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  1. It doesn't matter which genre you are in, your character has to deal with money in their life. How money comes in to their life and leaves it can reveal lots of great details about your character's upbringing, feelings, and skills with money.

    For this exercise, What does your character do with money when they get it? How do they manage money in general?


    • Consider the timeline you are in and the genre. Someone in Victorian periods will handle money differently from people in Modern periods, and people in Fantasy genres.
    • Where does the money get stored? Fantasy setting Adventurers might not want to carry around those big chests of treasures they find on quests. Some Modern people hate using banks. Where do they put the cash?
    • Was there money when they were growing up? Did they get an allowance? Have to work?
    • If they grew up poor and have now come in to a LOT of money, what are they doing with the money now? Spending it, saving it?
    • If they grew up rich and lost all their money, how are they handling the cash they do get now?
    • Where do they spend most of their money? Home? Vehicles? Food? Clothes? Random stuff? Hobbies?
    • Are they good or bad with money? Do they have problems with savings or gambling? Or are they super cheap and hate spending?

    Can you think of more questions or answers that can be made about money? Post them!
  2. What does money mean to them? Is the value beyond just monetary value? Is it a means of survival or a symbol of status and power?
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  3. Is the value of money consistent across time? (ie inflation, is it wise for the adventurer to deal in liquid assets?)
    Is the value of money consistent across space? (ie you can get an inn room for 20 coin in town A but it'll cost you 200 in town B, whereas the silver necklace you're carrying has the same relative value within their respective economies).

    Although these are more worldbuilding questions than character-questions, how your character deals with these can say a lot about them. This is a merchant's BnB. And adventurers tend to not be super-rich so exploiting this can be a means to survival.
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  4. To add on a bit to what Kestrel said I suppose.

    What are the investment options for growing wealth? Can you invest in bonds or RSP like accounts. Is there a newer better investment option? is there a stock market or are traded goods during high and low demand the best way to make quick coin?

    Do they have to pay taxes? If an adventurer is paid for killing some goblins does the state want some of their wealth as well? Or like some modern people, do they evade taxes?
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  5. Lets not forget to do the actual character exercise too! 8D But these all are great additional questions!