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  1. I personally have always wondered where to begin with a roleplay. Most of the time I already have an idea set out, already emerged and ready to go, but, other times I notice my plans are empty and I am stuck with this odd feeling of procrastination.

    Now, this is not to say that procrastination will only come at the start of a world. Procrastination can often occur throughout any stage of a roleplay, even the actual postings. I find anytime I am locked, anytime my thoughts are stuck in place that I just need to take a small break, outside, inside, whatever. Just don't write for an hour or so. Then, come back, listen to some inspiring music, and begin.

    Now that the summary is out of the way with a tad bit of a tip of procrastination and how to avoid it, let us begin the fun.

    Now, my starting point is typically the genre. As it should be with most people. Fantasy, sci-fi, modern, high-school. Whatever it is, decide a genre. If you want to have people killing each other with blades, put it in modern or modern-fantasy, depending on of course, if you want guns in as well.

    Most of the time, amateur players prefer the modern or modern-fantasy genres because they can relate to them, so, if you're doing something to assist newcomers, choose something closer to home. Most people can't handle abstract ideas until they've gotten a bit used to them.

    Now, that should be all the psychology I have for you.

    Of course, when you have the genre, the next stage is typically the setting. Where do you want to be at. Do you want massive kingdoms in constant war or do you want a single kingdom, hidden away and sheltered from the normality of what real kingdoms dealt with. A perfect peasantry or an oppressed one. This is all up to you. You can make it realistic or abstract, no one will judge you too much over it. Though, you can never please everyone.

    After you have your setting thought out, write it out. Just a basic script. Remember, this can be edited before posting, so detail it afterwards. This is all about getting all the ideas down and then elaborating later. Remember that, it will be your best friend.

    That's how you get started. The next fields are things like technology, powers, anime physics or not, super human abilities. Deity powers. An actual religion. There are so many things to go over and if wanted, I will go over those as well.
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