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  1. Hello everyone out there, looking for a 1x1 partner :) I'm in no way new to role playing and am fairly familiar with the Iwaku forums as I was here roughly a year ago before taking a very long and unannounced hiatus due to family and personal issues. These issues may not be wholly resolved, though I feel as if getting back into writing and role playing would assist in my recovery. Thus, I have returned. Please, if you are still with me here then proceed forward to the first section of my role playing information.

    Personal Preferences
    1) I would prefer to play a main female lead. This is not to say that I only play female characters; I just enjoy them more. It's not difficult to convince me to play a male character either, as long as I'm content with the role and am capable of playing it.

    2) I would rather my partner be of age; many of my plots deal with mature themes and romance, so I would rather not get in trouble for being caught with a minor. Again, I am flexible, so I can create plots and have fun with minors, just no smut.

    3) Generally I'm capable of typing between 2 and 4 paragraphs as an average, but when truely inspired and in a whiting mood I can type upwards of 6. I am of an adaptable writing level.

    4) Assuming you haven't read my resume, I am happiest with role plays that involved romance, drama and fantasy. This in no way means that I do not enjoy action, but I like an undertone of romance at the very least.

    5) I am still in school, and attending (almost) daily classes. So I have homework and projects that need to be completed. I also have a part time job, so I work about half of the nights a week. Not to mention attempting to maintain a healthy social life.
    Partner Preferences
    1) Flexibility is key; I expect my partner to be able to adapt to post lengths and develop plot and characters together. A character who remains the same the entire story, is no fun.

    2) Activity; I myself may not always be available to post every single day, so I do not expect that of my partner though I do expect a post a week at the very least. If you are having inspiration issues let me know and we can work something out; I'll do the same myself.

    3) Post lengths may vary; I intend to average between 2 and 3 full paragraphs when role playing, as I find that details makes the story easier to work with and for developing characters. I WILL NOT under any circumstances, accept one liners. I expected without fault, to receive replies of at a 5 full sentence paragraph minimum; this does not include character speech.

    4) Character genders and sexual orientations are completely up for discussion; but players who say that they will only play female characters can stop reading now and find someone else to play with. I enjoy role plays that involve more than two characters, and I my main and prefer female characters, I am capable and willing to play males. This should be the case with you, if not then I may be hesitant to play with you

    Now that we've gone over the basics we can move on to the fun part; the plots and pairings.

    Just a list of general ideas and pairings I'm almost always up for, so feel free to PM me about these, or post an idea below. There is never a time not to try it. Unless stated otherwise, all genders and sexualities welcome.

    Gypsy X Privileged Girl
    Demon King X Hero
    Demon X Half-breed
    Monster Girl X Normal Human male
    Schizophrenic X Mentally Stable Person
    Brother X Sister
    Master X Servant
    Secret Service Agent X Rogue Russian Spy
    Vampire X Human
    Zombie Apocalypse Survivors
    Age Differences
    Band Member x Average Girl
    Harem or Reverse Harem
    Princess X Knight
    Prince X Rent-Girl
    Neko X Human
    Prince X Commoner
    Husband X Wife
    I don't often role play inside of fandoms and even less do I play as the characters from the series. For the majority of fandom role plays, I will always play as a character of my own design. It's a short list, but just ask about anime or manga or games that you believe I may have enjoyed and I will let you know.

    Game of Thrones
    Harry Potter
    Sword Art Online (note: make plot)
    Log Horizon
    Monster Hunter International
    Monster Musume
    The Demon and the Halfbreed
    FxM Warnings include; Violence, possible sexual content, swearing, abuse, assault and possible rape


    Essentially, it takes place in a world that which angels and demons war on the mortal plane, catching humans in the way of this eternal battle between Light and Darkness, Good and Evil - though neither is always what they seem. Halfbreeds are despised and breeding between angels and demons is forbidden by both Lucifer and Micheal, though one couple secretly had a child, a young girl, who they were murdered to bare. She was not killed, instead left the live as an example f why they must never produce offspring. She was shunned, chased, and when she let free human captives and slaves, she was hunted down. She is to find sanctuary with one demon male, who saves her life. He is the barer of the Mark of Cain. He is a pure blooded demon, his soul black and his strength nearly unstoppable. His motives are unknown - and yours to create.

    I would prefer to play the half-breed
    All plot is up for discussion
    Partner can pick the demons motives
    This does not in any way have to have any sexual content
    Everything depends on the players and plot
    The Demon King's Daughter
    About two eight hundred years ago a rift was opened between the human world and the demon realm; these beasts, though mostly inhuman in shape and very beast like, caused chaos at first as if they were merely a diversion from what was really going on behind the scenes. Not two hundred years later, when humans had begun to figure out how to combat these monstrosities, did demons appear to them more human of a shape and soon they found out that there was a vast difference in power between the beast-like demons and the human-like demons. They waged a war with these demons for five hundred years, the humans barely able to survive, let alone truly fight back against the demons. When it became evident that they were fighting against an army instead of scattered events they began searching for whoever was at the top of the chain of command - anything about them - from demon captives they managed to keep locked up for their torture. Few are ever able to inflict enough pain upon a demon that they talk but one dragged about their leader and how strong he was. Humans found our seven hundred years after the Rift opened that their true foe had never shown his true face but wore their own instead. The only difference between humans and his body was that of a demons was that his eyes were black as pitch. Apart from that was all any demon they ever found knew and said.

    It was only fifteen years ago that a male was discovered to be able to see the true face of a demon. He could locate them, fight them in a way that no other human had ever been able to do. They called him their Hero and he was found by three others - the Mage, the Healer and the Warrior. They would train him and follow his lead to the demon realm where he would, as the stars foretold, defeat the Demon King. What they never thought would happen - it was just too implausible - was that he would nearly die that day and he saved by the demon kings daughter, Lillith. She would look nothing more than a human, and no one would know why she saved him. The two, though she could easily take her fathers place as Demon King, would find hardship and love, lust, betrayal and forgiveness until he would die for she alone would survive.

    Requirement; must have role played at least one other 1x1 with me before; I need to know you're reliable and good for this
    Multiple characters will be used by both of us, not up for discussion. Who we play on the other hand is
    I will be taking the primary role of Lillith, you will take the Hero
    High casual to advanced role play with depth and twists and everything; please be prepared
    Needs good communication between players to work
    Expect sex, violence and plenty of fighting and cruelty; themes include abuse, dictatorship, slavery etc
    Sibling Romance - Fighter's Delight
    Warnings; Violence, Swearing, Gore, Possible Mature Themes or Scenes.
    A pair of siblings, the elder the daughter entering her second year of college and the younger brother reaching his last year of high school, are living together after the deaths of their parents. Their mother went missing four years beforehand and their father was murdered by unknown persons little over a year and a half ago, there is a suspicion of gang activity involved but nothing conclusive. The elder sister is the leader of the most feared gang in the city as well as runs most arms and drug trafficking and owns a brothel in the countryside while she attends school and takes care of her younger, mischievous brother. He doesn't know anything about her gang activity, even if he's aware of her fighting prowess and even experienced firsthand how powerful her hits are. He fights just as much as she used to and is trying to take down this gang to impress his sister while she desperately tries to keep her enemies from finding out he means something to her and hiding her face from him.
    Plot is relevant, how the romance occurs and how you play the brother is your choice
    I may be swayed to play the brother with a good argument but not in all cases
    Keep in mind, it's not all about sex
    In general, you'll need to be open minded
    Sibling Romance - Painful Pleasure
    Warnings; Self-Harm, Suicide, Rape, Violence, Abuse, Swearing

    Not every child has a good life, and this pair of siblings was pushed to and beyond the limits of what children can normally enter. A young man - heir to a good business - fell in love with a young medical student when she was sixteen and himself 18 and they parented a boy for several years before finding out she was pregnant again. It was a girl and she looked just like her mother, who died giving birth to her. The company fell into disarray with the man's grief and he started drinking. He beat the girl when she was older, raped her when she turned fifteen, the day of and her brother at every chance got between the two of them.

    From here there are two options. Either the two still live with their father because the elder brother refuses to leave her alone with the man regardless of how often she had tried to convince him to leave. The second is that they've already moved out and away from their father, which would leave the brother in his early collage years or working while the girl still tried school.

    Be mature, not a total child about the themes here
    Personally, I would prefer the brother to be more of a dominant personality type, protective etc
    I will not be swayed to play the brother in this one; sorry, it won't happen
    I don't want to just jump into this one; I want to talk things out with my partner; if you can't do that, do not apply
    Sibling Romance - Twin Catastrophe
    A set of identical twins lived in a small countryside town with their parents a long while ago, though she never attended school like he did and remained invisible to much of the community because she was born weak and frail. He on the other hand developed friends and relationships until they moved away and lost all contact with the people there. Five years later, when the twins had just reached eighteen years of age, she and their parents got in a serious car accident with an out of control transport truck; their parents died instantly and she was seriously injured. For an entire year she remained in a comatose state and upon her recovery the two moved back to the house their parents still owned in the town they were born. He's all she's ever had and now that they're alone, how will they fair?

    Playing the sister is preferable in ninety percent of cases; if everyone is asking me to play the brother I will refuse
    The location can be anywhere in the world, as long as it's a small town or village
    Background, relationships and characters must be talked out before hand
    Elven Tribes
    A tribe of elves lives deep within an ancient forest, their territory well maintained and protected with regular patrols though few elves ever venture deep out into the wilderness alone for fear of a threat that once decimated the whole of their civilization. Fifty years ago a girl was discovered in the forest, alone and afraid; barely ten years old and somehow still alive deep within the wilds of the forest. She was not Sylvan like them, she was (Rockseer and High elf)(Drow and Rockseer)(Avariel and Mithral) mixed in blood. She remembered little of her first ten years and lived with a married couple who's recently lost their daughter to illness. For the last century she's been taught by the best of the tribe how to hunt and fight, him and her adoptive parents being the only ones in the village to believe in her. But what happens when her nightmares start to show themselves in reality not far from their borders?

    Nearly everything is up for discussion here, feel free to ask any questions or PM me
    I am willing to play either the role of the students or the mentor, though I prefer the student
    If you aren't sure what kind of elves I have mentioned just ask, I'm willing to explain or hand over some helpful links
    Dormitory Mix-Up
    After moving across the ocean, a young man transfers to a new school in which he's spent the last year learning the language of but hasn't yet met anyone or made friends. Over the summer holidays when visiting the library he met a girl who helped him learn the language and showed him some books - he never got her number, her name or what school she went to. He was big and intimidating, but she'd shown him a kind smile and helped when she could. One day in late August she stopped showing up and when he arrives at the school on the first day she finds him as his guide. The two as well, have been roomed together in the boys dorm by mistake but there aren't any beds left in the girls dormitory so instead of telling the Headmaster and her having to leave the two decide to hide the fact that she's living with him.

    I would prefer to play the female role, but can settle for the male as well
    It would be nice if the male was older
    Location, school, and layout can be changed
    Plot discussions are relevant
    Undead Dominion
    Contains mature themes including; sexual acts or hints, swearing, gore, violence and possibilities of assault

    In a world where vampires are not only a known existence, but rule over the humans, dominating them and turning what thought itself the top of the food chain into fearful people who locked themselves up at night instead of partying like they used to. To keep the peace, and keep vampires from killing people at random or feeding from people in the streets, humans give their first born child to the vampires to be auctioned off as a slave. The family will have no trouble from vampires so long as the first born is a virgin and given up easily. It's a tradition now that the eldest be taken away on their sixteen birthday, on the cusp of maturity but still able to learn. The humans at bought for varying prices by vampires for a wide rage of purposes; cleaning and cooking, to driving and organizing, as blood bags and even for sex. Mates do exist, but vampires view them as a weakness that could easily be exploited by the human or other vampires and 80% of the time the human the vampire is Mated with is killed before feelings can progress too far; otherwise they're killed by someone else.

    Our stories follow a vampire of noble birth/creation/whatever who is gifted a human for his birthday by his elder brother; this human was highly demanded because of their appearance and skills they had been taught. They were homeschooled and kept away from fights to learn - like a lamb for slaughter they liked to say.

    This human can either be the vampires Mate or not, it doesn't matter and more plot can be talked out via PM.
    I would prefer to play the human in this situation but I can play vampires as well
    I would like to double characters at points; it depends on the plot we come up with
    Protectors Plight
    Three years ago, when the girl was only in second year of middle school, her parents and older brother were involved in a tragic accident that ended with her parents immediate deaths and her brother surviving for six months in the hospital before he finally died of a horrible fever. Before he died though, he gave his younger sister a cell phone number and an email for someone he called 'Dragon' and told her to text that number if she ever needed any help.

    Three years later, in her second year of high school, and still she's never asked for help. After sending and receiving a countless number of text messages with this mysterious 'Dragon' and making through these years with nothing but them. With no living relatives, the girl opted to live on her own in a small apartment she can afford with the money she makes from her small part time job at a local cafe. She goes to school on a scholarship to a fancy private school and has few friends.

    Little does she know that he's been watching over her this whole time and works at her school, or that he isn't as nice as he appears to be.


    I would prefer to play the student
    'Dragon's nickname and not so savory activities are completely up for negotiation
    As is the setting and shit
    Fandom Plot - Skyrim - A Thief's Redemption
    A young Bosmer thief has recently traveled to Skyrim looking for more opportunity and luck in their mastery of their pickpocketing and persuasion; unfortunately they aren't having much luck and have yet to travel to the Thieve's guild to search out training and gold. On an unlucky adventure away from town the Elf is driven into a corner by a saber tooth tiger while running from a group of bandits on their tail; you can say she was surprised speechless by the appearance of two mercenaries who had been going to look into the bandit troubles in the area. The two who saved her life where none other than Companions, skilled warriors and she thanked them even if she never offered them gold.

    With such little luck, and no way to contact the Thieve's Guild or Nocturnal, the elf wants to turn from her life as a thief but it proves difficult as those who know what she is won't help her learn anything else even if she has the coin to pay them. She goes to the Companions looking to join and is greeted by none other than the one who directly saved her life by pulling the tiger off of her; he is spectacle, and not very willing to try, but by Kodlak's command he attempts to teach her honor.

    This is the story of the Thief's redemption and the Companions acceptance.

    I would prefer to play the Thief but am capable of the Companion
    There is a strongly preferred on a MxF romance story, with possible doubling and friendly interaction with same sex characters
    I would prefer to play the female character in most cases.
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  2. Painful pleasures sounds interesting!
  3. Oh my god someone replied to my thread! I love you so much~ You picked the one I've wanted to do forever~ <3 You don't mind if I play the younger sister do you? Did you have any questions? Suggestions?
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  4. The SAO one interests me. We could probably discuss plot if you're still up for it!
  5. @Stuffies12
    Of course! Just PM me your plot candies and preferences and we can figure something out. I might be convinced to play canon characters if you have a good argument! :D
  6. Undead dominion sounds fun~
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  7. @SugaarCereal

    Awesome! If you want to PM me we can work out the details :)
  8. If you're still open, I'll do a Naruto RP with you
  9. Always open for business ma'am. But you should PM me what kind of Naruto universe you're thinking. Because I hated the ending and am very fussy about universes. So it's easier for me to know what you want to play in before committing to a Naruto RP
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  10. Once again, I am on the hunt for 1x1 partners and small group suggestions. Post below or PM me with interests and questions! I can't wait to RP with you!
  11. Yo. I have recently had a spot open up for another 1x1 rp and I'm eyeballing that halfbreed demon plot up there if you are still interested. Of course, I am happy to fill in any you are craving as that suits me just fine.
  12. @Decimate
    What were your second and third choices? I've had a lot of attention toward that particular plot haha
  13. Dang. I was looking forward to it. I suppose Fighter's Delight & the Skyrim one would be my second and third. I lean toward the action packed ones normally.

    Are you craving any? I could probably be up for doing those as well.
  14. Well we can talk about doing the Demon and the Halfbreed, assuming that your character is different than those already in a plot. Every role play is different you know?

    I think I'd like to do the Skyrim one. I haven't had any interest in it yet; but I've been craving zombies a lot lately (most likely due to my watching of The Walking Dead and various other zombie movies lol)
  15. Great. I'll PM you with my various ideas for them as soon as I get off school and work.
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  16. I am currently interested in finding a partner for Undead Dominion and domestic romance plots. Message me with the details.
  17. I have a certain love for romance plots right now; come to me with anything you have and I'll see what we can do :)
  18. All of these seem really interesting, so I'd say PM me whichever one you're most interested in currently and we can go from there~
  19. So I was going to edit and add in more plots but I can't remember which ones it was I was adding lol

    Either way, with holidays coming up I'm going to have a lot more time on my hands and am looking for more partners. If you're interested in anything on my resume, in my thread or have some ideas, feel free to post below or PM me! :D
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