Where do you draw your inspiration from?

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  1. We all have means of getting inspired. What is yours? It doesnt need to be specifically for rp, but for every day life, too!

    For me, currently, it was going to the wenatchee fair, and speaking with various performers. Watching Ignition Fire Troupe inspired me that hard work and inspiration makes for an impeccable performance. The equestrian gamers inspired me to never take everything so seriously. Have fun, and play. Sometimes quick write ups for shows are the best.

    What inspires you? What sparks you in your life?
  2. I have various outlets. I can get inspired from taking a walk outside, whether it be along or with my boyfriend. If I'm at a rock block of some sorts with a story or scene, I talk to him. I've also found that if I get discouraged with my writing or artwork I start looking for speeches and talks that help restore my confidence. I find myself feeling rejuvenated when I look at artwork or see the process in making it. Oh, reading is a big one as well - although I admit I haven't been reading as much as I'd like.
  3. When I am feeling uninspired ( Been happening a lot lately. ) I write about whatever is on my mind, listen to music and pretend I am in another world, I look at pictures of fantasy worlds, whether it's of an Elven War or the cities of the future I tend to draw lots of inspiration from those pictures, and most of my inspiration comes from having nothing to do. If I am feeling uninspired I tend to take a walk, buy a video game and play it for its story, read a book I have been meaning to for a long time or read a webcomic I haven't looked up in awhile. Pretty much it :P