Where do you find images for your characters?

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  1. Whether you stick to photos of real people (celebrities, models or otherwise,) or use drawn images, where do you find your character pictures? I generally have a hard time finding images for my characters, and honestly it's my least favourite part of trying to do character profiles... I have some images saved up from surfing the web, but when it comes to looking for something specific, it can sometimes take me hours, if not days. :I

    Do you have a go-to website or collection? Or do you draw your own? For some characters I have images I have drawn personally or have had commissioned, which is nice. I just don't... draw very much anymore...
  2. Tumblr.
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  3. I draw mine or get it commissioned at the Writing & Art Museum here on site.

    It's a great place and you never have to settle for 'close enough', tell people they 'look like this except...' Or alter a planned character to suit an image
  4. RPG character art sites. Mostly #chan or something similar. Unbiased and uncensored is the way to go.

    Also great places for REACTION IMAGES~!


    Oh that's a pretty elf lad.

  5. I google, go to art sites, and 4chan, among other things.

    But mostly I have amassed a collection of images too daunting to sort that often have exactly what I'm looking for.
  6. I usually use Tektek.org with mine if I can't find something close enough.
  7. Mostly on Deviant art or We heart It( an app for the phone which connects to your twitter or Facebook account ) and has only awesome pics which you can save xD. Any type of photos they have it. Better than search it throughout google to be honest ^^

    I love that app >:)
  8. Secretzzz
  9. Huh, I think I know that artist... except they also disappeared off the planet a while ago if it's the person I'm thinking of, so who knows. Any specific sites for RPG character art that you use?
  10. Pinterest, Google Image, Stumble Upon, DA, and I tend to used to always use my own art but Iwaku has helped me learn to branch out to these other awesome Treasure troves of inspiring and useful images.

  11. When it's real life people, I just use google. I tend to have random days where I am looking for a specific kind of picture and then I save any pictures that look really nice and I know I would use for characters so I have a stash collected. O_O Then I do a reverse image search if I wanna find the source for whatever reason.

    For art I'll use deviant art, google, http://digital-art-gallery.com/ and high res wallpaper sites. Or /tg/ because they always have AWESOME character art threads.

    Or commissions. 8D I want to start commissioning Iwaku peeps for character art more often. It's a lot more fun having custom stuff, and the artists need practice and/or money.
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  12. I usually draw my own characters.
  13. I usually google a image description and scroll through the pictures till I see that gold light behind one and can't help but think "that's my character." I use anime so its not too hard to find a large result. It's just making sure to put the right words in the search bar. Usually the photos tend to come from zerochan.com or Photobucket and sometimes Tumblr. I like Pinterest as well.
    I'm not a huge fan of real people's photos but if the roleplay requires it be a real photo I will find a real photo.

    Sometimes I draw mine but I'm not a good enough artist so I stick to google. :S
  14. Well if it's not from Pixiv, I use /cm/, /c/, or like Diana said, /tg/.
  15. DeviantART followed with a source link if I use them. Mainly because I can filter between various art styles if I want. Need anime? There it is. Need digital art? There it is. Need a real person for whatever deranged reason? There it is.
  16. DA, WeHeartIt, or Google Images.
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  17. That could be cool! A little art buisness for those who like to do the arting! :)
  18. I stalk tumblr and pinterest for hours until I find exactly what I want. :c

    I have a tendency to want to see the character's picture/face before I can write about them.

    I wish I was an artist. It would make things so much easier. >u<
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  19. I usually go on various image hosting sites (Like Zerochan, Konachan and Pixiv) and search the "Original" tag until I find something I like