where do you get your music from?

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  1. are you a law abiding citizen who buys all of their music or are you a filthy pirate? because I'm a filthy pirate who is still lost at sea after the capsizing of the great S.S. Limewire

    mostly I've just been getting new music from Youtube using one of those Youtube-to-mp3 converters but, like... I want to be able to download more than one song at a time and shit. Where do you get your music from?

    sorry if this type of discussion isn't allowed
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  2. I do the same thing LOL

    It's rare that I actually want the discography of anyone anymore, but if I do, I torrent it. Torrenting is how you pirate anything these days. The age of peer to peer transfer is over.

    I would like to buy music from some artists... But I don't believe in buying digital files. I want CDs. And everyone I like now doesn't sell CDs anymore.
  3. Honestly I'm lazy af and would rather pay for spotify each month than download it all lmao
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  4. I buy my songs. I used to download them illegally, but now it's like nooooo.... xD

    I also just listen to spotify!
  5. I listen to stuff off YouTube mostly, or the radio.
  6. YouTube. I'm also Chinese, we use QQmusic for double shady. Then China started obeying laws and banned everything so you can't listen outside of China.
  7. @Sen you could try a Chinese VPN?
  8. I am clearly behind the times. I hate Torrenting though, so I guess I'll just have to stick to my Youtube piracy. :E I used to use Grooveshark before it got shut down...
  9. Step 1: VPN Get.
    Step 2: Tixati Get.
    Step 3: ???
    Step 4:

    I'll occasionally buy albums if I have the spare dosh, but if I don't, well...
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  10. Is on phone and always moving about, don't think that's an option ; ;
  11. @Sen You can get a VPN for a phone. A VPN is a service you connect to that basically spoofs your location so your connections look like they're coming from some place else. There are some free ones, but I've heard good things about the pay ones. And the prices are fairly cheap for them, too.
  12. I'm pretty much broke, ahaha. I don't even have data.
  13. @Sen so use it with your wifi. I think you should do some of your own research on what VPNs are before you immediately dismiss them. As I said, there are free ones, too.
  14. Then I'll only be able to use it at home, no point :P. I'm always at school when I listen to music, where there is nothing for me to connect to in the first place. I can't use my own data and definitely not school wifi.
  15. My sources:

    -downloading from youtube: there are sites that convert audio from youtube videos to mp3.

    -HMV, Tsutaya, and various other music shops in Japan, for the artists I love to support and the stuff that I can't find on youtube, etc
  16. I don't really download a lot of music. Most of what I listen to are from playlists on youtube or on the radio. And my physical music collection is pretty modest. I've thrown my money at Michael Jackson, Cher, and some choice movie soundtracks(Mortal Kombat ftw).
  17. This sort of discussion is allowed, but certain key parts of it might get some people slapped, so let me remind/inform you all of the applicable policy.

    Discussing illegal activity is one of those legal grey areas. Generally speaking, talking about your own actions is fine (unless its serious shit that would make any sane person want to report you to the authorities, so don't go talking about how you killed a man and got away with it). Mention your pot smoking and music downloading all you like, but where it gets tricky is giving the details of those things. Anything that could be construed as encouraging or facilitating illegal activity (such as naming/linking a torrent site, or explaining how to procure illegal substances) should be avoided or we'll have to chop it out of your post and slap you for it. It's all about keeping the site and its members safe, so don't go helping others on Iwaku do illegal things.

    And now that that's out of the way, I use both YouTube to mp3 converting and torrenting to acquire music. Yarr.
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  18. I used to be a pirate, but now that I have money and just use apple music. It's easier and faster.
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