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  1. Where is the good? I want to know what you saw today that made everything better or at least okay. Life is so full of crappy moments filled with anger and pain, wheres the good?

    Your good might be a great parking spot. Or making the green light so you werent late for work. I mean sure some might call it luck, but its the good stuff that helps us not kill each other.

    Last night I was on my break and just stepped outside for some air and happened to look up. I saw the most amazing cloud formations.. they were so pink and yellow mixed with blue sky and gray since it was close to raining.

    It was a great moment to remember that yeah I have asshole customers, but beyond the service counter at work, there is a beautiful sunset going on. I might have missed most of it, but that little bit was so nice.

    Also hearing my cat purr right before I went to bed was nice..

    So tell me what was your good today? What morsels help keep you from setting everything on fire and pulling your hair out?
  2. Hmmm.... I was extremely stressed out at work today because I had to get all these reports out and I had absolutely no information to put in them because everyone was out of the office *grumble*

    But then my workmate supplied me delicious food and I was happy with the generosity, I was distracted from my stress for a moment :) It was a very sweet senstation.
  3. I won't get into the specifics of my life. It's very hard at times but i guess no worse than any other one persons.....anyways

    I was having a very VERY stressful day yesterday. Late last night I went out side, as i often do, to look at the nights sky and I saw a GIANT Praying Mantis. It was so large and awesome that it made me forget my troubles for a bit. I know its not much but it did help a little.
  4. That so cool that you got food Mage and seeing a pray mantis.. very cool. See I keep telling my friends and my mom that its all the little things that really add up to meaning more.

    On the way into work today I saw a hawk on the light post. It was so very cool... big ol'claws and sharp beak..
  5. I was having a really shitty day today, but I talked to Asmo, and everything was all good again.

    Also, I was Drawing and listening to music when Fear Factory came on.....and then I thought of Ryker....

    *Grins dreamily*
  6. Tell you the truth the only real highlight of my day was my lovely oreo mint milk shake form Steak n Shake at dinner today ^^;;

    on a random note: I passed through Delaware Ohio today TK! ^_^
  7. Really?! That makes me happy because I'll be up there in five days
  8. ^_^ yup was down in columbus today with my parents hehe
  9. Awesome, we should totally meet up!
  10. perhaps as i said I want to try and get down to columbus area at least once sometime next year but it depends on how well my car holds up this year ^^; but i will totally let you know if i'm headed down ^_^ since it'll be about a 5 or 6 hour drive i think from my school down to columbus area :p
  11. Awesome! It would be awesome to hang out!
  12. Well my past few weeks have been rough, but I just found out that I was accepted for another full-time job in addition to my other full-time job as well as my part-time job which I work on my two off days.

    That means that I'll be pushing 96 hour work weeks, and now I won't be bored at home doing nothing. Well at least not until I burn out, and need to recover.
  13. Owwww, Don't burn yourself out too quickly. Good luck on that!
  14. I am constantly depressed, although I don't show it, and am in desperate need of anti depressants. Unfortunately, with the loops i would have to jump through with no health care, its near impossible for me too get them. Anyway with that said here is something.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing DISTRICT 9 today. I love going to the movies, even alone, cause its all dark and it seems to shut out everything else, which is awesome.
  15. I got a new DVD player cause my old one died. :D And I had the best banana milkshake in the universe. And last night we had freaking delicious lasagna.

    And I got Bambi. >:D Now all the childhood favorites of Disney movies are in my collection. I just have to get the rest and the few sequels that didn't suck!
  16. I got a day off today :D

    So, I'm unbelievably happy! Yay to sick leave!
  17. Landel smiled at Chiaki's bubbly outbursts. Such a sweet kid. To think Ferrara had called them in to assess a potential threat. With Chiaki, that didn't seem an issue. She was still very much an innocent little middle schooler. The other two, on the other hand...

    "We're with a group that specializes in things like this," the doctor informed her. She had to toe a thin line with the statutes of secrecy here. She was allowed to reveal NOTHING. However, these three ordinary humans had been subjected to mana exposure. Statistically, they were the most likely people to come across the private world Ruth and Eliza came from.

    Plus, another thought hammered at the door between Landel's brain and her mouth: her Initiative.

    "I know that look, Liza," Ruth chuckled next to her. She was hugging her autograph book tight to her chest. If Chiaki had been of legal age, Landel might have reason to be jealous.

    She shook her head and pulled out a thick bar of metal, handing it to her assistant. She unfolded it into a longer bar, then opened it up to reveal a square that was then placed on the floor.

    "Step inside the square please," Dr. Landel instructed. She pulled out a transparent tablet and set it on the case, and then gave Ruth a wire to plug into the square.

    "What is it?" the teen idol asked.

    "Your sonic powers are a result of some strange energies in and around your body," she explained. "This device lets me get a better look at them.

    Various cameras and glass lenses came out of the square and scanned every inch of her. Ruth put her hand on Chiaki's shoulder. "I've been in the box before. It feels weird to have all those things staring at you, but just try to relax. It can't see through clothes."

    "Not true," Landel hastily corrected. "It can, but it passes through skin, too. Think of it like an X-ray. She's right, though. Try to relax."
  18. ISABOO HAS A NEW JOB! :D He'll be working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week!

    We can now avoid the ultimate thanksgiving dinner. >:] *Starts planning now!*
  19. A nice and bright moon usually brightens up a rather crappy or dull day. I could stand outside for hours just watching it and looking at it.
  20. "One day. Until then, I will live the life of a runt."
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