ROLEPLAY Where has all the Sci-fi gone?

Discussion in 'ROLEPLAY HELP & DISCUSSION' started by DinoFeather, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. Seriously, though. Where?

    It feels like there used to be a bit more interest in it on this site, but now there seems to be very, very little.

    I know you nerds are out there. Where are you? I'm lonely.
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  2. It's all fiction and never existed here to begin with. :P

    Seriously though, if you think there's a lack just make one yourself. Nothings stopping you.
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  3. Well sadly, this site doesn't seem to be too inclined toward the Scifi genre ; -;

    However @Uncle Legens Legentis has a neat little Bio and Jump-In going that isn't anything crazy intensive and for the time being is keeping my Scifi needs satisfied.

    Shameless advertisement is shameless.

    But as Gwazi said, if you need Scifi go ahead and make a Scifi RP just don't get your hopes up too much : |
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  4. If I had the time to run a full RP, I would. (Though, as Caramel said, I don't know if it'd find enough players.) As is, I'm trying to help develop one, but there's not a terrible amount of interest in it.


    I'll check that out, thank you. c:
  5. I think the amount of sci-fi is acceptable. It might be the exact content which varies a lot more.
  6. Unfortunately, Fandom and Fantasy ate all the other genres for dinner. No sign of any regurgitation.
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  7. I think on any RP sites, things come and go in waves. It just might be a bit of a rut for the scifi genre, but it'll come back.
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