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  1. Name: May
    After ‘Rebirth’: Reia
    Age: 15
    Appearance: May is a young fragile girl, extremely thin, pale blue eyes, shaved down head. She doesn’t look happy, even when she smiles it seems forced. The poor girl looks like she is right at deaths door, and unfortunately has been there for most of her life. She was wearing her hospital gown.
    After ‘Rebirth’: Reia’s spirit altered into something she liked, something she could be happy with, someone she would love to be. Her hair was short, blue, and very soft and enjoyable to run your fingers through. Her eyes were deep red and lovely to just gaze into for hours on end. Her skin was soft like silk and she had lovely upper C cup breasts.
    She wears a yellow hoodie, with only the very bottom zipped, so it showed off her entire body and if she moved right her bust would even become visible. Her red skirt was also extremely short. Under her hoodie is a blue half shirt, also completely open, that only really went down to barely help cover her breasts.
    Bio (open)
    May’s life was not that great. The girl’s father died before she was born, and her entire life (including infancy) was spent in the hospital. She was constantly sick, her immune system so bad that she required constant immunization shots to be able to fight off even the most basic of illnesses.
    Her mother was around for the first five years of May’s life, then she left, abandoning her daughter because she couldn’t deal with the costs. May was left in the care of the hospital, a few friendly doctors and nurses taking on the cost.

    Now this was quite nice, May still hated it in the hospital, hearing the nearby school bells, the noises of the city, excited talking, horns. She wanted to be out there, wanted to have a life. But thanks to her immune system she had to remain in the hospital. So she spoke to the others who wound up in her room, listened to them talk about the outside world in admiration and added those to her imaginary world where she was out there living a life. She developed the ‘ideal her’ a mental image of herself how she figured she would be if she had grown up a ‘normal girl’. Why this ‘ideal’ her had different eye color and hair than real her was more the fact she hated her eye and hair color. She would often tell her stories to a small stuffed wolf who she named ‘Reia’ which she counted as a far better name than ‘May’.
    Her hair wound up being shaved off, though there was nothing she could do about her eyes.

    May held out hope that someday she would be a healthy girl, though this never came to be as she died at the young age of fifteen. Her wolf, a letter from the staff, and a lovely kimono dress all wound up being buried with May.

    Now reapers all have a list, they know who is going to die and when. They have their own districts and areas, some share these areas but most have an area to themselves. During their free time they have their own personal realm, for the most part one can only enter this realm by invitation though some stronger reapers can enter other realms. Most of the time the only time strong reapers do this is to punish reapers who break the rules. There aren’t many rules, most of them revolve around getting the soul and taking it to be added back into the cosmic energies.

    Sometimes a reaper arrives at a body to find its soul no longer there, these souls got called ‘wandering spirits’ and many reapers started to develop their own ways to track these souls down. Sure there are reapers who don’t care and let the soul continue wandering, but typically these reapers get some kind of punishment. Souls usually don’t wander far, and most wind up wandering to familiar areas thus tracking them usually isn’t hard. However when a reaper arrived to take May’s soul the girl was gone. She had never left the hospital so there was really nowhere for the soul to wander.
    Either after tracking it down, or giving up, the reaper returned to her home realm to find something surprising. The missing soul was there, in her home realm.
    This is not only unheard of, since even strong souls usually can’t travel realms by themselves, but even if they could getting into another reapers home realm was difficult even for other reapers hence why only strong ones can do so.

    But yet, here was a young girl, standing and looking quite confused where she was.

    Reaping a soul is a reapers job, but there is also something else a reaper can do, but it is something that takes a lot of the reapers energies to do. They can ‘rebirth’ the soul, this isn’t exactly the way it sounds, since the soul doesn’t technically enter a new body. Instead ‘rebirthing’ is a process where the reaper uses their own energies to take away all the memories of the soul then in an instant the soul practically lives their ideal life up until that moment, taking on the form they consider the ‘perfect them’, or the ‘true’ them. Usually a reaper only does this to help spirits with deep regrets move on.
    However there is one major flaw, sometimes a soul does not live a new life in an instant, sometimes they change into the perfect them…but without any memories. This means that the soul still can’t move on, so most of the time these souls get sent to specialized reapers who help the soul to move on. But there are also times where the reaper who ‘rebirthed’ them decides instead to keep the soul around.

    So Reia would be born, no memories, just her, her reaper, a kimono, a stuffed wolf, a letter that she pretended was to her wolf (thus she named her wolf ‘May’) and her new cute cloths.
  2. [​IMG]

    I love I mean LOVE Coronado! Its a place that I want to retire too if and when Im able. We went on vaction to San Diego about 4 years ago and OMG.. I love it down there. Its so nice and.. just perfect...

    And there was Balbo Park... It was beautiful. The Koi fish, and flowers and birds and just everything about it.. made me feel so far away from everything. It was like Eden for me.

    The Arcicture was awsome and so was the The Aviary[​IMG][​IMG]
  3. Well.... I honestly don't really belong anywhere-- so I guess I'll lie and say.....New Orleans- before hurricane Katrina hit. I visited there once when I was fifteen.....that place was amazing to say the least.
  4. My heart belongs on the streets scouting out cases as an animal cruelty officer! I would be the happiest girl alive! <3

    ...I would also be a badass. *points her imaginary gun around and pretends to kick in a door*
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