Where do you find character photos?

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  1. Or pictures, if you use drawn references. Actually, I'm mostly interested in some place to look for drawn references!

    Where do you guys go hunting for photos? I normally try to use art I've drawn/commissioned, but sometimes that's just not possible. Idk how people do it, honestly; photo references are always so stressful for me.
  2. I grab pretty much all of mine from /tg/ art dump threads. They are actually pretty kick-ass sources, and you'll find a wide range of genres popping up from time to time.
  3. Seconded. I have about a gig or so of art from /tg/ threads sitting on a portable hard drive.
  4. 4chan's board for Traditional Games.

    Basically a bunch of geeks discussing tabletop RPGs, plus a shit-ton of Warhammer 40,000 fanboy-ing.
  5. I find my self searching hard for a black character for when anime or character are needed. I search goo for about ten looking for one. It is easier with a female black character searching. I find it real easy to finD A GIRL PIC, it everywere even when you not looking lol.
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  6. I use Deviantart because it's easy to link to the original artist. ^^ Most compilations and boards steal rampantly, and I'm just not morally okay with that.
  7. You make a good point, LS. It's something I hadn't really thought about, honestly. Reason being that I download the images that I do without the intention of ever posting them online somewhere else (see my feelings RE: using an image for a character description) and just using them as a personal reference, or at the very, very most, I never intend to claim ownership. If it's implied that I am claiming ownership by doing so, I suppose I'd have to be more explicit when or if I were to post an image like that. Another thing I hadn't really thought of.
  8. I don't think anyone using artwork to give a visual reference for a character could be accused of going "i made dis" with someone else's work.
  9. Where ever I can.
  10. I grab pictures from wherever, but I make sure to put a parenthetical notation under whatever I use giving whatever credit I can. If that's nothing more than saying "Unknown Artist" so people know I didn't make it, so be it. The stuff I've used thus far has been google image search material.
  11. Does anybody know of any good websites to find images, outside of deviantART?
  12. I always Use my Own Artwork and state otherwise If I don't in an RP.

    Usually I'll just use Google image search.

    and for my own art work I use photobucket.
  13. I am too lazy to draw and not quite skilled enough to get the kind of looks I want. I can't draw what I see in my head. And I dun have enough artists friends to get new character art and keep up with my character portfolio. O_O I woooouuulld really love to have original art for all of them, though. That would be a diana roleplay dream.

    When I first started roleplaying, I used strictly anime pictures cause that was what I was most attracted to. >> There's tons of anime art galleries everywhere. Really easy to find.

    Then my taste for anime stuff tapered off, so I would use art that I stumbled over via 4chan, deviant art, google and stuff. I still use art I find for inspiration, and I keep a note of where I got it and try to find original sources now to add in my bio notes. If I come across artists that say "don't use or share my stuff" I dun use it.

    And nooooow, most of the time I use real life photos. Celebrities, models, free stock photos. Cause most of the roleplays I play in wind up being modern settings. XD
  14. Pixiv is good, but you'll have to know some basic Japanese for searches. However, that's what google translate is for.
  15. I'm not good enough to draw. I wish I were good at it. Just not a skill I was meant to have, I guess.
  16. I mainly use Deviantart, the Anime Character Database, and Google.

    If I need a real face claim I can usually think of the actor or model that fits the part or personality.
  17. www.safebooru.org

    Has tags for all the things you could imagine in a drawn/anime style pic. So filter by tags for what you're looking for and usually it'll have something.

    Safebooru is the "safe" sister site of the very NSFW site gelbooru. You've been warned.

    Outside of that I usually use DeviantArt, Model Mayhem, or sometimes just good ol' fashioned Google.
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  18. I use people and not characters. I basically look for faceclaims on Tumblr's and such.

    Most of you guys seem to use anime/drawn characters for the photos but in case you're looking for people this blog is pretty good : http://rphelper.tumblr.com/fcdirectory

    It sorts faceclaims by age, ethnicity, gender, etc. I try to avoid making my character's white so it's pretty helpful for me, haha.
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