Where do you guys find your gorgeous photos?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kitty, Jun 14, 2014.

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  1. Some of you have crazy great photos? Where do you get them?

    I personally like deviant art! <3
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  2. Deviantart is awesome. The site makes giving credit and figuring out usage restrictions easy. ^^

    I'm also fond of dollmakers (especially DollDivine) for characters that I can't find a good image of that I'm able to use. There used to be a few amateur modeling sites that let you browse by things like hair, eyes, height, weight, etc., but almost all of those have either removed the feature entirely or made it a paid member-only feature. :c
  3. It's a secret! Nah, I just google or deviantart.
  4. Google and deviantart

    Remember to write down the artists name or username so you can credit them for it!
  5. In addition, I always try to link back to the artist's page if possible. ^^ Gives better credit, and that way everyone who likes it can see more where that came from.
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  6. Pinterest
  7. Google Image Search, Pinterest, DeviantArt, /tg/. >>

    Mostly google these days!
  8. Mostly Google.

    Sometimes Gelbooru? >.>;
  9. I make my own damn photos.

    It's called art, baby.
  10. As already said, I use Google Image, Deviant Art, and I also use Tumblr! There is usually a lot of good art there, and more often than not users source the art they post, so you would have that as well.
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