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  1. There was once a time when dragons ruled the skys and seas. Humans, and other legged creatures, ruled the lands, at times braving the shore lines and even making pacts with the lizards of the air. There has always been a healthy fear between the races-- dragons of humans and they of dragons. Humans were known for their science and thirst for knowledge. Dragons for their cunning and magic. They were also known for their treasure-- their scales were made of precious metals, many used in the humans technology. Peace was never truly prevalent-- as humans hunted dragons for resources, and dragons downed human technology in their curiosity. Their science was one of the few things capable of snuffing out the immortal flames of a Dragons soul.

    On rare occasion, however, a dragon was known to form a bond with humans-- allowing the humans to ride them and have access to their noble power, in exchange for something dear to them. In idea, the trade would be mutually beneficial. In practice...

    The King of Toridir was one of these humans. Granted, he was not always a King. He began his life as a sailor, one brave and fool hearty enough to bear his ship into water that at the time had been uncharted. It seemed only natural for a man of adventure to happen upon a dragon as curious as he was. A dragon, a silver beast of the sky, wanted to experience what it was to be human. To be Mortal.

    And pact was made-- to give the sailor what he wanted most-- what most men want most; Power. In exchange, the dragon gave up her immortality, though retained her form and craft. The terms of their agreement were simple-- She would ensure the man became King, leader of a mighty nation on the coast, near to the sea and sky, and she and her kin would be protected from those foolish enough to hunt dragons.

    But, alas, human greed is a strong thing. The man became King, and named his nation after his Father-- Torid. From there, the duo's truce turned sour. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, as the Silver serpent came to learn. Being King satisfied the man only for a time. Soon, he wanted more. He married-- and had children. He took over neighboring kingdoms. And still, it was not enough. After all, his kingdom was inhabited by countless beasts of unimaginable wealth.

    The Hunts began only a short time after the King's first child was born. Dragons were slain in their sleep, their hoard collected and brought to the capital which soon became known as the Red-Gold City. Rivers of Dragons blood flowed over the land, and the Silver beast of the sky wished she had never made her pact.

    The King called upon her, when nearly all other dragons had been killed. He mocked her, showing off his own bloody hoard, stained by the blood of her children and siblings. In her grief, the silver beast cursed the King and his family. To throw away and soil the pact they had made with such audacity had been at one time unthinkable. Now, it was merely unbearable. She forfeited her life to the Gods, crying out for vengeance against the ruthless King. As her life faded, her curse found a home in the belly of the Queen, where the King's second child grew.

    Nearly two decades later, the King remained as ambitious as ever. With no dragons left in his own kingdom, resources of metal were increasingly hard to come upon. The burrows of the dragons had been mined clean and empty-- and to the South, West, and East was nothing but Sea. There was nowhere to turn but North.

    The blood of the Dragons has poisoned the land and Sea. No fish lived near the coast-- and no crops bore enough food to feed the people. While University and sea-fairing trade was available, there were only few countries across the ocean still willing to do business with the tyrant King.

    In his War Room he sat, mulling over maps with his eldest Child. His daughter. Their situation had become dire. They had few options left.

    "And you think trusting your brother with this task is wise?" The king asked, his silver hair pulled back in a long braid. His beard was trimmed short and neatly, his blue eyes trying to burn a hole in the map he stared at. Small flags littered the table, and cubes of gold and silver marked where troops stood guard.

    The King had isolated his son from birth, disgusted and ashamed. The vile silver beast had cursed the boy to forfeit his humanity nightly. As such, the King spared him not even a second glance. He remained hidden at night below the white washed walls of the castle, and during the day trained with the men to become general for his sister when the time came for the crown to be passed on. He had only spared the child's life by request of his wife, who offered her guidance-- that he might still one day prove of use. Perhaps, that day was fast approaching.
  2. Surrounded by books and old written scrolls, Blu had soon grown use to his solitary life. Being alone had its advantages, and any disadvantage of it was unknown to him, because he'd never known the difference. Being around others meant he had to fight, feel pain, cause pain. It wasn't something he could say he enjoyed. The look given to him just after he laid hands, bared arms and struck a blow. The sound that was made as someone cried out, and fell at his feet. He was no fighter, not meant for the chaotic life his father had in mind for him. If it wasn't for his mother...

    Peace was short lived in his time, he often got the chance to peek up at the sun just before it's setting. Just before his body made the painful transformation from flesh to scales. Even then, this wasn't the worse of his life. No, being chained and caged for something he had no control of. Something he'd believed, since birth, was entirely natural of a human. From flesh to scales, fingers to claws. Eyes glazed over as the pupil shifts, and the world moves with it, into utter darkness. He'd never seen light through these eyes, and there was nothing he dreaded more than that darkness. The time was soon at hand as it was, lights flickering quietly in and out as doors are opened and his quiet is over.

    "Sire," the soft voice calls, pulling him from the fantasy of a world where he once belonged. There was no fight as he got to his feet, bracing himself for the truth. Turning to face the female, he let his blue eyes fall over her, seemingly endless pool's to wash away the sadness that settled in the hearts of others. Offering a smile, he nodded his understanding in hopes of avoiding the words that would force him into darkness.

    "Your father has requested your presence," she said instead, lowering her gaze from him.
  3. The king and his sister sat waiting for him in a study-- quiet and proper. The king, who's face was aged beyond his years sat anxiously tiling the pawn of a chess board forward and backward, his eyes glued to the fire.

    Elaine was something of a different story. As Blu's elder sister, she would one day been heir. Her strawberry blond hair was coiled around her head ina delicate braided pattern-- the rest dangling freely past her shoulder blades. She had always been kind to her brother-- though rarely saw him. Only to offer a gift on the winter High holiday-- usually books or an intricate weapon of no martial use. Other than that-- she learned with him while they were children. During the mornings they were tutored together on the art of warfare-- on strategy. As they hit adolescence, they were separated-- growing and learning apart form one another.

    And it had been Elaine's idea to summon Blu in the first place.

    "You think this is so wise?" The King questioned idly.

    "He is my brother." Elaine said with confidence. "He's cunning, and strong. I would trust him with him with your life, father."

    "But not your own." he noted darkly, knocking the pawn over. "Where is that disgusting boy?"
  4. The news shook him slightly, the chill climbing up his spine till it spread through his body. It was only time before the sun was to set, why at the hour would that man wasn't anything to do with him? That man. His eyes fell to the floor as the image of his father blurred in and out. He'd seen him maybe twice, if that. Causing his mind to create the delusion of some kind hearted man who'd simply passed before they got a chance to meet, and this man. This cruel tyrant that kept him locked away and heavily guarded was the demon who'd possessed his father's body. Wearing and tearing at it till he'd reached the stage he was at now.

    Yes, and it was this thought that made his body hesitantly move toward the door and after the frightful women who guided him. He wasn't really allowed beyond the study and training halls, especially at the hour. His eyes following the fading flames as they'd dull then jump back to life. As if trying to reach across the bricks to one another, falling to just get right back up again. This thought brought the unfamiliar pull at the corners of his lips, a feeling that didn't last long as his father's voiced reached across the halls, taking hold of his fantasy and dragging him back down from the clouds.

    The women knocked before him, stepping aside as the door's were opened and his presence was known. He felt his dark fathers eyes before seeing them, the thought of making eye contact beyond him. His own blue eyes, instead, remained at his feet, his head bowed as he showed the respect he'd been taught to give.

    "You called for me."
  5. "Blu." His sister greeted warmly.

    The King rose from his seat, shooting a searing glare at the woman who had lead his son in. She bowed and stepped back out of the study, closing the doors behind her-- the clash clicking shut and echoing in the marble floor.

    The room was round, outlined in book shelves all facing the fire place. It seemed to make the King seem all the more intimidating as he stood with his back to the flames, his hands folded behind his back. He was a large shouldered man, even in his older years. While he had a girth, there was no denying the King himself was an able bodied hand-- more than likely still good with a sword.

    "You've grown." The King rumbled, seeming to have forgotten that people, do in fact, grow over time. He looked his son over, and for a moment a glimmer of approval may have flashed across his face-- replaced only by disappointment. "Still sick, I take it." He frowned.

    Elaine, unlike Blu, had been raised under the watchful eye of their father. He had made certain she was taught the right ways to rule people. With an iron fist and a soft smile. As venomous as a pit viper, and as polite as a finch. Blu had taken after their late mother.

    "I actually am the one who called for you." Elaine began to explain. "I need my future general to lend me his expertise."
  6. For years, being in the presence of this man, his father, had left him with a rather ominous feeling. As if whatever darkness that had consumed him was reaching out for Blu as well. Looking to drag both men into its very depths. Blu had a secret though, one he'd keep locked inside himself till the time presented itself.

    Bowing further at his father's words, he fought to hide his growth. Seemingly shrinking into himself for the time given, though the stance quickly grew uncomfortable and in seconds entirely unbearable. He knew standing up straight had no real consequences, but I'm the end it wasn't his nature to quickly show pride in any formality.

    "Yes, father," he returned, his eyes taking that short moment to look up at his father properly. His own pride standing at attention behind his soft spoken eyes. Sick? He wasn't sick, not even as a child he could force himself to choke down that lie. Different, certainly, but he stood just as tall as this man before him, possibly more as he held himself more elegantly.

    Just as his thoughts began to boil over his expression, his sister called him back to the world where he was beneath...everyone. "Lady Elaine, forgive my rudeness. How can I be of use?" His head dropped again and he let out a quiet breath. Exhaling every ounce of defiance that threatened his position. There was no fight to be had here, and Blu would not create a situation that would call for one. He was the quiet, distasteful, and sick, son of the late great king.
  7. "We need for you to take on a night errand." Elise said simply. "To the north there's a city called Raguel. You've studied it before, right?" Though the woman smiled, there was the darkness in her as well. the poison in their fathers soul had spread more like a disease than any malady Blu had ever been subjected to.

    Raguel was a city known for the arts. The sub-capital of the great Northern country. Music, poetry, dance, sculpting, philosophy-- mechanisms that lived on steam and light that lived in glass homes.

    "In the palace there is a princess. We would like for you to escort her here. With force, if necessary." The King cut to the chase.
  8. Blu glanced up at her words. An errand? In the evening none the less, and it was strictly for him. He felt his heart pounding in his head, trying hard to swallow down the rapid feeling swelling through his body. He could stretch his wings, see the world in another way and breath. Honestly breath.

    It took all his control to keep from showing excitement, his body trembling as the pressure built up and finally, exhale, and he was normal again. Standing straight up to better face his sister, he has to wonder if the darkness was consuming her as well. "As you wish my lady," he replied properly, on one knee with his head bowed, responding to his sister, since she was the one who called for him.

    The task mattered not to him, he was meant to be utterly useless, or so he believed, and now he had a chance. For what, he wasn't entirely sure. There was nothing to prove, nothing he could gain from this. Just, nothing in the end, but another endless dark to return to.
  9. Elaine smiled-- though it some how seemed more like a sneer. "Good. The Princess is to be brought to me. She had light hair, dark skin, and you'll be able to tell her from the others by her ears. All of the royal family there are the decedent of elves."

    Their father chorted. "If he succeeds, we might allow for him to go out more often." he said loftily- not addressing his son but rather his daughter.

    Elaine looked back to Blu. "So then, tonight you are free to wait outside and watch the sunset." She said proudly. "We expect to see you in the morning with your prize."
  10. Believing his sister was one thing, but their father was another story. The possibility played through his mind again, noting the look on Elaine's eyes at his father's comment. She didn't seem to believe it, not unless he has a purpose to serve. Still, Blu made way through the corridors, careful to memorize his surroundings, as he was headed up instead of down tonight. Time may have felt motionless before his sister and father, but he could feel the weight of the sun drifting further each step he took toward it. Fear was finally setting in. Slowing his steps, turning his feet into shackled weights. He was free, for only a night.

    What if he didn't return with the girl, or if he simply couldn't reach his destination in time. Suppose there were more guards than he thought and he was wounded, killed on his first night. The possibilities were endless, Blu had never flown, he barely had room to stretch his wings against the tight chains every night. Now he was to fly across the country to a place he'd never been, and only seen in his books.

    The soft shades of pink and orange stole away his thoughts, bringing a bright smile about as he forgot the shackles around his ankles, or simply got his needed strength, and rushed toward the edge. "For one night," he said softly to himself, closing his eyes to feel the last winds of the day rush by him. The night was soon upon him, and he'd have his first chance to leave this place. He wondered, at the moment, would he ever honestly return.
  11. -- In Raguel --

    The city lights shone brightly against the night sky. They mirrored the stars in the sky in their layout and patterns, clustered into spirals and shapes. The city was a haven for all races. Elves, humans, and anything in between lived there, all working along side one another in relative peace. Granted, as with any city, it had it's shoddy neighborhoods, but as a general rule, the citizens behaved.

    The granite walls of the city were high enough to keep out the beasts of the night though inviting to the weary traveler. Tonight, the stars were concealed behind a mask of snow clouds, looming low and heavy with frost.

    The Princess looked out form her balcony over the city, admiring the soft golden glow of their lights. Electricity ran throughout the city for all to access, though it was still unrefined. Rumor had it kingdoms across the seas had perfected the eerie golden glow of it-- though she rather enjoyed it as it was.
  12. Blu watched the sun fade behind the far off mountain tops, letting out his last breath of the day. Eyes closed, he relaxed into the night. Wiggling his fingers slowly to feel that they remained for the next few seconds. Though the process would not change, and he was sure the pain was still to come, he was still excited for his freedom.

    In the mere seconds his eyes were closed, the change began. Opening his eyes again, the blue has faded. Instead, a fiery orange graced the world, looking quickly around at its surroundings. Taking in the new sites, catching every sudden movement hidden in the brush. The pain came next, like a wild open flame that engulfed him. Ripping and gnawing at his flesh till it hardened, revealing the fluorescent hues of blue and purple.

    The growth, he never remembered, but as the wings sprouted, he was forced to offer his silent cries to them, a puff of smoke leaving his nostrils as his body curled around itself. It would take some time before the fire faded to a dull ache, resting just at the back of his throat. Once that moment came, though, he watched his wings through different eyes, spreading, then folding up again.

    Repeating the process, he finally forced himself up, wiggling his claws about the same way he did his fingers not to long ago. This was certainly going to take some getting used to.

    Another huff, and he was pacing carefully, around in endless circles. The once large roof, seemed almost claustrophobic at this point. Forcing him to eventually jump off and begin his first adventure. Plummeting to the floor, he learned his first hard lesson, a rush of air does not so gracefully greet unfolding wings. His dive earned a loud roar of a groan as the wind caught his wings and sent him crashing against the nearest wall and then downward once more.

    It was certainly going to be a long night.
  13. "You're sure this is a good plan?" The King sighed, watching the dragon outside the window of his study fumble horribly.

    "He will be fine." Elane assured him with a grin. "He just needs to gain his sealeggs so to speak. You've never let him loose in that form. He's got to get used to it."

    The King scoffed. "It's pathetic." he said bluntly. "In any event... if he fails, I suppose I won't have to be worried about him blundering around anymore."

    Elaine frowned. "He is your son, you know."

    The King turned to face her with such sudden fiery anger it startled her. "No." he said. "It isn't."
  14. It had been maybe an hour or two, Blu wasn't sure as he jumped and managed to soar a few yards. It was the steady movement of his wings he was having a hard time with, gliding came easy once he got use to it. Staying in the air was the difficult part, but he would manage through random leaps and bounds be it necessary.

    In new surroundings each time he landed, he'd claw his way around curiously, excitedly. Noting everything and creature he'd only seen in his studies. Certainly the animals never remained for long, a large scaly snout poking about in their home, but it didn't bother him when they ran. Inside, he was smiling, and would run in a small circle for a little dance (knocking a few tree's down in the process), and then be on his way again.

    His new eyes caught everything that moved, and as he caught on to actually flying and not just soaring, he finally got the chance to watch from a far. Now the animals didn't run and hide, instead, they glanced up at the passing shadow then returned to their business. Leaving Blu's heart pounding in his chest as everything seemed to finally catch up to him.

    Staying in the air still didn't work for more than a few miles before he fumbled up somewhere and went spiraling downward, but by this point he could see the dull gleam of the city and he watched from afar.

    The royal family, the princess. That was suppose to be his prize for the night, and he wasn't going to be stupid enough to go charging in with no idea of where to charge. Crouching low, he let his eyes dance across the city in hopes of at least a glimpse of a light haired, dark skinned girl.
  15. Beryl.jpg

    It took him a while to spot her among the movement of the rest of the city. It was bright with street lights, and large oil lanterns lit the Palace walls, much bigger than the small torches back south.

    Princess Beryl De Limonu sat on a balcony ledge. In one hand she held a glistening staff, lazily leaning her weight against it as she looked out over the city. An odd accessory for the youngest daughter of the King to have adorning her. Many people wore jewelry or toted around some sort of scientific artifact they were proud of-- not an old piece of art like that. It looked like the staff weather workers used to use to control the sky's.

    It was her typical perch, just outside of her bed chamber. She enjoyed the view, at any time of day there. She had moved, finally catching his attention, from her statuette pose. As much as she adored looking out over the city, it was late. Sleep was calling to her to return inside.
  16. It was fascinating, watching all the people wonder about freely, and at this hour. This is the first chance he'd ever gotten to be out so late, and to watch other do it as if it wasn't a privilege fought and earned. Then again, for them it probably wasn't.

    He'd been so focused on the city, he almost forgot to check the palace every few seconds. Thankfully his eyes really did catch everything, and he finally saw her. There was a faint moment of hesitation, then he was off through the darkness once more. Could he really handle this?

    It wasn't getting in that proved much the problem, but the fact that he had to carry another being when he could barely carry himself. It just seemed dangerous, and foolish. He may be kidnapping the girl, but he wasn't going to treat her cruelly, or was that the point? With a heavy groan and another puff of smoke, Blu was off toward the walls, his claws tearing into the wall as he made his way up and over, landing with a soft thud.

    He was sure he'd been seen, but he didn't wait to gauge a reaction. His wings spread wide, and came down with more power than he intended. Shooting him upward and scattering about whatever was below him. One more push, and his claws gave him purchase as he scrambled onto the balcony. Destroying the guard rail in the process.

    Though large, his entrance, he was sure, gave away the fact that he wasn't much of a threat. As well as the fact that he was forced to tumble into the princess' room as the stone finally crumbled under his weight. Of course he couldn't hold the ominous nature his father had, his tail resting neatly around his claws, wings folded neatly at his side's as his calm nature took over and he looked down at the princess curiously.
  17. The princess, like any sane person, had let out a startled cry as the wall collapsed with the presence of a sudden dragon.

    The Palace came to life with guards running around-- and laughter. The people seemed good humored at the very least.

    "Princess?" A woman knocked on the door the dark skinned woman was leaning against.

    "I'm fine!" She called back, pushing the door open into the hallway. A tall woman in silver armor wrapped an arm around the princess' waist, pulling her back into the hallway, away from the dragon.

    "Is it injured?"

    "Probably. It doesn't seem to be flying well." The princess said, her golden eyes locked onto the dragon.

    The room, though a princess' was modest. Simple, with a large bed and wooden dresser and vanity. Unlike his sisters room, clad in silver and gems. The princess looked startled, but not afraid. Her country had a good repour with dragons, after all. Though they were uncommon, many creatures claimed sanctuary in their kingdom from the nation to the South.
  18. Oh, menacing. Yes, he was suppose to look menacing. Not that Blu even knew how to create a not so pleasant look, especially in this form. Watching the armored woman come in, he let his head drop curiously to the side. She called her princess, so at least he had that part right. It was what he should do not that was beyond him. Was it possible to ask the woman to be his prisoner willingly?

    These tasks are never as simple as they seem, and he pictured his sister riding in, weapon in hand as she stole her prize. While he sat and pondered, his snout rest peacefully between his claws. Letting out little clouds of smoke, as he let it quickly become a habit of his while he thought. His eyes passed over the princess again and again, but besides crawl on his belly toward her, he did nothing. There was nothing to be done. He certainly wasn't going to snatch the young girl up, not with the silver lady beside her.
  19. The knight frowned, scowling down at the dragon. "Come on." the woman insisted, pulling the princess back another step. "Either the creature is a fool, or it's injured. Either way it'll be dangerous for you to remain near by. The Knights will take care of it." she said.

    "But--" The princess went to object, though was silenced by the clatter of other guards rushing down the hall. "You can't be planning on hurting it!" She demanded, seeing the men draw their swords. The princess moved quickly, slipping past the silver lady to stand between the guards and the dragon. "It's obviously confused-- I can't condone you drawing your weapons." she stated boldly.

    "Princess Beryl!" The woman scolded. "I insist, step aside at once!"
  20. Another gray cloud hovered, then dispersed above his head as he watched the two. What to do, what to do. Quietly laying there, tail slowly sliding against the smooth flooring. Back and forth, and still in the seconds past, Blu had thought of nothing. No brilliant idea to snatch the girl up and drag her back with him. No magnificent way to strike fear into the silver lady and steal the princess away. All he could think was to wait until morning to return to himself and explain the situation.

    Thoughts were cut short as he stood as tall as he possibly could in the room. Hearing the clanking of swords and armor quickly approaching, he let his own roar mimic the echoing in his ears. He expected a fight, but they could at least allow him to actually take the princess first.

    There was only a momentary glance at the girl before him as he readied for the pain that would surely come. Instead, his tail came around and rested in front of her, assuming a protective stance. He gave another low snarl, letting his jaw open just enough to reveal the many fangs just beneath.
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