Where There is a Flame, Someones Bound to Get Burned

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  1. So, I tried doing this plot a while back, but the person dropped out. Anyways, so I'm back looking for another partner. If you are interested, read below the rules and plot. Thanks :)

    What I am looking for:
    -A writer who is 18 and older(obviously) and who can play both genders if needed(as even if your main character is male, there will still be some -side characters in this roleplay).
    -An Adapt-Advanced Rper(meaning three or more good paragraphs).
    -Someone who can come up with their own ideas, as well as allow me to input my own.
    -Someone who won't drop out after two or three posts.
    -Someone really fun to work with. I like my rp partners to be my friends and enjoy making up plot twists just as much as I do. ☺

    My Rules
    -I perfer someone who can try to post at least once a day, hopefully more. Though if RL is being a hassle, no biggie. I know how that is, as I am a collge student and have a lot of work myself. But if you take longer than a week to post and do not contact me at all during that week to let me know what is going on, than I might drop the rp thinking you left me hanging. So just keep me informed.
    -If you loose interest, don't just say you're busy and can't post. I'm not stupid like you may think. I can see you posting in other rps -_- JUST LET ME KNOW! If you loose interest and let me know than maybe we can come up with ideas to liven the rp up. And if not, than we can drop it and start a new rp. I'm really easy going with it comes to these things because its likely, if you have lost interest than I probably have too. But if you say your busy and I see you posting mulitple times elsewhere or if you flat out just don't reply to my messages, again, I will drop you.
    -If you read these rules, follow these instructions; put 'football' in the subject of your pm
    -If I have never rped with you before please give me an example post or link my to one of your recent rps so I can see your writing style.

    Alright! Now on to the plot. I got the idea for this plot from the song Try by Pink.

    -Please this is not JUST romance. Yes there will of course be some romance, but I also want comedy, family moments, and drama please! Plot twists welcome :)

    James had it all. He was the son of a big company owner(big company of your choice. can be fake or real). With his father owning this company, he never had to worry about anything. When he was ten, his parents divorced over his father cheating on his mother with a star model and his mother got custody over him. He moved with her to a small town, far away from the big city they had once lived in with his father. His father managed to get by without making any payments of child support thanks to his big lawyers, leaving Jame's mother to take care of him all by herself. She struggled for years financially, trying to support her son in a small one bedroom apartment, worrying that she would never be able to make a better life for her son. Jame was a senior in high school when all the stress and worry got to his mother. He found her dead in her bed after coming home from school one day. The doctor s claimed she had been overdosed with her anxiety medicine. When James checked he did indeed find the bottle empty, when she had just gotten it refilled days before.

    It devastated James that his mother had been so overwhelmed that she would go to these lengths. He felt a pure hatred for his father at that moment. He wished the man would have been the one to die instead of his mother, after all, he was one who had been too selfish to help his ex-wife and his only child. And three months after his mother's death, his wish for his father to die came true. While on the way to a conference in Japan, his father's private plane crashed. Being his father's only child, and considering the fact his father had never remarried, everything his father owned belonged to James. A whole fortune, enough to keep the boy set for life.

    But even when he was set for life, feeling the need to do something with himself, he decided he wanted to go to college(you can decide what Major you want him to have). He already had a football scholarship anyway, so he felt he should go ahead and use it. He began going to the local college and it was there that he met Amelia Carter. She was a sweet, innocent, and pretty girl who had a strong sense of responsibility and a clear line of right and wrong with no grey in the middle. The two immediately hit it off and a relationship sparked between the two. They became close to one another, dating for two years.

    Yet, time changes people. James, although head over heels for these all around good girl, began to fall into the same trap his father had fallen into. He became popular. Being the football star of the school and a now very rich man, he began drifting away from the understanding young man he had once been. He started giving his girlfriend excuses as to why he couldn't go on dates or come eat lunch with her between classes. And though Amelia saw James's changes, she continued to try and break through to him. She made attempts to see him when ever she could and though even when they were together he almost completely ignored her, she still felt the need to try.

    It a cold day in December when James gave Amelia the excuse he was sick and couldn't come to her house for the birthday dinner he had promised he would have with her for just the two of them. She tried to convince him that if he came she would take care of everything and all he would have to do was eat, but still, he said the snow and ice was too thick to come anyway. When the call had ended, Amelia was very much disappointed, but then decided if he felt like he didn't want to come to her house for dinner, that she would bring the dinner to him. Surely it would be the best surprise for him!

    So, she made the dinner and happily drove through the ice and snow(which at this time was somewhat dangerous with the winter storm coming in). She finally made it to his house and knocked on the door. She didn't get an answer and so carefully walked in. After searching the down stairs and finding he wasn't there, she came to the conclusion he must be sleeping off the illness up stairs in his room. Only when she got upstairs, she heard soft noises coming from his room. Confused she walked into his room and when she saw broke her heart. James was in bed all right, but he wasn't alone. Dropping the food she had brought on the floor in shock, she saw him laying on top of a very well known cheerleader, both caught in the act. She didn't even give him time to try and explain. She sobbed and turned, running down the stairs and out of the house as fast as she could.

    She had been so trusting. She had loved him with her all and never asked questions. She had thought he loved her too. And maybe he had at first. But it was clear to see this James was not the same James she had fallen in love with. The next day, she managed to catch him alone and confronted him. She had to know what he felt about her now. And as much as she wished he had said he had made a huge mistake and that the girl had seduced him, for the first time in a long time he spoke the cold hard truth to her. That she was pretty, but not sexy enough to be with him. That she wasn't popular enough, stupid, and worst of all that he didn't care about her anymore and had just been with her for the 'benefits'.

    That day ended their relationship. James continued his carefree life of partying and sleeping with whoever he wanted to, while Amelia did her best to continue her hardworking school life, keeping her grades up and being the good girl she had always been. Only, her life didn't stay too calm for long. After being sick for a week straight, Amelia went to the doctor, only to find out news that turned her world upside down. She was pregnant. Confused on what she should do and scared about the whole situation, the first thing she did was try to call James. He completely ignored her phone calls and she refused to tell him this shocking news over voice mail. She continued to call and when she finally decided he wouldn't answer her calls, she tried to visit his house and even when he was home he wouldn't answer the door. He just thought her to be desperate and trying to get back with him and so he refused to have anything to do with her.

    After many uncountable attempt to let him know what was going on, Amelia gave up on trying to get through to him. That day she decided she would just care for this baby on her own. And she really was on her own. James, though he had dated her for over a year, never learned about Amelia's past. She had always spoke about her 'family' but in reality that family had really been multiple Foster Homes. Her living in foster care for most of her life was what cause Amelia to strive in order to do her best and be so responsible, and though it had made her a good person, she refused to give her baby up to the Foster system. She would just take care of it on her own.

    She left the town she had been living in and transferred to a new college an hour's drive from her old one, staying in an apartment a few blocks from her new college. Months later, she gave birth to her child.

    Years pass and Amelia graduated college the top student in her class. She becomes an elementary school teacher at a local school and strived to do good for her child. She struggles to keep up with her bills, while not showing her stress in front of her child. She never wants him/her to see her dismay, not wishing to subject him/her to such worries and concerns. All she wants is for her child to be happy and does everything in her power to make sure that happens.

    Only, her life is turned upside down once again when none other than James shows up at the school she teaches at(we shall discuss together why he would be there). But, he soon realizes she's not the same naive and trusting Amelia he had fallen for in college. She's not one to trust so easily anymore, more so him. Yes he feels himself drawn to her now just as much as he had been when they first met freshman year in college. And when he finds out about the child that is undoubtedly his, he can't help but be taken back to his own life with his mother. Feeling guilt how he had all around turned into his father by not only cheating on Amelia, but also not taking care of his child when Amelia was clearly struggling to, he makes a promise to step up and become a better father than his own father had ever been, as well as to try and piece the broken and shielded girl's heart he had so easily and without care ripped apart years ago.

    The only problem is Amelia is doing everything she can to keep the herself and the child away from James and keep life for she and her child the way its always been. Them against the world.

    The name of the boy can be changed. Its doesn't have to be James. We'd also decide on the gender of the child as well. Obviously, this is kind of a mix between a nomral rp and a libertine rp. There will be some sex/sexual themes in it, but it will likely be mostly plot. Anyways, please pm me if you are interested.
  2. You must still be looking?
  3. Yes I am still looking. Pm me if you are interested.
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