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  1. Ilona's gotta interact with Zidane. Ahhhhhh! He's one of my favorite FF characters. >w<
  2. Oh, I'm sorry, who here has been refusing to watch a single show with me of my choice but talked me into letting him show me about a million? : |
  3. Ok I think I got it :)
  4. I don't want to find the or else out.
  5. there is nothing to do
  6. Really?! That makes me happy because I'll be up there in five days
  7. i don't sleep . . .
  8. Oh, wonderfull, well, I do :P so you may have to by patient with my posting rates.
  9. sure. .. .
  10. Er... Wrong thread. Murder game XIV isn't the Multiverse Hotel.
  11. oh
  12. I am constantly depressed, although I don't show it, and am in desperate need of anti depressants. Unfortunately, with the loops i would have to jump through with no health care, its near impossible for me too get them. Anyway with that said here is something.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing DISTRICT 9 today. I love going to the movies, even alone, cause its all dark and it seems to shut out everything else, which is awesome.
  13. I got a new DVD player cause my old one died. :D And I had the best banana milkshake in the universe. And last night we had freaking delicious lasagna.

    And I got Bambi. >:D Now all the childhood favorites of Disney movies are in my collection. I just have to get the rest and the few sequels that didn't suck!
  14. I got a day off today :D

    So, I'm unbelievably happy! Yay to sick leave!

    That's right! >:D Our household is now officially looking for our very first house all of our very own! It's freaking AWESOME. No more apartment life! I get a house with all the trimmings!

    best birthday announcement ever! *Prances!* I hope we find one that's juuuust right! t__t
  16. ISABOO HAS A NEW JOB! :D He'll be working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week!

    We can now avoid the ultimate thanksgiving dinner. >:] *Starts planning now!*
  17. A nice and bright moon usually brightens up a rather crappy or dull day. I could stand outside for hours just watching it and looking at it.
  18. I ran 10 miles today. I felt much more energetic. Good for my second wind in studying.
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