Where in the Solar System would you be living right now, if you could?

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For the sheer fun of it... Imagine that humans have now populized every area in our Solar System! You get to live on any of the planets and a few extra areas! So where would you be living? Tell us about your future home! >:D
I'd probably live on one of Jupiter's moons - say Ganymede or Io - or be a trade captain/crewman who spends most of his time shipboard.
I'd be on a ship and spend most of my time listening to Iron Savior and Running Wild, shooting up robots, utopias, and making awesome guitar solos and metal screams instead of orders.

"Shoot the harpoons!"

I choose one of the moons of Saturn, just becuase I'd see that awesome planet when I wake up. I'd probably be in a colony on Titan, while they attempt to teraform the moon to make it human-inhabitable. Unless there's life there. If there isn't, we can use the methane lakes as fuel, and begin spreading across the universe! (Of course we colonized the moon and Mars first)
i would want to live on a spaceship, travelling towards the stars, and the edge of the universe i can never reach.

Europa, Titan, Mars, The Moon, L1 or L2. (L4, L3, and L5 are too far from earth for my tastes. And those are earth-moon Lagrangian points). The dark side of the moon probably has the best veiw of the night sky near earth, but you miss that earthrise.
Lol, Uranus. 'Nuff said.
Ummm Pluto is still a planet ya'll it's just a Dwarf Planet. Anywho why not a ship? I mean eventually we will run into ALIENS!!!
I would have an asteroid base way out in out Oort cloud, hopefully the the orbit of <a href='http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nemesis_%28star%29'>NEMESIS</a>


And here is my summer home, the closest you'll get before the minefield tears your ship apart.