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    “There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”- Jack Kerouac, On The Road

    Travel Record:
    June 17th, 7:00am: Departed from Barstow, CA


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  2. [​IMG]
    It was June 17th, 7a.m. and Caroline Donovan was ready to go. She adjusted the duffle bag on her shoulder and checked the tie at her neck for the tenth time, finally confirming that it was, in fact, acceptable (no matter what they said). She knew as soon as soon as she walked out of that bedroom and into the dual kitchenette/living space of their tiny house she would be fair game for her grandmother and brother’s usual taunts. But today was different. All she had to do was get through the kitchen and out the door and she would not have to hear from them for the rest of the day, or the rest of the month for that matter, maybe more.
    “See you guys in a couple of weeks.” She said as she tried to slip through the kitchen and past her grandmother in a manner as unobtrusive as humanly possible.
    “Where’re you going?” The old woman demanded abruptly. Caroline had anticipated the question but had hoped she would not have to answer it today. She took a slow, shallow breath.
    “Grandma, I told you.” She nodded her head in a slow motion, egging her guardian to remember what she had already told her several times that month. “Today’s the day me, and my friends leave for our trip.”
    “In what?” The woman pursued with a surly look. Caroline tried not to look offended. “Better not be that VW.”
    “Come on, Grandma Pat, you have the Accord.” Caroline answered tightly, hoping this was only a mean-spirited joke.
    “Well maybe I don’t want to take the Ah-chord.” She drawled pointedly, scratching a Pepto-Bismol-colored nail across her Have-A-Nice-Day coffee mug in a manner that could only be described as a threat.
    “You said if I fixed it, I could have it. I fixed it. That’s not fair.” Caroline tried, embarrassed by the way her voice rose a full octave when she said this.
    “You know she wouldn’t be this bitchy if she could just get a good dicking.” Suggested an obnoxious adolescent voice from the living room behind her.
    “Shut the FUCK up, Connor!” Caroline answered loudly, not even turning around to look at him. She locked eyes with her grandmother once again who shrugged and shifted the weight of her hip from one sweatpants-clad leg to the other. “Please grandma, just let me take the car. I fixed it. It belongs to me.” She begged.
    “That mini-bus belonged to your grandfather and now that he’s dead it belongs to me. Not you and your drug-addict friends, me.” Pat replied with a bitter smile that warned not to challenge. She turned he back and added another lump of sugar to her coffee, assuming that this had settled the matter. Bringing up dead relatives usually did. Caroline let her duffle drop to the linoleum.
    “He stole it.” Caroline whispered.
    “What did you say about your grandfather, you little bitch?” Pat yelled, pointing her ugly $5 manicure in her granddaughter’s face.
    “He stole it, and it was useless then too! It’s always been useless until I fixed it. You know that! And you know you said I could have it when it was fixed! I just don’t get it. Why are you doing this to me?” Caroline demanded.
    “Because you’re a disrespectful spoiled brat and a dyke and you haven’t done jack shit for this family so why should I let you have anything at all you ungrateful little-” The words all ran together. Caroline looked past her grandmother’s UV-damaged gremlin-esque face and out the screen door where she could see the sun rising. It was at that stage, maybe one third of the way up, when the sky transitions from orangey-pink to the freshest, brightest, cleanest blue you’ve ever seen in your life, like the blue they wrap babies in. And, for the first time in her life, Caroline interrupted her grandmother.
    “I’m not having this.” She declared and picked up her duffle. She walked straight to the door. “That bus belongs to me. I saved up. I fixed it. I painted it. And there’s nothing you can do to prove that otherwise.” She walked out of the house. Pat followed her out the door and down to where the VW waited in the driveway, yelling threats and epithets the entire way.
    “Where do you think you’re going?” She yelled as the driver’s door slammed.
    “Like hell you are!” But this objection was drowned in the roar of the motor and the uprising of dust that swirled around the driveway as the Volkswagen pulled out.
    “Fine! You know what? One less ungrateful little fag of a granddaughter is fine by me! Go die in the fuckin’ Mo-hah-vay Desert. See if I care!” The woman yelled past the chain link fence at the disappearing automobile.
    “Yeah!” Connor called from the stoop and chuckled, always pleased by a good spectacle.
    “Connor, get the fuck inside!” Patricia Donovan yelled, glaring at the mini-bus until it disappeared around the corner of their street before returning into the little white house herself.
    She didn’t really need the stupid bus, anyway.

    “¿Cuánto tiempo piensa quedarse en Santa Maria?” Diana Luz-Josune asked her daughter for the tenth time that morning.
    “Ugh. No sé, Mami. Ya te dije!” Trinidad Luz-Josune replied rolling her eyes as she crossed and uncrossed her legs impatiently. She wished Caroline would show up already so she wouldn’t have to have this conversation. She’d told her parents that she was going on a trip to visit Santa Maria Catholic Girls’ College for a month-long orientation. And while she was used to telling them stories to keep them happy, the constant lying was getting exhausting.
    “Why there’s my college-bound daughter!” Jose Luz-Josune announced, joining the gathering in the sitting room much to his daughter’s dismay. “Are you excited?”
    “Of course, Daddy.” Trini gave a terse smile with her brightly lipsticked mouth.
    “¿Te paquete de ayer?” Jose asked.
    “Si. Duh.” Trini replied, lightly kicking the large bag at her feet to indicate she had, in fact, packed everything.
    “I hope you’ll put on something a little more conservative when you get there.” Diana added, looking at her daughter’s multi-colored sundress with mild suspicion.
    “Of course, Mami.” She replied, resisting the urge to groan. She perked up when she saw the sea blue VW roll up in front of the house. “Well, gotta go! Adios, Mami. Adios, Papi.” She called, blowing them air kisses as she skipped to the door.
    “Let us at least help you carry your things!” Jose suggested.
    “No, no, it’s fine!” Trini insisted. She had the larger bag slung over her shoulder and the smaller drawstring one was cradled in her arms so it wouldn’t make the suspicious clinking noises which would, of course, give the game away. She made her way quickly down the lawn to the mini-bus. “Les quiero mucho!” She called sweetly back at her parents as Caroline opened the passenger’s side door just enough for her to slip in. “Ok, now book it.” She said when she was finally inside. Her friend obeyed.
    “Do you think they saw me?” Caroline asked once they were far enough down the road to return to a safe pace. Trini’s parents weren’t big fans of her best friend.
    “Naw, I didn’t give them the chance.” Trini replied with a wink. “So wanna see what Sister Trini brought along?” She opened up her bag and pulled out bottle after shining amber bottle. “Cuervo, Cuervo, Cuervo, Stoliii!” She listed them off cheerfully, very pleased with her conquest.
    “Geez, Trini. Would you put those away? What if we get pulled over?” Caroline smirked and shook her head at her.
    “Missed you too, lovebug.” Trini answered with a quick peck on her friend’s cheek.
    “How did you get all that, anyway?” Caroline asked as she rubbed her cheek to get the lipstick mark off.
    “With the help of a certain boy.” Trini replied.
    “Is that certain boy going to be on this trip with us?”
    “Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t.” She replied, pouting her lips coyly.
    “You’re so mysterious, Trini.” Caroline said with an eye roll as she pulled up to the curb. “Now text Andrea and tell her that we’re waiting outside her house.”
  3. The alarm had been sounding for nearly half an hour when Andrea was finally woken. Unfortunately it was not by the alarm itself, it was instead the job of her mother. The woman entered her daughters' room without pause, opening the curtains and whipping the thin duvet off the girl that instantly groaned in response. Andy was not a morning person.
    "Wakey wakey." Said the chirrupy voice, which only caused the lazy teen more anguish.
    "I'm up, I'm up. You do realise that in some countries this is considered abuse?" Andrea responded, pulling herself into a sitting position and stretching as best she could.
    "Just count yourself lucky your father isn't here." That was certainly true, he had always enjoyed throwing buckets of water on his children, not that he was often there in order to torture them in that way. His work kept him away, and even when he was home, he rose earlier than anyone else, and usually arrived home late at night too. It was hardly an ideal situation, but the family made do.
    Shortly after this, Andrea was left on her own in the room, at which point she hurriedly showered and dressed, knowing full well that she was already running late. Due to this fact, she threw on a random pair of jeans, along with a tanktop, she left her hair as it was, not seeing the point in doing anything to it, particularly seeing as she was only going to mess it up again when she inevitably fell asleep in the car. She did, however, put on a minimal amount of make up, just enough to hide the dark circles under her eyes.
    Thankfully, her bag had been packed the night before, as Andrea knew herself well, and as such had realised she was unlikely to have time to do it this morning. So, not too long after rising, Andrea was packed and ready to go, sitting on the bottom stair as she waited for a message from one of the girls. It didn't take long to come. So, with a quick hug and a kiss from mum, she headed out, leaving her quite pleasant and safe home life behind, though of course this was only temporary.
    Andrea half jogged over to the van, hopping in just behind Trini and Caroline, slinging an arm around each of them as she spoke, "How are we doing this fine morning?" She asked, sitting herself back down again now. "I for one, am totally pooped. It's way too early to be conscious, you do know that, right?" Of course, there were no hard feelings, although inevitably Andrea would end up asleep on one of the backseats.
  4. [​IMG]Ryan's alarm clock went off as if it were on cue. Moving around reluctantly in the bed he had no intentions of getting up. Being a morning person wasn't what he was at all and the fact that he had to get up made him extremy irritable. Sitting up Ryan rubbed his eyes and then blinked at the clock. " Oh shit". He jumped out of bed and sprinted into the bathroom with the exception of almost slipping and bumping his shoulder against the door. Today was the day he left out of his depressing house. Ryan had had enough of his fathers bullshit and his two pain in the ass cousins that decided to visit and think they were gonna dictate what went on around the house. Pulling on his clothes, Ryan checked both of the bags and grabbed his skateboard. Before he could even make it downstairs his cousin Amber was giving him the " What the fuck look" so before she could open her mouth he just shook his head and headed downstairs. Of couse he was to find his other cousin Adam munching on his cereal and his father staring at his mothers picture as if it was gonna bring her back to life.
    "Im leaving". Ryan wanted to leave it at that. His father had a habit of asking questions and it was too early to start arguing.
    " Oh so soon? Well have fun and i'll call? Mabey?". Mark wasn't good with communicating and his speech skills deffinitally showed.
    Ryan grabbed his hat and puut it on as he opened the door and watched as his cousin flicked him odff from across the room. Gritting his teeth just sighed. " Yeah dad, Sure dad, No dad". And that was the end of it. He pulled out his phone and called Lucas. Turnning his head he spotted the van and a smirk formed on his lips. Oh this would deffinitally be intresting.

    [​IMG]Lucas was already up. He was a planner and he made sure that things were done ahead of time. It was better that way and it would cause less cluster. He was in the middle of gettling the rest of his clothes packed. Lucas knew the one thing he hated more than anything was to leave and then forget something that you truly needed because of having to rush. Streaching his body he ran his hands through his hair before he finished putting all the items that he wanted and needed in. Downstairs he could hear his mother and dad talking about the trip. Things wre always a debate in the house and thats why he was never home. When his phone rang he answered it. He was supprised to hear RJ's voice since he was usually sleep. Grabbing all his things rushed downstairs and then headed out the door. He didn't talk to his dad and his mom was jsut too much. Lucas headed down the block and flicked Ryans hat as he saw the van pull up.
  5. Christa Theret 200x200.jpg Chesca Marlow sat at the edge of some man's bed wearing nothing but some man's shirt in the middle of the morning. Her back ached from last night's escapade. Not like it was that amazing, she added to herself. Some Man let out a gruesome whiff of gas as if he heard her thoughts. Scrunching her nose from the god-awful smell, she quickly rummaged through the pile of clothes that littered the bedroom floor.

    Aha! She found her jackpot in the back pocket of Some Man's skinny jeans: a half filled pack of Chesterfields. Nice. Some Man might be aneyelining douche but he sure knows how to pick his cigs. She lighted a stick with a lighter she found on the bedside drawer and gathered her [SIZE=2]clothes along with the rest of Some Man's Chesterfields. Soon enough, the smell of Some Man's gas [SIZE=2]was covered up with [SIZE=2]the smoke.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2]Chesca [SIZE=2]struggled to put her pants back on[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    without waking Eyelining Douche up, but even after bumping into his dresser drawer and letting out a muffled squeal, he laid face-down on his bed as still as a baby. His bare buttocks was disturbing her so she carefully propped a pillow on top which slid a little bit but at least it was covered while she did her thing.

    Immediately, she imagined herself to be Catwoman, silently searching through the rich guy's lair for anything worth stealing. In Eyelining Douche's case, besides the cigarettes, it was the fifty bucks buried underneath his rolled up boxers in his dresser drawer. [SIZE=2]She also found a[SIZE=2] masculin[SIZE=2]e [/SIZE]messe[SIZE=2]nger bag b[SIZE=2]ig enough to stylishly fit all her stuff (whi[SIZE=2]ch included[SIZE=2] a lipstick, hairpins[SIZE=2], and basically what she wore last night) [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]and more. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][I]Man, this douche's got some taste[/I][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2], she nodded to he[SIZE=2]rself.

    Chesca [SIZE=2]was starting to feel bad for Eyelining Douche. Of all the [SIZE=2]five men she'd slept w[SIZE=2]ith this week, [SIZE=2]he was the best catch[SIZE=2]: somewhat rich, overly stupid, and quick to please. She al[SIZE=2]most thought of [SIZE=2]not taking [SIZE=2]his t-sh[SIZE=2]irt that [SIZE=2]she was wearin[SIZE=2]g [/SIZE][/SIZE]with her[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    . Unfortunately for Eyelining Douche, she had looked in the mirror and found that the button-up bluish shirt looked good on her.[SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][I]Finders, keepers[/I][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2][SIZE=2], she shrugged[SIZE=2] and th[SIZE=2]rew the cigarette butt on the toilet.

    S[/SIZE]oftly, she left Eyeliner Douche's bachelor pad with [SIZE=2]her finds and hailed a cab which will take her to [SIZE=2]a diner not too near the scene of the crime.[SIZE=2] [SIZE=2]From[SIZE=2] there, she'll figure out where she[SIZE=2]'[SIZE=2]ll be going. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
  6. Siren hadn't slept in two days, and she was irritated.
    Her lack of sleep, family problems, and her lack of weed was getting to her.
    She'd just made it back home, and she was packing for her trip with her friends.
    They'd been planning this for a while, but she always did things last minute.
    She needed a cigarette.
    Sighing in frustration, Siren finished packing her two bags and went to take a shower.
    Thank God it was empty.

    The hot water was pretty much gone though, leaving her with a lukewarm shower.
    She finished, dried off, and got dressed.
    It was warm today, so she put on a gray tank top with white stripes, and a pair of light blue jean shorts with a black belt.
    Her makeup was simple today, just some eyeliner.
    She packed her bathroom supplies as well, and was ready now.

    Siren made her way to the kitchen to grab some water and a bagel.
    Her mother was at the table, with a cup of coffee in hand.
    "Siren, where are you going?"
    Her mom asked, and Siren sighed.
    "On a trip. I told you. But I won't be using my car, so don't worry."
    Her mother gave a vague nod, and then looked back down at her coffee.
    "Get me the vodka.."
    She said quietly, and Siren sighed, but grabbed it.

    Drinking before noon, as always.
    Her mother constantly had either a hangover or was drunk.
    Siren didn't even know her anymore.

    "It's warm, so I'm gonna wait outside."
    She smiled and walked out the front door to wait for Caroline.

  7. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Caroline smiled when Andrea wrapped her arms around their seats. Andrea was good to be around, and the one person besides Trini that Caroline knew the best on the trip. Caroline had met her through Trini and her jam sessions but it was good to know someone who also had a practical side.
    “Hey, lady.” Trini said when Andrea climbed in, playing with a strand of her friend’s somewhat messy hair. Andrea pointed out that it was much too early to be awake and Trini laughed. “Hey, it’s not my fault we’re out here so early. Someone just couldn’t wait to get going.” Trini insisted, smiling and rolling her eyes at Caroline. Caroline resisted the urge to laugh awkwardly and simply returned the gesture as she shifted the car back into gear.
    “Connor’s decided he’d like to further discover girls this summer, sorry I didn’t want to stick around longer to deal with that.” She explained. “Besides, even if we didn’t leave until 11 Andrea would end up napping in the back eventually.” She added playfully as she shifted the vehicle into gear.
    They drove the next couple of minutes to Ryan’s house, not surprised to see Lucas standing with him when they pulled up. Trini perked up immediately.
    “Good morning, boys!” Trini called out the window as the bus began to slow and stop.
    “Geez Trini, wake the neighborhood why, don’t you?” Caroline teased, but paid special attention to see that her friend didn’t lean too far out the window and topple right out of the car. Trini ignored her and shifted her shoulder up in a playful and flirtatious way. “Ryan,” Trini grabbed his cap and placed it on her own curly head. “I haven’t seen you since that massive party at Jen’s. Have you missed me?” Jen’s party had happened the previous Saturday and been a total blowout. It was Trini’s type of party, loud music, a giant pool, loads of alcohol, and lots and lots of boys.
    Caroline leaned around the back of Trini’s seat and opened the door to the VW so the boys could get in. “How about we all talk about it in the car? I still have to pick up Siren.”
    The ride to Siren’s house was a bit longer because it took them into one of the wealthiest neighborhoods on the edge of the city. Caroline herself almost never came out there unless it was to go to a house party with Trini or to pick up Siren, and even then she felt neither rich enough nor popular enough to be there.
    “Hey beautiful!" Trini called to her friend when they pulled up. “Get in, we’re getting breakfast!”
  8. "You know, my mum knows a vet...I could always get her to...y'know, castrate him." Sometimes Andrea thought that might be a good idea for most men, not that she voiced this all that often. It was apparently not something to be raised in polite company, as her father had pointed out one night when she'd apparently been meant to be charming some executive in his company. Luckily the guy had taken it quite well, and had been sufficiently pleased with what a wonderful family they were. Apparently these impressions were important.

    Once this comment was out in the open, Andrea simply settled back in her seat, soon noticing the two boys waiting for them. "Excellent. You guys arrived just in time, the PMS levels in here were getting dangerous. We need a bit of testosterone to balance it." Honestly, she had little idea of what the hell she was saying, andd didn't particularly care. She was tired, so she could say whatever the hell she wanted.

    Thankfully, Andrea did shut up long enough for the two males to hop in, and from then on was fairly quiet. She was beginning to fall asleep already, despite the fact that she was pretty damn excited about the forthcoming trip. Apparently, her need for ridiculous amounts of sleep transcended everything. Still, she remained awake enough to watch as the houses began to get bigger, spaced further apart. She'd been in this area many times, usually with her mummy and daddy, attending various soirees. It was all schmoozing, in the hope that they would one day be able to afford one of these almost grotesquely expensive houses. They were fairly well off themselves, but once you start climbing the business ladder, it's pretty damn difficult to stop.

    "Do you reckon anyone actually needs a house that big?" Andrea wondered out loud, trying to picture how many people would have to live in there to make it feel like home. She wasn't sure, but supposed it didn't really matter, and so let sleeping dogs lie for the time being.
  9. [​IMG][​IMG]Ryan grinned when Trini leaned out the window of the car. He was supprised that the lady from across the street didn't peek her noisy head out to see what was going on. Just by looking at the vehicle Ryan knew that he was ready for the trip and ready to leave his booring neighboorhood. When Trini took his hat from the window and placed it on her head, Ryan smiled and then nodded in response to her question. " Yeah I do, things were very intresting last saturday". Lucas shook his had and watched as his friend laughed. Both climbing into the car Lucas patted Caroline's head " Hows my driver doing today" Lucas chuckled before taking a seat next to Andrea. Ryan playfully grabbed Trini and took his hat back before placing it on his head. Looking out the window Ryan could see one of his cousins leaving the house and heading down the block. It just made him even more happy to know he didn't have to see them for awhile.
    Lucas opened up his bag and then searched for his headphones. They were his peace and kept him from loosing his mind.
    " Aye RJ here".
    Lucas tossed Ryan a small ball. It was almost on cue that Ryan stuck half his body out the window and threw the ball right at the back of his cousins head.
    " Score! Thanks Lucas." Ryan placed the rest of his body in the van and then got comfortable.
  10. Christa Theret Close Up 200x200.jpg Penny's was more than half full when Chesca went inside the diner. She noticed a couple of waitresses zooming to and fro with order tickets and meals. The customers' chatters made it evident that the usual morning lull had officially disappeared; the new day had started.

    It was the smell of sizzling bacon that got to her, like the intro of a Kings of Leon song edging her closer. She heeded the call and found herself a spot in the counter table where she conveniently had a first row view of her breakfast.

    "Can I get you anything, honey?" asked a lanky waitress who had stopped right next to me. The cook was too busy (and gruff-looking, I might add) juggling his spatulas.

    "Toast, honey, lots of bacon and even more coffee." Chesca nearly forgot to add, "Black but with condensed milk."

    "You heard that, Jim?"
    she called out to the cook who responded with a thumbs up, not even bothering to look up. He's cool, Chesca thought.

    Without a moment's notice, Lanky Waitress brought her her coffee which was still a few spoonfuls short of milk, of which she frowned upon.
    Mustn't complain, she reminded herself. I can't give much of a tip after all.

    She had gotten used to the rhythm of the diner (Jim's cooking, kids giggling, adult talk) until Jim served up her honeyed toast and bacon with extra bacon. She smiled her thanks and Jim gave her the thumb. At that moment, something loud and giggly entered Penny's and she saw that it was a group of people her age, maybe a couple of years younger.

    Chesca watched them, half-interested, as they sat at one of the group tables.
    Look at them, she thought sourly as she took a bite of her bacon combo. Without a care in the world. Just summer, sex, and fun. She snorted and turned her attention back to her beloved bacon.
  11. Siren smiled brightly- all perfect, straight, white teeth, at Trini.
    She'd called her beautiful.
    And, they were getting breakfast.

    She put her stuff in the van and got in, smiling at everyone.
    "Hey guys." She said, shutting the van door.

    It had been quite a morning, and Siren was still quite tired.
    She buckled up and looked at Trini.
    "So, where are we going for breakfast, then?"
    She asked, hoping for some eggs.
    She was really craving them, oddly enough.

  12. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Caroline gave Lucas a quick thumbs up after he patted her head and carefully smoothed her hair back into place. "It's called Penny's" Caroline replied when Siren asked where they were going. Penny's was in Yermo, about 20 minutes out of Barstow. Caroline had chosen it on the particular purpose of not stopping anywhere that she might have to see anymore all-too-familiar faces.
    Trini talked to Ryan for most of the ride, occasionally tickling or jabbing at Lucas with his headphones in for good measure. She squealed and laughed a wide open carefree laugh every time she snatched Ryan's hat and he wrestled it away from her. They talked a lot about Jen's party and their plans for the summer. "There's gonna be a huge musical festival in Santa Fe and ooh I wanna go so bad! I hope we make it out there in time! I even forced Caroline to bring her guitar so we can party." She leaned lover the front seat and laced her fingers together as if she was begging and pouting her plush red lips at her best friend. "Oh please darling, let's get there in time! I know how you men are with your aversion to maps!" Caroline, who had been chatting with Siren for the past several minutes chuckled and rolled her eyes.
    "Ok, A: Trini, I am not a man. And B: That map thing is the oldest man stereotype in the book, I should think Ryan and Lucas would be offended. Anyway, we can worry about it later. There's the diner right there."
    Penny's was a cute diner on the side of an otherwise fairly barren road. It had a 1950's vibe which Caroline took the time to admire as she parked the car and went along the side to open the back doors and let everyone out. Once all were out Trini hopped on Lucas' back piggy-back style and laced her fingers together with her arms stuck out in front of him, citing her legs having fallen asleep (they hadn't) as her excuse for the "lift" into the diner.
    The gang walked in (well, most walked, Trini was carried) and sidled into a corner booth. The waitress came and took their drink orders. Caroline placed her keys on the table in front of her as the waitress was walking away and when she glanced up again her eyes fell upon a blonde girl at the counter.
    "Oh wow." Caroline breathed. "She's beautiful." Trini, who was at her left, immediately recognized the girl her friend was talking about.
    "You should talk to her." The latina suggested, jabbing Caroline's arm with one of her immaculate french-tipped nails.
    "Woah, no way. She doesn't even look gay!" Caroline objected, turning away quickly so the stranger wouldn't see her staring.
    "Oh my god, please. She's wearing a man's shirt!" Trini argued. Caroline couldn't deny that, but she preferred not to build false hope.
    "It’s probably her boyfriend’s…" She mumbled.
    "Ugh, dios mio eres imposible. Just talk to her!" Trini ordered, exasperated, and grabbed the keys from in front of her friend. Caroline made a grab for the keys but the girl already had them hostage. “Chica, that Serenity girl messed you up big time and she left months ago, it's time to get over it. You’re not getting those back until you talk to her.” Trini ordered, laying down the law. Caroline paused and made a quick lunge for the keys but Trini jerked them back and tossed them to the other end of the booth to Ryan. "You know you can't beat me at this." Giving up, Caroline sighed.
    “Ugh. Fine.” Trini clapped for joy as Caroline got up from the booth and began to walk towards the blonde beauty at the counter. She glanced back at Trini who playfully blew her a kiss, a motion which made her groan internally and tense her shoulders up. She smoothed her short hair back and adjusted her rolled-up sleeves as she got ever closer. She made it to about a foot away from the stranger (close enough to reach out and touch her shoulder) before convincing herself that this was literally the worst idea ever, pivoting on her heel, and retreating back to the booth much to Trini's clearly mimed disapproval. "No. I can't do it." She mouthed once she had returned. Trini crossed her arms and gave her a disappointed look, barring her entrance to the booth.
    "Sacatón! Such a wimp!" She hissed through her teeth.
  13. Andrea was not antisocial, but she didn't talk to anyone on the drive to the diner. This was due to the fact that she was soundly asleep with her head on Lucas' shoulder. It was hardly ideal, but at least she wasn't snoring or drooling. She was even courteous enough not to talk in her sleep, something that she was known to do on ocassion. Usually she just spoke gibbberish, or else complained about moving miles away from home. Although she was happy now, that didn't change the fact that when she had first been uprooted, it had come like a kick in the teeth. Hopefully no one took it personally when her sleeping voice piped up with those little gems.

    Just a couple of minutes before arriving at the diner, Andrea woke up again, her eyes fluttering open, and immediately noticing that she was encroaching on someones space. "Oh, sorry Lucas." She smiled, "You just make such a damn good pillow."Well, aside from the crick in her neck, he had apparently been quite comfortable. Moving her head from side to side in an effort to loosen herself up, Andrea also attuned herself to their location, soon setting eyes upon that wonderful place that meant food. Apparently there was a god.

    She made her way inside with the rest of the group, hopping into her seat and immediately poring over the menu. She also listened to the conversation between Caroline and Trini, considering intervening too. Eventually, she was bold enough to do so, though usually she was not one to medle too much. "Caroline, just go and order us lots of coffee. While you're waiting, mention the weather. It doesn't have to be weird, just small talk. I hear you yanks are damn good at it." Andrea was attempting to help, though in fairness her expertise in such matters was hardly worth mentioning, but she was doing her best to help a friend.
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]Lucas was contient on listening to his music in his headphones but was distracted as Trini keept managing to tickle him and jab him in his sides. He'd made a face but Trini didn't seem to mind and kept on jabbing away as she and Ryan discussed the party they went to last weekend. It was always Lucas who either in the most supprising casses, came either late or was too busy havign a party all by himself with a nice bottle of liquor. Ryan occasinally held onto Trini's hand to keep her from grabbing his hat wich she managed to grab over and over. It had occured to Lucas during the ride that Andrea found his shoulder to be quite comfortable because thats were sleeping. " Hey not all men are like that". Ryan responded to Trini's comment and then leaned his head back. When Andrea woke up Lucas smiled and then shook his head when she commented on how his body was comfortable.
    " Well thanks im glad to hear that".
    Ryan hopped out the car and adjuted his hat. " Damn iv'e never been this hungry in my life".
    Lucas made his way out with Trini right on his back. It didn't bother him since she was extra light and the dinner was only a few feet away. Once everybody was situated Ryan ordered along with Lucas since they couldn't wait to dig into their meal. Lucas looked over at the woman Caroline was talking about and then him and Ryan exchanged the same glance. Finding the situation amusing Lucas said nothing and watched as Ryan caught the keys. The trip had jsut begun and this were already entertaining.
  15. Christa Theret Close Up 200x200.jpg
    savored the last strip of bacon in her mouth before drowning the chewed bits with her coffee.
    Divine. This might just be the last time she could afford having an extra-extra-bacon-filled breakfast in the next few days. She had no desire with sleeping with other men this week so she will have to make every penny of her $150 from her recent nightly rummages in strangers' bedrooms count.

    She was completely oblivious to the interests of the group of young adults in her, which was why she was courageous enough to sneak another longing glance at them.
    I wish I had their lives; mine's much shittier, she gulped the pain of envy away. She had just left her bill plus small tip on the counter and started to take her leave, still unknowing where to go. A caught glance from the Latina in the group who recently entered the diner distracted her. She has never seen such beautifully round eyes before and her obsession with beauty made her pause.

    Thus, Chesca unknowingly bumped into one of the waitresses who was bringing freshly brewed coffee which spilled unto a huge chunk at the end of her new (at least recently stolen) shirt.
    "Fuck!" she cried in pain as the beverage was burning her palm and stomach. By impulse, she immediately unbuttoned halfway up of her shirt and held the drenched end away from herself, showing her bare lower torso in public.

  16. Siren watched the waitress bump into the girl, and spill the hot coffee on her.
    Quickly and silently, she got up and walked over to her, holding out a towel.
    "Here, let's clean this up, and I'll get you some ice."
    Siren went to the front counter and requested a small bag of ice, and returned, holding it out.
    "Just hold this on it, and it should be fine. Although your shirt may be ruined."
    She smiled at her.
    "I have an extra you can borrow if you like."
    She didn't know this girl, but Siren was always kind to everyone.
    Unless they gave her a reason not to be.
    "My name is Siren, by the way." She said, holding out her hand.