in the morning. Admittably it wasn't the best idea, but when the old squad was on leave and they had something to laugh about, Pablo was all in. He hadn't even looked at the clock until he heard an owl outside. And that was when he called it quits and hit the hammock.
    Sunlight streamed in through a couple big windows and got him right in the eyes. A low groan escaped the previously sleeping beast as he attempted to burry his head in his pillow. "Fuck you, sun." He mumbled drearily into the pillow.
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  2. Xavier got out of the car and walked up to the door of the building he was told his boss lived in. I wonder what he will be like? What about the rest of the team, will they only come to me when they have cuts and bruises or will they consider me a friend? Xavier was very nervous he wasn't good at meeting new people and hoped his boss would be friendly. Nervously he knocked on the door.
  3. Leone stood up as soon as the morning's peace was broken by a car approaching the base. His coffee mug in hand, he headed into the house from the back porch and headed towards the front door upon hearing a knock on the door. He opened up the front door, his gaze neutral as he looked over the nervous young man. "Good morning. I'm going to guess that you're the new medic, right?" He asked, allowing a very faint smile to cross his face. "The name's Leone by the way." He spoke easily as he extended his hand for a handshake.
  4. "Y-yes that's me Mr. Leone, my name is Xavier and it's n-nice to meet you," Xavier said nervously shaking the man's hand. Stop stuttering you idiot! Do I squeeze his hand or not? Xavier contemplated with himself. "Thank you for this opportunity Mr. Leone."
  5. "Don't worry about it Xavier. Thanks for coming out. We wouldn't be able to function without a medic." Leone stated with ease. His eyes darkened a tiny bit as he continued. "We still can't do that much without a SEAT flying with us, but at least we're allowed to get back in the air now." He threw on his pair of black combat boots. "I'll show you around." With his coffee mug still in hand Leone slipped out the door around Xavier and started to walk over to the main hangar.
  6. "Y-your welcome, I'm g-glad to be here" Xavier said. Stop stuttering you idiot! He then followed his new boss out to the main hanger. The question he had been wondering since he was notified he had gotten the job was will I be on the plane? He decided to go ahead and ask "Mr. Leone will I be on the plane when you all are putting out the fires?"
  7. Jessica had moved the the window when she heard a car approaching the base to look for the guests. She hadn't been to surprise to see the newbie. She spent several minutes standing at the window to watch Leone greet the newbie. He seemed interesting enough, but was clearly far to jittery for her taste. She wondered, vaguely, how someone so jumpy looking had come across a profession like this. It wasn't something you could really be jumpy doing. Then again, if he was good at his job what did Jessica care?

    She pulled away from the window, crossing one arm over her chest in an attempt to crack her back. She grumbled moodily when it refused to comply with her, maybe she could get someone to pop it for her later. She instead popped her neck and went off in search of Pablo, who she found on the ground near his hammock. She strolled up and nudged him with her foot, "Ey, get up. New meats here."
  8. "You might be in the helicopter on more rescue type missions, but probably not during fires. I have too many people jumping out of my helicopter when we're doing air attacks, I don't want you accidentally getting shoved out." Leone stated with a small laugh. He headed into the hanger, his steps growing more and more cautious as he did so. "Where is he..." He muttered softly to himself. He glanced over to where his helicopter sat alone in the hangar, expecting Pablo to jump out from behind it with a retardant hose, but there was just silence. "Usually I'm in here working on the old bird, or up flying her." He explained.


    Pablo groaned as someone nudged him. "I'm a vegetarian... Why would I care about meat?" He muttered sleepily, not understanding what she meant due to the fact that three quarters of his brain had been stolen by the 3am Computer Sprite. He lifted his head up and blearily looked around. About half of his brain woke up from that surprise. "How the hell did I end up on the floor?" He asked himself.
  9. "Oh ok cool, so um where exactly will I be staying?" Xavier asked as he wondered what his room would look like. Will I have to share? If so will my roommate be nice? He thought to himself as he looked at the planes and helicopters. This is cool.

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  10. Jessica snorted harshly through her nose, "It's a long story concerning three line dancers, a couple of goats, and a bottle of whiskey." ...the sarcasm is strong with this one. "Why on earth would I know? Come on now, the new guy's here. Don't you wanna go get a feeling for the guy?" She asked, holding out a hand to help him up. Less as a kind gesture and more a hope that when helping pull him up her back would pop.
  11. "Good god. I didn't star in A Million Ways To Die In The West, did I?" Pablo asked as he took her hand and got up. He brushed himself off, surprised even more by the fact that he'd fallen asleep in the same clothes as yesterday. Well, that was fortunate. Saved him the embarrassment of waking up in a pair of boxers. Not that he was embarrassed about his body- hell, he was damn well happy with himself, it was just that he wasn't a huge fan of being woken up nearly in the nude by a pretty woman.


    Leone walked out of the hangar. "You'll be staying over in the medical cabin." He gestured over to the decent sized log cabin across the runway with the big red plus sign painted above the door. A ramp led to the big front door of the place, providing easy access for any gurneys to go in and out of the building. "The rest of the crew lives over in that building there." Leone gestured over towards a decent sized warehouse-turned residential looking building. The big trucking bay doors were open, revealing a decent sized recreation and dining hall and a set of stairs that went up to what would obviously be the private quarters. Leone gestured to the large building next to the hangar. "That's the mechanic's shop, if a new mechanic ever shows up. I've also been acting as a stand in mechanic since our last guy moved out to an oil rig in Montana." He explained simply.
  12. "Oh uh ok" Xavier said looking at the cabin. Away from everyone else I see....so I'm just a side member..... He thought sighing. "So should I unpack now?" Xavier asked his boss. He really wasn't sure what to do there must be more people on the team....but Xavier knew he shouldn't bother he would only be useful if someone got hurt....
  13. Jessica let out a small self satisfied sigh as she helped hoist him up and her back gave a audible crack. She then grinned while taking note of his state of dress, "No, but I would have paid to see that. Did you sleep in yesterdays things?" She then made a small noise of sudden understanding from behind her teeth, "You stay'd up all night again, didn't you? Well, I guess it does'nt matter. Get changed and come with me to go speak with the new guy. He's a jumpy little thing, so i wanna come at him with a partner. ...you know, to see if he jumps."
  14. ( is this still alive?)
  15. ((Sorry I've been MIA, I was found guilty of binge reading three books by my favorite author.))

    Leone stood on his heels and nodded once to answer Xavier's question. "Ya. Fair warning, the team's a bunch of jokers. I'd suggest watching your back." He stated, then turned on his heel to head back to his own cabin and refill his coffee. He had a feeling he would need a second cup today.

    "Hey, don't judge. A couple buddies back in the Air Force got home yesterday and I got Skyped into the celebration." Pablo explained himself easily enough upon seeing her grinning at him. Yeesh, a guy can't catch a break. He ushered her out of the room so he could get himself together. How did she even get in, anyways? He did lock the door last night, right? He couldn't even remember. He quickly got changed into a decent red tshirt and a pair of jeans, matching his record time of changing in the Air Force. His old dog tags hung around his neck over his shirt. He threw on a pair of beat up black sneakers and opened the door back up to Jessica. "You ready to go make the frog jump?" He asked her as he ambled out the door. He left it open. He didn't have anything worth stealing, and he knew that the people on the team were trustworthy.
  16. "Uh ok thank you Mr. Leone" Xavier said as he took his bags to his cabin. The cabin was a decent size with a bedroom, bathroom, a small kitchen and living area, and a sickbay. Xavier entered the bedroom and started unpacking. Having his own cabin would be nice, but it would mean being away from the rest of the team most of the time, but he was a medic and just a side member of the team, needed only when someone got hurt.
  17. Jessica surged forward and slipped her arm through his, pressing her face against his bicep. She cooed at him in a raised baby voice, "Aren't I always ready for some good old fashion teasing?" She then moved back, shoving him away from her in the process, "Onward my sleep challenged cowboy!" Her voice had dropped to a normal tone as she let out an excited laugh, reaching out to get ahold of his wrist as she bodily hauled him towards to exit so they could make their way to the medical cabin.
  18. "I am not a cowboy!" Pablo argued as he was dragged along. His steps were shuffled, mainly attempting to keep himself on his feet as she threatened to tip him over with every step. Down the stairs was probably the scariest part. He'd been on combat missions better than this, dammit!

    Leone happily poured himself a second cup of coffee, his posture relaxed. He felt a disturbance in the force, alerting him to the fact that Thing 1 and Thing 2 were coming out.
  19. She just laughed at his protest as they reached the bottom of the stairs and rounding a corner, almost barreling directly into a wall in the process. She laughed more to herself then anything else, before dragging Pablo from the building and across the small tract to the medical cabin. She stopped just outside it, finally letting the poor boy go, before swing open the door and making her way in. She scanned the area and let an almost feral grin cover her face as she spotted the newbie. Oh good, there he was and no one in sight to help the new guy out. Just the way she liked it with fresh meat.
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