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  1. ----In Character Thread Link----

    It takes a special kind of person to put their life on the line for someone they never even knew.

    This is the story of a wildland air attack team working in a national forest. These people do extraordinary things for people they don't know. They all have their own stories. They have their own secrets. But they share this extreme lifestyle of managing and stomping out wildfires that spark to life in Mystic National Forest.

    Try to use proper terminology when talking about fires- Wikipedia is a good resource.
    Use aircraft specified for fighting fires. (No Blackhawk helicopters, sorry.)
    No characters below age twenty. (Let's be realistic.)
    No aircraft are allowed to fly thirty minutes after sunset.
    Characters live at the air attack base.
    Fill out the form completely when applying.

    Role to Air Attack Team- (Mechanic, supply drop, smokejumper, ect.)
    Aircraft- If applicable.

    My charries:
    Name- Leone Valcrosse
    Age- 35
    Gender- Male
    Role to Air Attack Team- Chief/Supervisor
    Personality- Leone isn't the talkative type. He's straightforward, and hates sugar coating things. He is dedicated to his job, and rarely takes a day off- him taking a vacation is practically unheard of. He can't make a joke for his life, and knows better than to try. He doesn't realize that some of his mutterings can be pretty damn funny to those who decide to listen. He is a stickler for the rules, and prefers calling the shots as opposed to taking them.
    He is strong willed and loves to live life, though he does have some trust issues that probably won't get hammered out of him. He is loyal to his friends and always attempts to do the right thing. Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing when you can't see through the smoke.
    History- Leone grew up in a tough neighborhood, and didn't have the best grades during school. He joined the air force after he scraped through highschool, and moved through the ranks quickly. He was on a combat mission when he was shot down by friendly fire. He only sustained small injuries, but he took his Purple Heart and left that career. He wasn't going to take a job where the people he was trying to help were gunning for him. So he chose to fight fires instead. At least they didn't shoot back as much as some of the guys back in the military.
    Family- He has a sister and brother-in-law who live in Florida, but that's about it.
    Themesong- Dance With The Devil by Breaking Benjamin

    Name- Pablo Martinez
    Age- 29
    Gender- Male
    Role to Air Attack Team- Smokejumper.
    Aircraft- He tends to jump out of them, not exactly fly 'em.
    Personality- Pablo has an oversized personality. He is an adrenaline junkie and, let's face facts, jumping out of an airplane and landing in a fire is probably the best way to get the adrenaline pumping. He loves to tell stories, joke around, and cause mayhem. Of course, he knows when he oughta shut up and get the job done. He is very responsible- a quality that you wouldn't expect to find anywhere in him from what he tends to show. He always stomps out his cigarettes and tosses them in the trash. It doesn't take a lot to spark his temper, and it tends to erupt in a wildfire until someone douses his flame. He can take a hit and give it right back to you, hinting at an inner resiliency that can't be broken.
    History- Pablo grew up an inner city kid, living in a homeless shelter for most of his life. He joined the Air Force and found himself working under a decent guy. When that decent guy got knocked out of the sky by a supposed ally, Pablo went apeshit and was booted out of the Air Force. He eventually tracked down his old superior and stuck with him. What can he say, he liked the guy.
    Family- None by blood, but Leone is like a brother to him.
    Themesong- You're Gonna Go Far, Kid by The Offspring.
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  2. I'll be joining soon
  3. Name-
    Jessica A. Cornett



    Role to Air Attack Team-

    She's very much a believer that someone has to carve their own path because no one else, not even "fate", is going to do it for you. She's held these beliefs since she was very young and as such it made her something of an independent and outgoing creature. She likes having a good time and is usually a fun person to be around. She'll crack jokes and goof off with anyone willing to take the time a spend time with her.

    She's bright, motivated, and terribly stubborn. When she thinks she's right she's going to g her own way and make sure she acts accordingly to her beliefs. That isn't to say, however, she isn't a team player. While she does better on her own she tends not to have to many issues as working as a cog in the machine. This is, of course, on the condition that she is treated like an equal or person instead of a faceless worker.

    When she's treated as any less then a person she tends to get angry, and her anger is a bit of an explosive thing. She bottles it up draining it in work outs and psychical activities, but when it gets to much she blows up at whoever is unfortunate enough to have set her off along with anyone else in the immediate area. She tends to lash out with her words more then her fists, but thats not to say she's unwilling to lash out psychically. Her anger tends to be tear filled and red faced, and it truly is a force to be recon with.

    Jessica had a pretty standard childhood for a middle child in a larger family. She got a little lonely and such but it grew her back bone into something to be admired. She had a really bad run in with a boy during her earlier collage years that almost managed to snap it, but thanks to her childhood she managed to preserver and not let it get to her. She was much to strong to let something as simple as some boy come along and ruin the path she had begun to carve for herself.

    She often won metals in track and other sports and was clearly the most athletic of her siblings from a very young age. She was always enchanted by tales of her fathers work and decided pretty early on that she wanted to work as some kind of fire fighter. As she grew older and developed a taste for adrenaline Smokejumper became the obvious choice much to her mothers dismay.

    She is the fourth of six children, the youngest daughter, coming from a huge family means she plays well with others.

    Siblings/Nieces & Nephews~

    (1)Her oldest brother, Francis, and his husband, Jeremy, live up in New York and often send her post cards and little trinkets all the time. Francis works as a tour guide there and his husband is drama coach at a local university. Recently they've been considering the possibility of adopting a kid into their little family.​

    (2)Her oldest sister, Amanda, is a veterinarian in Ohio. She's current going through her second divorce and has a kid named Emily with her second ex husband, Johnathan. Amanda calls and sends letters everyone in awhile so she can keep in contact with her family and her daughter, Emily, can have the close family ties she enjoyed as a kid. Emily has recently started elementary school.​

    (3)Her second oldest sister, Janet, is married to a doctor named Brenton. They have a beautiful set of twins named Vivian and Edward who have just started middle school, and are expecting another child in June. They still live in the families home town. Janet's been considering going back to school once the third child enters elementary school. This has caused a lot of tension in her and Brenton's marriage, as Brenton is again the idea of her being anything other then a stay at home mother.​

    (4) Her second youngest brother is Samuel. He's currently studying abroad in Germany for a year or so. His field of study is bioengineering, through his field of study and the program he met his fiancee, Cassandra. In Germany they met their boyfriend, Lucas. The three off them are very happy together, and while mother was quite shocked at first she's grown to love her son's life partners.​

    (5)Her youngest brother, Vincent, is currently still living at home. He's finishing up his last year of high school and is on the fast path to becoming the valedictorian of his class. He's a little bookworm, but actually quite popular. Which is a great improvement from his freshmen year when he was bullied quite badly. He's dating a nice, freshly graduated girl named Tiffany.​


    (1)Her father, Baxter, is a retired fire fighter who fixes up broken toys in his spare time. He's on permeant disability leave as an accident while on the job caused him to lose a leg and sight in his right eye. He doesn't complain often though, claiming that he always wanted to be a pirate. He's taken quite well to the prosthetic quite well and his walking more and more each day.​

    (2)Her mother is a patient woman by the name of Matilda. She runs a mom and pop style eatery and can cook some of the best home made lasagna you've ever tasted. After her husbands accident she became very against the idea of Jessica having anything to do with fires, and constantly tried to change her mind. Now that Jessica is a fire fighter she constantly drops hints about a change of career or getting a boyfriend.​

    Brave by The Nearly Deads

  4. Can I make a medic?
  5. Go ahead Andrew, and Jessica's accepted.
  6. The thread is starting! Please throw up your intros once your characters are accepted!
  7. Name- Xavier McIntosh
    Age- 20
    Gender- Male
    Role to Air Attack Team- Medic
    Aircraft- None
    Personality- He is very shy when you first meet him. Once he starts to warm up to you he becomes very clingy and will follow someone around like a lost puppy dog once he considers them a friend. He is not very outgoing but thinks being part of this team will help him while he gets to help other people.
    History- He was born and raised in a middle-class, suburban, Roman Catholic family thus he is very Religious. When he heard about the team he thought it would be a good for him to experience new things and get out of his shell.
    Family- Mom, Dad and younger siblings
    Themesong- ummmmm idk
    Other- He wears a Cross around his neck at all times, he believes God will protect him and his team.

    (can I have him have just joined the team?)
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  8. @andrew21234 psssttt check your name and age on your character sheet. things are a little wonkie
  9. Name
    Jason Hall



    Role to Air Attack Team


    Friendly, and very personable. Jason is a people person who wants no one to be left out, and will most likely be the one who put the hot sauce in the milk carton. When out in the field Jason becomes a “No Shenanigans” guy with a mind on doing one thing: preventing the fire from spreading.
    Jason comes from a WAAT family who has always been involved in fighting fires one way or another. His mother was a pilot for 28 years and his father was a mechanic for 40 years. Jason has never felt forced into his career, but instead is proud to be where he is. For years and years Jason was there to take part in the victories of the firefighting team, but was also there when they had their bad days as well.

    At 17 years old Jason was sitting in the command station like he often did listening as the teams talked back and forth. From what he heard the wind had picked up considerably and the fire conditions weren’t looking to good. There was a frantic voice that came through uttering some kind of code or term, Jason wasn’t sure, he stood and looked for a reference book to find out what it had meant, but before he could he was grabbed by one of the officers in and wrestled out. It wasn’t until a few hours later that he learned the voice on the radio was his mother calling through saying she was experiencing engine trouble due to the sudden shift in wind causing the smoke from the fire to seize the engine. She died in the resulting crash.

    Jason and his father were devastated and it wasn’t shortly after that Jason’s father was given an early retirement for his service and loss. After four more years Jason joined the same crew as his father and mother, but had become a Hotshot.

    Travis Hall, Father, Retired
    Kelley Hall, Mother, Deceased
    Kyle Moore, Uncle, Police Officer in LA, California

    Music… All of it.

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  11. By vehicle I mean what he flies, Deathstroke.
  12. Alright. So he's like a smokejumper, except he doesn't jump out of planes and helicopters. I was just a bit confused because hotshot's also a term for pilots.
  13. Yeah, I thought I would add a new aspect of the team to give us some more variety. Is he accepted?
  14. Ya, he's accepted.
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