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  1. OOC Thread; https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/where-my-heart-belongs-ooc-sign-ups.42905
    The Gastion Mansion;[​IMG]

    ”# One” (open)
    This is the end of the driveway and also the front steps to the Mansion.

    ”# Two” (open)
    This is the entrance and Grand Hall. There are stairs leading in both directions. Located deeper in the Grand Hall is the Ball Room.

    ”# Three” (open)
    This is the Left Wing. This is where the Female rooms are. Every room comes with a maid and a bathroom.

    ”# Four” (open)
    This is the Right Wing. This is where the Male rooms are. Every room comes with a butler and a bathroom.

    ”# Five” (open)
    This is the center courtyard. You can find benches and tables located near.

    ”# Six” (open)
    This is where the Library is located.

    ”# Seven” (open)
    This is where the Kitchen is located.

    ”# Eight” (open)
    This is where the mansion’s Vegetable Garden is located.

    ”# Nine” (open)
    This is where the deep fountains are located. This landscape is calming and pleasing to the eye.

    ”# Ten” (open)
    This is a hot spring located relatively near the mansion.

    ”# Eleven” (open)
    There is a forest path located somewhere around this area. The scenery is beautiful but the way can get confusing, be careful not to get lost.[​IMG]


    It is early morning-

    Demons are in the mansion with their butler/maid.

    Humans are arriving and being greeted by their butler/maid.

    Among the events happening you are getting ready for the Ball.
    You have a dress/suit/outfit pre-picked out to your liking, with a mask.​

    ”Character names and appearance” (open)

    ~Alphabetical Order~

    Annabelle Amber Brooks
    Arthur Demeric Underhill
    Daisuki Saturo
    Kenji Hariuma
    Mizuki Kuroyume
    Mukta Fujimaru- 'Martin'
    Naomi Kane
    Ryker Deloran
    [​IMG](Minus Wings, chains, and Spikes)
    Sepherene Takawa
    Vel Fratell

    Pairings (open)

    Kenji Hariuma & Mukta Fujimaru-'Martin'

    Vel Fratell & “El”Annabelle Amber Brooks

    Arthur Demeric Underhill & Sepherene Takawa

    Daisuki Saturo & Mizuki Kuroyume

    Ryker Deloran & Naomi Kane


    Demons you can feel what your partner is feeling.

    Humans you’ve never really known demons exist, be *AT LEAST* a bit cautious. (Even if only for a moment.)

    Pictures are always welcomed (But be considerate and “Hide” them).

    We will have a Posting order followed by how the opening posts start.

    Also have fun with your creativity!
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  2. ”Limo” (open)

    El reached over to the shelf for her Dramamine Motion Sickness Relief Pills. The five hours she had been riding in the car felt like hell. Every time they passed through a town to get a bite, people gawked at the orange Lamborghini Aventador limo. Miranda, her step-mother, suggested she’d take it since it was El’s favorite. And if they weren’t staring at the car then they were staring at her. El didn’t feel that 5’6” was that tall, it bothered her not knowing what they were whispering about. She opened the Cherry Pepsi, washing the pill down. El hated feeling nauseous like this.

    El could feel the limo begin to slow down. She rolled down the window to reveal the entrance to Gastion Mansion. The driver put the limo in park, opening the doors up for El.
    “Here we are Miss Brooks. Would you like me to help you with your bags?” El was about to answer the driver as she stepped out but instead a maid with wavy brown hair appeared.
    “You don’t need to worry about that, the staff will take care of your things.” She grabbed El by the wrist, dragging her quickly up the steps.
    “Hello Annabelle, my name is Fran and I'll be your maid while you're staying here.” She smiled quickly at El. After going through the Main doors, El only got a glance at large hall,
    “To your right is the Men’s Wing and to the left is the Women’s Wing.” Fran started dragging her up the stairs. El wasn’t use to this, sure they had maids and butlers at Miranda’s but it was more like you never saw nor heard them. It was almost like a game trying to catch a glimpse of them.

    Fran stopped in front of door number 265, putting the key in the keyhole and unlocking it.
    “This is your room; you can find your copy of this key in the top drawer of the dresser.” El went to go check it out when Fran once again grabbed onto her wrist. “Oh, no you don’t! We must get you ready for the Ball!”

    Fran proceeded to strip El, without her consent, making her feel embarrassed, and put her in the bath tub. Fran scrubbed vigorously, exfoliating El’s skin. I guess they want my skin to be pretty? El thought. Fran was scrubbing her hair when El got a whiff of a pleasing scent.
    “What is that smell, is that fruit?” Fran giggled.
    “Not quite, it’s called Hawaiian Breeze. It is a mango and pineapple kind of mix. Do you like it?” El smiled relaxing and calming down her nerves.
    “Yes I do.”

    After Fran was done washing, she helped dry El.
    “Your clothes are on the bed. Please put them on. If you need help please press this button on the nightstand and I will rush to you. Enjoy.” Fran bowed.
    “Thank you Fran, I’ll see you later?” El asked,
    “Soon because we need to do something about those orange locks of yours.” Then Fran left.

    El looked around the room. All her stuff had made it safely to her room, or at least she was pretty sure everything was there. She then picked up the dress. It was a Steampunk off white dress with a matching mask.
    How did they know I like Steampunk? Questioned El. She didn't wear it often because Miranda always told her she looked like a “pirate” and it was not suitable for her public image. El felt a shiver run down her spine.
    ”Dress and Mask” (open)
  3. It was at the large fountains in the back where Ryker had been for the morning, sitting cross-legged and slightly slouched as he looks over the water, brooding almost. Growling under his breath, he rubs a hand through his disheveled hair, golden eye focused at a downward angle. "What the hell am I doing here anyways.. I don't even like company and here I am, in a place where hundreds could fit inside.." He sighs out and shakes his head, his hand shifting from his hair to over his eye-patch, almost in thought. "Well, I guess it's better than how it used to be.. At least it better be."

    After a few moments, he moves to pick himself up, his coat trailing up with him smoothly. It looked torn in some places, but it seemed to be on purpose, and it was a swallow-tail as well. He likely had it for the freedom of movement it gave other than looking pretty damn good on someone his height. True, he was rather tall at 6'2, but it wasn't something he much cared for. There's also the fact he'd be taller in his "half-form" gaining about another foot at the very least. Huffing out through his nose, Ryker slides his hands into his pockets and turns around, back to the fountain water.

    "Something tells me, somewhere about this day is going to suck more than usual..." and with that, he started off towards the mansion, bearing a 'neutral' but possibly intimidating look about him.
  4. Daisuki had finally made his way to the mansion... The house itself was quite large, even to his former standards, it doubled, perhaps even tripled his former mansions size... He'd never seen anything like it before, he grimaced a little as the old would on his chest gave him a little trouble, despite being immortal according to the "demon" who saved him... It didn't mean he can't feel pain, in fact, quite the opposite, but he could take it... The bullet that went through his heart should have killed him, but then the heart itself was taken.

    He approached the mansion, still half lost in his thoughts as a butler came to greet him "Greeting , the names Reginald, I'm your butler here at this mansion. I'll be escorting you to your room." Diasuki barely had time to snap back to reality as Reginald grasped Diasuki's hand lightly but firmly and lead him through the mansion. He managed to get a few glimpses of the rooms he almost seemed to be rushing by as he was pulled along by Reginald.

    They reached an flight of stairs which Reginald promptly lead him up "This is the Right wing, where all the males live. On the opposite end of the mansion's the left with as you can guess where the opposite gender resides." He spoke to Diasuki as they finally reached a door that read "572". Reginald produced a key from one of his pockets in his outfit and swiftly unlocked the door to the room "Here's where you'll be living in this mansion, you have your own personal key to your room, it's located in your desk drawer near you dresser. Now, if you don't mind..." Before Diasuki could object he was stripped of his clothes, and bathed thoroughly...

    Diasuki blushed during the process, after all he was very self conscious and rarely, if ever had something like this happen to him. After he was bathed, he was given a towel to cover himself with, then Reginald promptly spoke to him one last time "Your clothes are placed in your bottom drawer, if you require any assistance, just push the wooden button near your desk. I'll be leaving now until my services are needed, enjoy your stay at The Gastion Manor, Diasuki." Then he was gone.

    Diasuki took a thorough look at the room this time, still awkwardly wrapped in his towel. "How did he know my name.." He wondered to himself as he opened the bottom drawer to find an white, black outlined robe type of outfit, it looked slightly angelic, yet a little martial artsy... Oddly enough, it looked like something he'd throw on to attend a ball... He put it on quickly, folding up the towel and putting it in a laundry hamper nearby... "I wonder just how much the inhabitants here really know about me..." He thought to himself, as he was getting dressed...

    What his Suit thing lookes like (open)
    [​IMG] Except the belt thing is a black color just like the isnide of his clothes, and he has white boots on o-o
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  5. On the road was a blurr, a mixed image of trees and grass flying by at breakneck speed. The precision steering wheel was held firmly and the foot of the person driving was pressed upon the gas pedal. The Porche 911 Turbo GT3 was well past sixty miles an hour and the driver seemed un-phased by this, instead he was calm, collected, and well used to this kind of speed. One, there was no one driving for miles out here, certainly no officers, and even if there were... Arthur wasn't really the type to care about that sort of stuff. The Gastion Mansion appeared as he passed over a hill, even from here Arthur had to admit that this was a beautiful place that he was going to be staying. Perhaps it would help to keep things out of his mind for awhile. That would be enough for Arthur. The hum of the engine eased off as Arthur expertly turned down the mansion's driveway. Taking his time Arthur kept his speed and turned around the centerpiece of the driveway in front of the steps. An older gentleman, dressed as a butler was waiting for him. Hitting the breaks at the last possible moment Arthur ended up drifting the car to a rest in front of the butler.

    Stepping out into the sun he brushed a hand through his light brown hair, the butler seemed a bit surprised and Arthur had to admit... some part of him lived to see faces like that. Removing his sunglasses and slipping them into the shirt pocket of his dress shirt. As he did this Arthur spun his keys around his index finger using the loop. The slight noise that it made was enough to snap the butler out of his trance. Ah, yes... I apologize. You must be Master Arthur. Welcome to Gastion Mansion, my name is Robert." He bowed and Arthur acknowledged him. "If you would be so kind as to follow me..."

    Arthur didn't wait to be invited and began to walk into the mansion. Robert wasn't quite expecting the abrupt Arthur lead that Arthur took. He struggled to catch up to him in just enough time to open the door. "Thank you Robert. I'm sure you'll want to show me things about the mansion..." One of the servants was standing near the door. Looking at the young man Arthur smirked and tossed his keys to him. "Don't scratch her when you park her." The young servant looked at the keys and then out at the beautiful black Porche in front.

    "Well yes, you see the male wing of the house is..." Robert began but Arthur just continued walking which left Robert trying to catch up once more. This wasn't going as well as the rest of them.

    "I'm sure I can figure things out. My mansion back home was similar." Looking around Arthur had to admit that this was larger than his families and much more elaborately furnished. He would enjoy his stay here if nothing else. "Besides, I find it fun to look around for myself."

    This seemed to stop Robert as he just gave up speaking at this point. So much for the "grand tour" of the mansion. They continued walking and Robert only took the lead in coming to the right room. Producing a key from his pocket he turned the lock and opened it into a beautiful room. A large bed, with a small balcony that Arthur could see himself reading on in the evenings. "Here is your room, three eighteen. The key is in the top drawer of your dresser. Now about the ball this evening..." Robert turned and placed his hands on Arthur's shirt with the full intention of undressing him to get him into the bath.

    Without hesitation Arthur had a firm grasp on his hand and held him where he was. The look in his eyes was enough to dissuade Robert from continuing. "I think I'm perfectly capable of undressing myself Robert. The ball is this evening, I can wash myself too, in case you were wondering." Arthur walked into the large bathroom where he noticed that the water was already prepared for him. He smiled, "Thank you though Robert. Everything looks very well."

    Robert hadn't quite felt so small in his life... so he resigned himself to simply pull out the clothes that they had prepared for Arthur. "You're welcome sir, is there anything else that you need?"

    Arthur had pulled off his shirt already, stopping for just a moment he shouted back... "Root beer, the finest you have..." it was a childish request but it was one of his favorites and he was parched at the moment. The bath didn't take long and quite frankly, Arthur wasn't sure what they had put into the water but he felt like a new man. Walking into the room he noticed a white ruffled shirt, white vest, and a white bowtie. This was separate from the black tux which seemed almost tailored for him. "When did..." he asked as he picked the suit up still dressed in only a towel around his waist. On the nightstand next to his bed was a tall glass of cold dark liquid. Taking a sip Arthur smiled and enjoyed the sweet taste of good root beer.
  6. Mukta was sitting, bundled up in the back of the taxi. The driver wasn't very chatty and had merely grunted in response to her questions, so she had resigned to just staring out the window and watching the scenery pass by. When they arrived at the mansion, Mukta peered out the window, regarding the large building in awe and apprehension. She briefly wondered if there would be signs in the mansion, instructing her on where to go. She wasn't the best when it came to navigating. She was quite sure that she would wind up lost somewhere in the depths of the huge building.

    "Miss Martin?"

    "Fujimaru-Martin," Mukta clarified as she turned to see a short woman with an intense gaze and rosy cheeks. Somehow the features didn't quite match well. The cheeks made her look like a friendly cherub, but the eyes made Mukta feel like she was being scrutinized by a bird of prey.

    "Yes, sorry. Miss Fujimaru-Martin, I am Karen, I will be your maid during your stay at Gastion Manor." The woman explained, giving a low curtsy. Mukta fidgeted nervously before nodding, giving a nervous giggle and performing a clumsy curtsy of her own. "If you would follow me, I will show you to your room and get you prepared for the ball."

    Oh. The ball. Somehow she had forgotten about that.

    Before she had to dwell on her momentary lapse in memory, Karen was tugging her into the mansion and up the stairs. "This is the women's wing, that's the men's wing, and here is your room." The maid said quickly, and Mukta found her mind having a bit of trouble keeping up with the woman' words. Did she have to speak so fast? What was the hurry--

    "Miss Martin."

    "Oh-whuh-Huh?" Somewhere in the middle of her thoughts, Mukta had zoned out while Karen was speaking to her.

    "I need you to remove your clothing."

    "What?!" Mukta exclaimed, rushing to cover herself although she was not yet in the nude.

    "You need to be properly bathed, so you can be ready for the ball." Karen explained carefully as if speaking to a five year old child.

    Suddenly Mukta felt terribly stupid, so she just mumbled, "Oh," and began to remove her clothing. When she was completely unclothed, and shivering, even though it wasn't very cold, Karen brought her into the bathroom where Mukta got into the tub and sat there while Karen scrubbed her like she was a dirty vegetable. By the end of the hour that it took to clean her, Mukta felt raw and tingly and very sensitive. She still didn't understand why she couldn't have washed herself, but she didn't voice her complaints. She really just wanted to be alone.

    As if reading her mind, Karen curtsited once more and began to leave. "Your ball wear is in the second drawer."

    Left with only her feelings as company, Mukta decided to distract herself by checking out her 'ball wear'. Upon pulling and laying them out, she gasped.

    This is exactly my style!

    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] (And white sparkly slippers and a silver butterfly mask)
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  7. Why am I so fascinated with this?

    Mizuki couldn't stop reading books that had something to do with dreams.She felt like her lips were carving a smile on her face,but she was thankful that she's alone in the library.She sat on the floor,her legs folded on one side and some of her black long hair covering the sides of her hair.

    She set the book down on her lap and held her right hand up in front of her.Slowly,with her palm facing downward,she did a downward motion with her hand and released small light pink colored swirls of lights.It was small particles of magic from her "dream" side.She loved that side of her a lot."But too bad it will never be appreciated by other people..." she mumbled to herself,doing a snatching motion at the light particles that faded into a dark purple smoke until it completely disappeared.

    "Lady Mizuki...?" a voice called,making Mizuki lift the book and cover her face."Lady Mizuki,it's me,Claire.Are you in here?"."Oh...it's just you,Claire" she sighed in relief and stood up,returned the book to where on he shelf she got it,and walked to the door where Claire stood."Reading a book again,I see" Claire smiled,holding the door open for Mizuki.

    "I just wanted to see something..."
    "Oh,but isn't that what you always say?"
    "Maybe...or maybe you were just imagining things"
    "Well,I'm quite sure that that was the 6th time you used that as an excuse,Lady Mizuki"
    ". . .Claire,I told you.You can just call me by my name..."

    After walking down the quiet halls with only their voices and footsteps echoing through,they finally reached Mizuki's room.After entering,she walked straight towards the big glass window that had a clear view of the empty courtyard and the closed curtain windows of the empty rooms at the Right Wing."...they're already here,aren't they?" Mizuki asked,facing the window."Most are" Claire answered,still standing at the door."Ah"."Shall I help you get ready,my lady?"."No...I'll be able to manage".Without a word,Claire bowed and closed the door as she left.

    Mizuki wasn't completely confident in facing the humans...especially the one that she saved.She doesn't even remember why she took his heart in the first place."...yeah,it was probably just because of pity."
  8. Vel Fratell was never one for suits, but as he had suspected, today's occasion called for something grand. At first, he was wary having been invited to a gathering in the human realm. Why can't they party back in hell? he had thought. But the promise of fine ol' human wine made him cave.

    So, here he was, straightening his Italian robes modeled to a familiar time long ago when the smell of sea was strong and he was weak. A time he had wanted to forget and now vaguely remembered. He wore a delicately embroidered red robe over a light tunic of fine silk. His trousers were tight and dyed dark while his dark shoes were ridiculously pointy as was fashionable in old European times.

    Afer checking every inch of the smart ensemble his butler Oliver compiled for him, Vel was fairly satisfied that everything fit perfectly. But how did he look? In the full-body mirror within his room, he saw a young version of himself except he knew he had never worn such lavish clothes in his past life.

    "You look quite smart, Sir, if I do say so myself!" Oliver exclaimed behind him. Unusually, Oliver felt his cheeks suddenly heat up. Why do I feel embarassed all of a sudden? he questioned himself in the mirror. Tsk. Annoyed at how ridiculous he felt, he snapped at his butler to hand him his mask. It was resembled white wolf with ears perked atop and tiny fangs protruded below the edge. Very fitting. "You sure have done your research," he told Oliver while tying it on. Like all the pieces the butler had prepared, the mask was comfortable to wear since it covered only the upper half of his face.

    When he looked in the mirror again, his nerves had calmed down. At least now, I don't see the old me anymore, he assured himself. "I'll go about exploring, Oliver," he turned to his butler. "Find me when the party starts." Oliver bowed deeply when his master about to leave. But before Vel closed the door, he warned his butler, "And don't touch my trunk," he pointed at a large wooden box at the foot of his bed. Oliver mumbled a "yes, sir" but Vel was already long gone.

  9. "Is this really necessary?" grumbled the young man who was viciously being scrubbed and scraped by his butler while unsuccessfully attempting to escape.

    "Yes it is master Kenji, you need to be nice and clean to make a good example at the ball," replied his butler, Damian.

    Suddenly, Kenji felt embarrassed for some reason and shuddered, "B-but-"

    "No buts! This is a necessity and you will now sit there quietly and be cleaned," Damian snapped.

    "Lousy old fart," Kenji mumbled returning back to his natural nature.

    Finally, they were done and Kenji quickly scrambled out of the tub and wrapped his towel around his waist while quickly entering the bedroom. Kenji started to shake his body causing the leftover water on his body to go flying in every direction, mainly toward his butler; he gave Damian a childish grin as the butler evaded the droplets and walked over to Kenji's clothes that were hanging on the wall along with a mask. Sighing, Damian motioned towards the suite hanging on the wall, "This is what you will wear and I must say it was hard having one made for you," he pointed a finger at Kenji's muscular, fix-foot frame. "Well then, I will take my leave, get dressed and I will come retrieve you when the ball begins; oh and there is some pink lemonade in the ice box if you get thirsty," Damian stated opening the door then closing it behind him when he left.

    Kenji dried himself all the way then carefully dressed himself, fumbling with the tie for a few minutes before finally getting it nice and neat then turned to look at his mask hanging on the wall. He allowed himself a small chuckle before grabbing it then he walked over and placed it on his nightstand; remembering the pink lemonade and opened the ice box, grabbed a bottle then happily took a sip. "I guess for now I'll recuperate after that traumatizing experience Damian put me through, then explore after the ball."

    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG][​IMG] (imagine it's more of a dark grey-ish color)
  10. Naomi had taken longer to even get out of her apartment, let alone to the mansion. She had sat there, staring at the invitation, the noose and chair still sitting where they had fallen. She wouldn't be able to tell anyone why she didn't cut the rope down and fix the chair, maybe she was thinking she should try again sometime or something, maybe she just was lazy. She dressed plainly, and didn't walk with any real hurriedness to the limo, dragging her suitcase along before climbing in, just feeling a lethargic sadness clenching at her, not even sure why she had bothered to get out of bed to go to this. Some inane hope that her life would somehow improve maybe? She didn't find that likely, maybe she was just hoping that this would provide some sort of answer as to why she failed, or that this was a trap that would kill her, since she seemed to be unable to do it herself.

    She stares at the mansion for a bit, not even sure if she wants to get out, before the driver opens the door for her, about to take her bags too before she shakes her head slowly. She gets out, looking about at the grounds, with a sort of almost lost look, albeit much more of just a lost soul look really. Eventually one of the servants steps forth, leading her quickly to the room, 293. She looks at the key, then to the door, as if not really sure if she even wants to check what lies beyond, before finally just deciding it can't get worse and unlocking the door. She steps inside, looking around for a bit, before seeing the dress, figuring this is what they want her to wear, seeing as she had came in rather simple clothes. She closes the door, before stripping herself down, and just kind of staring at the dress. She'd eventually decide to move herself to the shower first, taking a quick shower, before stepping out, at least the water was mixed with less salt than normal this time.

    She dresses herself, looking over it in the mirror, not really sure why they chose it for her, not fitting her personality in the slightest. It's a white dress, with a few frills and the like with a few patches of skin showing here and there, not enough to be considered sensual, but enough to draw the occasional eye maybe. It splits in one leg to about mid-thigh, and goes down to show quite a bit of cleavage, accentuating the rather normal amount into looking much better. She hesitates with the mask however. It's a visage that implies a kind of happiness to it, and she stops herself from getting all emotional with it, instead just picking it up, and dropping it into the nightstand's drawer, before sitting on the bed, head looking down a bit, not really sure if she even wanted to be here now, though doubting she could just ask for a ride home.
  11. The water of the fountain rippled as Sepherene’s feet moved around in it. Her eyes looked at the at darkening sky above her, her thoughts not focused on her surroundings at the moment. She was lost in the memories of that day in which she received that mysterious invitation. It was a few days after she had saved that man’s life. She still haven’t figured out, why she did it. Maybe it was due to the guilt of knowing it was her dad’s clan who took away his life, or as compensation for the pain her father's action had brought to his family, or maybe it was just due to her natural kindness, though at this point, she didn’t care to figure it out. She saved a man’s life and that was good enough reason to feel great about it.

    “Miss Takawa!? Miss Takawa!?” Upon hearing Leila, her maid, calling her, Sepherene quickly plunged into the fountain and hid herself underwater. For any normal girl, the water would be too cold to last at least a minute in it, and besides it would be impossible to last a long time underwater; but Sepherene was not normal. Being a sea-demon allowed her to breath underwater and though, she still felt the coldness of the water, it wasn’t cold enough to bother her. Sepherene didn’t want to be prepared for the much expected Ball, since it meant that she had to face that man and possibly answer some questions, to which, even her, didn’t know the answer. However, her attempts at hiding didn’t work against her maid.

    “Miss Takawa, I know you’re around here…You have to come back to your room to get prepared for the Ball; and we don’t have much time! Besides, I have some sweet treats waiting for you in the room…” As soon as she heard sweet treats, she emerged quickly from the water while sporting a huge smile and a look that said, “Really!?”

    As soon as she emerged from the water, Leila smiled in triumph, though upon seeing the anticipating look on Sepherene’s face, she nodded as if she knew what she was asking. Rapidly, she grabbed the girl’s hand and dragged her inside. Soon they were in front of Sepherene’s room, which read 264. She could hear people on the other rooms, and wondered if they were like her.

    Snapping her out of her thoughts, her maid pushed her inside the room and proceeded to strip her of her wet clothes. She wasn’t fazed that much by it, since she was brought up in a house were maids, bathed her all the time. Walking into the bathroom, she saw the awaiting, warm water and quickly slipped into it. “Ahhh…This feels so good! Thank you, Leila!” Leila blushed, still not used to how sweet Sepherene was towards her; a maid.

    When she first saw her, Leila thought she was going to be cold and snobby; but when Sepherene smiled warmly at her, she couldn’t help but smile in return and the maid, quickly became caught up in the demon girl’s charm.

    After scrubbing away the bits of dirt she got from the fountain water and washing her long blue hair, Leila told her to get out and to dry herself while she looked for her outfit for the Ball. Sepherene, quickly did what she was told and left the bathroom. Upon entering the adjacent room, she saw the beautiful dress sprawled on the bed, the mask right next to it. However, that was not what caught her full attention. Instead, she looked to the nightstand next to the bed and as soon as her eyes landed on it, a huge smiled appeared on her face. Racing towards it, she quickly grabbed one of the chocolate truffles and popped it into her mouth. She moaned in satisfaction as her sweet tooth was rewarded with the taste of the sweet, chocolaty treat. However, she felt as if she wasn’t the only one enjoying a delicious treat. Her satisfaction felt doubled and she couldn’t help but wonder why, though she didn’t know that on the other side of the mansion, the man that she saved was also enjoying one of his favorite treat. Shrugging at the feeling, she continued eating the sweets while dressing herself.

    Once she was finished, she called for Leila, so the maid could do her hair and after that, she was all ready for the Ball, thought she still felt nervous about meeting that man, again. ‘Arthur; I think that was his name...What the heck am I going to say!?

    Dress Mask and Hairdo (open)

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  12. For some strange reason the root beer was far better than any he'd tasted before. Any root beer that Arthur had ever made couldn't top this root beer. He tried his best to pick out the ingredients to find some good reason why it tasted so different. Was there honey? Perhaps a little bit. Maybe there was some strange and exotic vanilla? He'd been all over the world and yet he'd tasted nothing like this. The taste was enough that Arthur had to sit down and then he finished the glass quickly. Setting the glass down on the nightstand he stared at the glass as if somehow the glass had magical properties. Yet it seemed like nothing more than an ordinary glass with ordinary ice. Perhaps Robert would be kind enough to explain the recipe to him. However if this was the food that Arthur had to look forward to while he was staying at this mansion then Arthur would be a happy man.

    Arthur then remembered that he needed to get ready for the ball. Standing he undid his town and began to dress. Dressing was a bit scary because of the accuracy at which the suit had been tailored. As if the tailor had known Arthur's tastes and preferences. Perhaps there was some sort of magic in this place. As he buttoned the ruffled shirt he thought back to not long ago. Magic wouldn't be the weirdest thing that had happened. Reaching over his hand was placed on the strange white rose tattoo which he'd received that night. Memories came flooding back to him and he realized something that hadn't quite hit him before now. Arthur was going to see her again, that girl that had saved his life. Was she a girl? There he was on the brink of death and yet miraculously he returned. Now he was invited to a mansion and a ball where he would be able to meet the one that had saved his life? She was the daughter of the Yakuza that had kidnapped him... caused his father so much pain. However Arthur wasn't really the one to hold grudges against someone's kin. She couldn't control her father's actions. In fact she'd saved his life. That was far more then he'd done for her... then why? Why would she do that for a complete stranger?

    Standing in front of the mirror he hadn't realized that he'd already dressed himself fully, looking into the mirror he saw confusion in his face. There was a bit of sadness mixed in. And wonder. The question why began to consume him and then just as Arthur had done before he suppressed it. He stopped asking himself. There was no reason to ask himself that. She obviously had her reasons, perhaps she was hoping to get some sort of compensation. That's what everyone wanted. Money. Power. Speed. Sighing, Arthur just shook his head and smiled. Arthur already had all that, so why did the 'why' of her actions bother him? Looking around he saw something on the bed.

    Laughing he reached down to pick the mask up, it was a beautiful mask which looked very much like a blue bird, it's wings curled up the sides of his face and the beak covered his nose. It seemed to contrast the green in his eyes and gave the entire outfit an almost cold quality. Arthur wasn't cold though! His smile was always warm and he surrounded himself with people back home. He was the life of the party! And what was a ball but a more formal party? Being dressed he checked himself once more and decided to leave his room and head out into the hallway.

    Walking back the way he'd come he was quick to find the central hallway and to get himself lost. Being lost never really bothered Arthur though, each place was something new to see and do. And this mansion, he was finding out very quickly, had everything that he could ever need. Entering a terrace Arthur was greeted by the beautiful sight of what seemed like a field of water fountains. The water seemed to leap, through jets, and run through crevices between the fountains. It was beautiful and he quickly forgot everything else. Instead he was caught up in the mesmerizing effects that water had on him. Water was like a liquid crystal, clear, beautiful, and the way that it shimmered always reminded him of home. The swimming that he'd done as a child or the beautiful ocean which he'd seen so many times. Walking over to the fountains he placed his hand down into the liquid, it's familiar feel running between his fingers and the cold temperature ran up and down his arm quickly. Surely they wouldn't mind if he spent a little time here? Laughing he realized that he hadn't asked when the ball would start. Arthur trusted that Robert would find him though.
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  13. [​IMG]

    As the day progressed 5 people had arrived to the mansion. It was now just beginning to become dark outside. A small short tune played in every inch of the estate. Then an obviously rough older man's voice spoke.

    "Welcome honored guests to the Gastion Mansion. I hope so far everything is to your liking. My name is Mr. M and I am the manager of this estate. I would now like to inform the Ten of you to please come down to the Great Hall where food and music shall commence. This ball is to benefit you so please don't be shy to mingle. Once everyone is there, I shall explain to you all why you have been gathered. Until then..."

    As the intercom system turned off, music from the Ball could faintly be heard. Downstairs you can see the musicians and other staff members such as waiters and security waiting for you to arrive.
  14. Naomi looked up from her bed, before looking over to the nightstand, and deciding she was supposed to wear the mask, so why not. She trudged over to it, kind of slowly she looks at the happy visage, thinking back to how happy she was a few months ago to now. She chokes a sob back for a moment, before shaking her head, she kind of slowly lifts the mask up to her face, affixing it there. She looks out through the holes for her eyes, the visage trying to make her happy despite the overwhelming melancholic feeling. She straightens up, trying to shake the feeling in her core, finding herself unable to, before going over to the door, opening it slowly and stepping out into the hall.

    She looks up and down it, straightening herself up, heavy heart and face the only indication of her mood as she starts to walk down the hallway, trying to keep her legs moving in a manner that doesn't drag the shoes she had been provided against the floor, though summoning the motivation for each step is becoming harder and harder quite quickly, before finally reaching the ballroom. She looks around it, finding herself a empty table to sit at, and setting herself down, not wanting to move after that however, kind of just not even wanting to grab any food either, heart weighing heavy.
  15. Overhearing the announcement, Ryker all but sneers with a sense of disinterest as he makes his way further into the place back inside. At this point he was unsure what he was going to do, still wondering to himself why he was here, it just made him more and more rigid about it. "Bah... May as well just get it over with.. Hrmph.." Putting his hands in his pockets, Ryker begins to make his way to the Great Hall. His attire probably wasn't the best choice to stick with, but it fit enough as is. He didn't feel assed enough to change outfits, but reluctantly went with taking the mask provided if needed, having one handy on him.
  16. Upon hearing the announcement about the Ball, Sepherene felt her nerves intensify. What was she going to say when she sees him? How would he react? Would he ask a lot of questions? Would he be mad at her for what her father did? Those questions constantly nagged at her, though deep down she felt that he wouldn't be that bad of a person. 'Maybe that's why I saved him? Because I thought he was nice...?'

    However, all those questions were forgotten as soon as she remembered that they were supposed to wear masks. ‘How am I supposed to recognize him?’ She didn’t remember much about the night of the incident and that meant that she also didn’t remember much about Arthur, either. She didn’t know what to do and she felt overwhelmed by the nerves and that made her a bit dizzy, so she quickly started to take deep breaths to calm herself.

    As she was doing this, she suddenly felt a cold chill run down her spine. It felt as if someone was pouring cold water down her back. The feeling was not unpleasant and it felt a bit weird, but she quickly blamed it on her nerves. Ignoring the strange feeling, she picked her mask up and placed on her face. Though it was a bit simple, the mask made her look different but if you already knew Sepherene well, you could still some of her recognizable facial features.

    Stepping outside of the room, she almost bumped into Leila, but caught herself at the last minute. Her maid quickly apologized and quickly started showing her the way to the Great Hall, though she could still notice a few of Leila’s glances towards her. Sepherene couldn’t help but smile in amusement. “Miss Takawa. You look so different…but not in a bad way, no!” She quickly added to her sentence upon seeing Sepherene raise her eyebrow in a questioning manner, though she was obviously teasing the maid. “What I’m trying to say is that you look very beautiful, just like a princess.”

    As soon as she heard those words, Sepherene rapidly lowered her eyebrow and she felt her cheeks becoming red rather quickly. “Thank you Leila. However, I wouldn’t look this good without your help, you know?” Smiling, she patted the maid’s back in appreciation of her help. Though, she started chuckling softly upon seeing the blush appearing on the maid’s face as well.

    Soon they arrived at the Great Hall and with a “Your welcome and have a great night” Leila left her standing at the entrance. As her nerves intensified again, she reached for the door with a shaking hand. Exhaling a deep breath, she pushed the door and tensing a bit, she made her way inside. Noticing she was one of the few that arrived early, she made her way towards an empty table, though before grabbing a seat, she got herself a drink. Craving something sweet and fruity, she grabbed herself a Strawberry Basil Soda, though she didn’t know how they had one of her favorite drinks in store. ‘Were they spying on us and our lives?’

    Shrugging her question away, she made her way towards an empty table and decided to just look around and wait for the others to arrive. She noticed a girl already at a table, but even though she felt compelled to go and start a conversation with her, she still felt a bit shy and since she didn’t know how she would react, Sepherene opted for sitting in an empty table and wait for the others. Taking a sip of her drinks, she let herself become lost in her thoughts of back home. ‘I wonder how they all doing over there?’
  17. Vel didn't even flinch when the hallway suddenly boomed into echoes of an old man's voice. Rather, he continued with his calm gait, his hands slack at his sides, whilst listening to the announcement. The Great Hall, eh? he licked his lips expectantly. They better have some good wine.

    After one last turn, he found himself before the open glass doors of the ballroom within the Great Hall. At the bottom of a grand staircase blanketed in red carpet, there lay a wide room of marble floors. Refreshments were laid artistically atop white-draped tables that surrounded the edges of the room. Servants stood by in between tables, ready for every guest's beck and call. Vel noticed his own butler Oliver clad in white uniform waiting for him by the table with filled wine glasses. He arrived here faster than I was, Vel noted. As expected.

    A couple of the guests had arrived before him, none of which he recognized. But what does it matter? They were all wearing masks. On his way towards Oliver and fine red wine, Vel passed by a young blonde slightly shaking in her white dress. The call of a distressed girl's soul cried loud in his hungry demon heart. He licked his lips but did no more. He hadn't survived hell for six centuries without learning how to keep himself in check. A human in a demon party. She must be some demon's plaything, he guessed unsympathetically. Nothing I can do about it. Besides, she's too old for his demon taste.

    Vel moved onwards to where the wine were and tasted a glass himself. Disappointing, he decided after taking one more sip. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't spectacular either. Another proof that demons have little clue about human wine. He remained standing by the wine table and, without meaning to, kept a close eye on the white-dressed girl masked with a smile.​
  18. The fountains were beautiful and Arthur felt like he could remain there for quite some time. As he continued to watch the water and the fountains he could hear something. A mic was switching on and an older gentleman could be heard over some sort of PA system. Were they now in some kind of school, scoffing for a moment at the idea he was going back to school, he then realized that the old man was announcing the ball. "Ah yes, the ball... the whole reason I'm out here?" Laughing for a moment he looked around. Arthur had never had trouble talking with himself before, he did it often enough, but a strange nervousness ran over him and he quickly put it aside. He was just unfamiliar with his surroundings and it wasn't everyday that people talked to themselves. What if Robert was around? Arthur laughed again though. They seemed to know his measurements, favorite drink, type of mask, and his taste in rooms. Wouldn't it stand to reason that they were spying on him at all hours?

    Leaving the fountains Arthur made his way back through the halls but realized quite quickly that he had no idea where the Grand Ballroom was, he had been kind of expecting Robert to find him by now and lead him on. Though Arthur never was one for arriving early to a party. He was usually the fashionably late one and looking down at himself. He had to admit that he looked quite fashionable. Reaching up he adjusted his bowtie and then used one of his hands to run through his hair.

    "There you are sir! I was wondering where you'd run off to!" as if right on cue Robert walked around the corner and though Arthur would never admit it startled him enough to jump slightly. Luckily it seemed that Robert wasn't about to point it out or just simply hadn't noticed.

    Arthur smiled and nodded, "Yes, sorry Robert. I just couldn't stay cooped up inside that room all evening. Wanted to see the mansion for myself." They continued walking along the hallway but Robert was in full control this time. And it seemed that Robert knew exactly where they needed to be. As they rounded the corner Arthur saw the large doors which obviously lead to the grand ballroom.

    "Right this wa..." Robert began but he was quickly cut off as Arthur strode confidently ahead of him and once again Robert felt himself trying to catch up. Reaching the door with just enough time Robert opened it and Arthur's eyes grew wide at the size and beauty of the room. Arthur made just a few small steps into the room before a smirk of excitement appeared on his face. Tonight was going to be a good night and hopefully the precursor to many more. But why did they want them all hear? Surely not to party... Robert quickly bowed and then left and watched the door close slowly muttering to himself about how he must be quicker.

    Walking into the room Arthur saw the beautiful figure of a young woman, probably about his age, her hair was an odd color that he'd never seen before. It was almost blue. Her dress was stunning though he had to admit he was a little disappointed that she was sitting, it seemed to take away from the regality of the dress. She was drinking a red soda of some kind. "Excuse me, is this seat taken?" It was horribly cliché and the entire table was empty but Arthur was curious. "I'm curious as to what you're drinking..." As he sat down he had to stop for a moment, something about her struck him in that moment. Behind the mask they were anonymous, yet she seemed so familiar to him. "Sorry," shaking his head he smirked a little bit and turned towards her placing a hand on the table. "I swear this isn't a pick up line, but you look familiar."
  19. Upon hearing the announcement Daisuki felt a twinge of nervousness in his chest, after all he was more than a little nervous about meeting the demon that had saved him... Then he heard a knock on his door, hesitantly walking towards it and opening it he sees that it's Reginald... "I'm here to take you down to the ballroom, oh.. And don't forget to put on your mask before you go." Reginald points to a white colored mask laying on the bed... Daisuki wonders why he hadn't noticed it before...

    He picked it up realizing how fancy and a little... Unfitting it was to the rest of his attire, but at least it allowed for some concealment of his face, so he put it on somewhat grudgingly, but without complaint. Then, yet again, Reginald takes Daisukis hand pulling him along quite firmly... "Is this how I get around in this place now?" He wondered, it was quite odd for someone to be pulling him along towards a destination rather than him getting there himself... He looked around at the somewhat familiar rooms he's passing, it's like he's retracing his path he "took" or more like he was dragged along to roughly the spot they came in from.

    Reginald stopped at the ballroom, the same one Daisuki had been a little curious about when he first arrived... "I'll be going now, so good luck, and keep out of trouble my friend. I'll be around if you require my services at any time." He spoke in a matter-of-fact tone. Then he swiftly left the ballroom leaving Daisuki to do what he wished. Daisuki looked around, finally being able to get a good look of the ballroom, it was rather large with plenty of tables and a big area for people to dance in presumably...

    He looked around for a spot to sit at, finding an group of empty tables he chose the one furthest away from everyone... He wasn't too good with new people in new places, not to mention he felt he looked more than a little ridiculous. What would the demon that had saved him think of it... Would she even care about him? Daisuki was beginning to get lost in his thoughts, worrying about practically every possible problem like he usually does in an unfamiliar place...

    What The mask looks like (open)

    This, but silver with black ribbons instead of gold with yellow.
  20. Upon hearing the announcement Kenji downed his twentieth bottle of pink then tossed it into the mini waste bin that was placed oddly by his door, he felt a bit drowsy but slapped both hands across his cheeks; the pain effectively woke him up and Kenji stumbled over to where his mask was, rubbing his face before leaning over gingerly gripping it. "This is all too weird, if the woman I saved wanted to find me couldn't she just seek me out on her own?" he asked himself as he inspected the mask once more before lifting it up to his face then secured it tightly. He pondered the thought for a moment before a new one took hold, "I hope this ball doesn't last too long, who knows how long their food will last," he muttered thinking about the animals in his shelter; they were a handful but he loved and cherished them like the family. He had a lopsided grin thinking about them but then the announcement replayed itself in his mind and his grinned faded into a small smile, it wouldn't be polite if they had to delay the ball because of him; he let out a small yawn before walking over to the door then opened it and exited his room.

    As he walked through the hallway he whistle a few notes and took in the sights of the hall he couldn't enjoy before because of Damian's early rudeness of dragging him through the hall to his room. "For being so old he sure has a lot of strength," Kenji snickered imagining his butler before he felt a cold aura behind him and a hand that lightly grabbed his shoulder causing him to stop. "Who's old Master Kenji?" asked the voice behind him, Kenji's entire body froze and his nerves screamed to run and he slowly turned around and came face to face with his butler; Damian was smiling but it wasn't one of good intent, it was purely evil with a hint of mischief. "Um no on-" before he could finish, he felt something hit the back of his causing him to stumbled, Damian nimbly moved out of the way and Kenji cursed under his breath as he rubbed the back of his head. Before he had a chance to turn around he felt Damian grab the back of his jacket and started to drag Kenji down the hall towards the ballroom. When the arrived at the door way Damian let down then turned Kenji around and quickly fixed Kenji's attire before bowing mockingly, "I will take my leave now, you know where to find me your highness," he smirked before straightening himself up and leaving.

    Kenji grimaced, he wasn't fond of being reminded he was royalty but he wiped the annoyed expression off his face and replaced it with his normal up-beat one. He walked into the room and noticed several people had already arrived before him, 'Seems I wasn't the first nor the last to arrive,' he thought to himself before spotting a table before of sweets and quickly made his way over within a few strides. He happily grabbed a small ball of chocolate and plopped it into his mouth before preparing his plate then chose the nearest table; it was empty but hey it was close to the food and he was starving. 'I wonder what she's like, I hope she doesn't hate me for saving her,' he absentmindedly took a bite from his candy bar as a large glass of milk materialized by his plate.
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