Where'd the day go?!

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  1. Done you hate it when you sleep in unintentionally? It's worse when you can't be up late that night.

    What do you do when that happens? I mostly get pissed at everything >.>'
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  2. "Well I must have needed the sleep"
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  3. More like, why the hell is this day going so slowly.
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  4. I hate it more when I sleep in intentionally, which is everyday because I'm a weak person
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  5. I usually just get sad I wake up at all and have to leave my dream world(s).

    - 3-

    Best Dream World(s) Award: Mine.
  6. I get pissed, too. The couple hours I slept in could have been used for chores, homework or...anything! Ugh! When I sleep in, it's either because I'm deprived or I'm having a vivid nightmare that disables my sense of the outside world. That happened today, actually. I was shaken awake at 1:45pm and I woke with a mild anxiety attack because the last thing I remembered was struggling to free myself from a gigantic spider web while dozens of arachnids poisoned me.

    So from now on, this one's using an alarm to wake up because this happens way too often. The time I waste sleeping could be spent on something useful. >:[ Bleh.
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  7. I shoot awake, and move into turbo mood. When I sleep in I feel like I am late for everything. Having ADHD helps by giving me way too much energy to start with.
  8. I get up lazily at first not realizing I slept in, then I glace at my clock and go into the "WTF Did I just do?!" mode XD which basically means get mad at everything and rush to see if I missed anything important o-o
  9. Well-- I fall asleep at either 11-- or around 1 AM?

    and I usually wake up whenever the hell my body wants me to (which kind of sucks-- waking up at like 3 AM after finally falling asleep 2 hours before >n<)

    but-- my days go by really fast-- it's like
    no come back omg I need more time to be stupid on the internet before school starts n-n
  10. "DAY OFF WORK! WOOOOOO! Crap I'd better call..."
  11. i love three things
    my wife
    and more food

    okay,four things

    point is, i got many more years to live, sleeping in isnt gonna wreck anything
  12. I get very annoyed, then I tell myself to be twice as productive the next day. But then I sleep in again GODAMNIT!
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