Where Does 'Iwaku' Come From, Diana?

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  1. The question's been nagging me.

    First General-Chat thread. :bananaman: (<- How does this still exist?)
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  2. Through the power of Google I found this!

    That and "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" is like the symbol of a new age of humanity delving into the internet. Think of it like the Statue of Liberty, The Eiffel Tower, the Brandenburg Gate or even the Peach Tree Towers. But that banana. Think about how many people know about that banana?
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  3. I thought iwaku meant something about stories or legends
  4. You see, when two people love each other very much......Oh wait, you're asking something different.

    What Raz said. ^
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  5. Iwaku
    I waku
    I wak u
    I wak you
    I wack you

    Clearly it's Diana trying to slap everyone of us for being awful people whenever we log onto the site.
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  6. I think Gabe, Homac or Peridox had a weeaboo moment... back before we knew what weeaboos were...
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  7. it was undoubtedly weaboo

    remember when Iwaku was a DOT HACK//SIGN-specific forum?

    that's literally 10 years ago

    i had just started university at the time

    then it became a tabletop/warhammer forum for a while

    now animu is back as the leading fanbase

  8. Now it's the comment section on Youtube.
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  9. "Iwaku"
    A Japanese form of "To Say"... Or just "Say"
    Or something history related.

    Say history?

    Make History?

    ...I never got a grade..

    Edit3: STILL, not very climactic.
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  10. Sour about that

    Can I blame you?
  11. Only partially.
  12. <blame stamp...partially>
  13. Lie Raz said, back in the day this war some weeaboo fan forum thing that gradually mutated into an RP forum. Think the name comes from that.

    Then Diana cane along and basically merged her forum with this one.
  14. We need to make another History of Iwaku sticky somewhere, if it isn't up already.

    I know we tried to do it a long time ago.

    Probably is still hanging around here somewhere.
  15. It's still around, pretty sure Asmo linked to it in a different thread last year.
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  17. Damn straight
  18. More than twice my age too.


    Sort of.

    I think.

    I'm just his assistant...

    *sigh*Racks 2016.
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