Where Do We Go From Here?

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    “There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”- Jack Kerouac, On The Road

    Plot: In the morning of June 17th a group of friends and recent high school graduates leave their small, Southern California town on a road trip Eastward. Along the way, various kinds of vagabonds come in and out of their lives. Secrets spill out before being stuffed back inside, and stitched up again. Relationships bloom wildly and unexpectedly while others wilt and maybe even die. And the farther they get from the people they were the more they have to question the people they are. All the time they have the question in the back of their minds: Where do we go from here?

    Anticipated Rating: R

    Genre: Young adult drama, romance, adventure, comedy whatever

    1. Don't be a jerk.
    2. Respect the posting order.
    3. You have 1 week max to reply once the user before you in the posting order has posted, if you miss your slot, you're skipped for that round.
    4. Try to interact with or acknowledge all other characters in play.
    5. If you want to drop the RP just write your character out and let me know to remove you from the posting order.
    6. Remember that drama and romance, as always, are highly encouraged.

    Character Skeleton:

    Posting Order:
    1. Ophelia
    2. Psychedelic
    3. Kronas17
    4. Neohmi
    5. Severusx
    6. midori
    Caroline Donovan
    Trini Luz-Josune
    Andrea Fletcher
    Nikolai Rostov
    Seline Haugen

    Liam Haugen
    Ryan Santos
    Lucas Hawkins
    Chesca Marlow
    Siren La Roux
    Arella Asher
    Kyle Wesley


    • Volkswagen Bus (full)
      • Owner: Caroline
      • Seats: 9

    IC: Here
  2. Name: Caroline Donovan
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Lesbian
    Ancestry: Welsh & Irish
    Personality: Quiet, intellectual. hard-working, a diehard romantic.
    Interests: Guitar, girls, writing, vintage clothes, work, monogamy.
    Backstory: The first 18 years of Caroline's life all took place in Barstow, CA in a small white rental house with a chain link fence around the yard and her grandfather's broken down sea blue VW bus in the driveway. Actually, that's not entirely true. The first three years of Caroline's life took place in an apartment, also in Barstow, which she never did go back to look at. When Caroline was three and her brother still an infant her father took her to her grandma Pat's house. When Mr. Donovan failed to ever return for the children they were adopted by Pat and lived there ever since. Caroline struggled growing up in this less-than-progressive family, the most difficult time being her freshman year at Barstow Highschool, the year she came out as a lesbian. Due to her being so shy, her main claims to fame throughout highschool were as "that one lesbian chick" and "Trini's best friend." Trini and Caroline have been best friends ever since they were 14 although their families never got along. When Caroline was 16 she fell in love with a girl named Serenity, the girl who would become her first girlfriend, break her heart, and move away Denver. Caroline began restoring the VW bus the day that Serenity left and is now taking it on this road trip with her friends. She's very anxious to leave.
  3. Name: Trinidad "Trini" Luz-Josune
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Ancestry: Mexican
    Personality: Outgoing, popular, driven, wild, a hippie at heart.
    Interests: Singing, concerts, partying, sex, clothes, people.
    Backstory: Trini has lived in Barstow CA all her life. She grew up with her very traditional Catholic parents, as well as three siblings, two younger brothers and an older sister. Her family is well enough off, but she has always found them a little close-minded and boring. Growing up she loved going to church for the art, the interesting stories, and most of all, the opportunity to sing (an activity she is very talented at). This led to her coming up with her own, looser, brand of Catholicism with a focus on aesthetics more than dogma. She has yet to realize that this is probably blasphemy, but even if she did realize she would probably stick with it anyway, because Trini has always had a way of simply doing what she wanted. Due to this tendency towards self-gratification, Trini also developed an affinity for parties of the great music, decent drugs, and casual sex variety. She's been a wild child ever since she was 15 years old and has kept her best friend Caroline by her side through it all. Her senior year she applied to the very prestigious Santa Maria Catholic Girls' College and got in, this is the school her parents expect her to go to. Trini, however, has other plans.
  4. Is it alright if I join with a couple of characters?
  5. More than okay, that'd be awesome. :) Just remember if they're going to be in the VW at the beginning of the story they'll have to be friends with at least one of the two characters I made.
  6. Name: Andrea Fletcher
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Ancestry: English
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Confident and outgoing, despite the fact that she's a bit of a bumbling fool at times. Andy juggles her creative side with her practical one, and is still attempting to decide which career to pursue. Attempt to find work as the next big thing, or go to university and become a great chemist? She seeks success, and is pretty damn ruthless when it comes down to this - though she's upfront about this - she is in no way a backstabber. In general, she's just a kind hearted and fun loving young woman. Nothing too special, really.
    Interests: Science, rock/metal, pretty colours, bass guitar
    Backstory: Once upon a time, Andrea lived in Folkestone, a fairly quiet fishing town in Kent. However, at the age of 14, the family moved to California, as her father was offered a rather lucrative job there. Of course, it was a bit of a shock, and the sudden uprooting did cause a bit of a rebellion in the girl, not that it lasted terribly long. In any case, she soon settled in, and family life continued as normal. Her older brother went off to university at CalTech, and Andrea continued to pursue her love of chemistry. Life was good. Now, she's just uncertain of where to go. Follow big brother to CalTech, or drop it all and start busking?

    I'm thinking she could be friends with Caroline, seeing as they're both interested in music? If not, feel free to make something up that fits your two.
  7. Name: Nikolai Rostov
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual - Mainly because someone can't make up his mind
    Ancestry: Russian
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: An eternal optimist, Nik is just a genuinely nice guy. He does his best to help people, not that he's really got the means to do so. He's pretty damn lazy, and only really gets up and does stuff if there's a good chance of having lots and lots of fun.
    Interests: Sleep, video games, vodka!, hitchhiking xD
    Backstory: The son of a Russian businessman and a nondescript American woman, Nikolai comes from a wealthy background. Unfortunately, there's alot of corruption in Russia - and his father was murdered. Although the business is still up and running, life isn't quite as easy as it used to be. Nik was schooled privately until the age of 11, but was later forced to go through a normal education when most of the money had run out. He soon dropped out, at the age of 16, and also got expelled by his family - a slacker was not welcome. So, now he travels about where he can, usually working at fast food joints to make ends meet.
  8. Rad, I'm liking these characters. :) I think Andrea would fit in well with Caroline and Trini because she would appeal to the practicality in Caroline and the creativity in Trini. Maybe she graduated Barstow High with them and is one of their mutual friends and jam session buddies. How does that sound?
  9. Sounds good to me :) ROADTRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Wheeeee! :D And I assume Nikolai will be picked up somewhere along the way? (He'll like Trini because she's bringing some Stolichnaya along, lol.)
  11. Exactly. He'll probably be wandering along a road at some point.
  12. Alrightee. Feel free to bring him into it whatever time you find best.
  13. I'm really interested in this along with also posting multiple characters; siblings actually. Sorry to ask this but if you don't mind... Can I post a start for the profile then edit it as hours pass? I'm using my phone and it likes to erase everything I write then randomly log me out.
  14. Yep, that's fine! Siblings sound awesome. Remember to establish a tie between them and the folks in the car if they aren't going to be hitchhikers. :)
  15. Will edit~!!! :)

    Name: Seline Haugen
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Confused
    Ancestry: Norwegian
    Backstory: A small town only miles to another. This one specifically was only a town because of its post office, church, and bar. There wasn't a store, gas pump, or restaurant either. Those who lived here had to go to the school a town over. Born and raised in the bible belt of California, her and her older brother were often judged. Judged harshly at that. Be it how they acted or just what they wore, the people their parents loved being around were hypocrites. This left her and her brother little faith in religion. though he claimed the atheist side of things Seline kept to the spiritual side. Believe in what ever she wanted without a say of wrong. She had always been watched over by Liam, her older brother, even when he couldn't look after himself. She has always thought of herself as straight until one kiss from a middle school best friend. Ever since, she continued to date men but began to easily lose interest and move onto another. This often led people to spread rumors of giving them sex, money, and what ever else... the girl was known as a whore even though it was far from the truth. Her eyes often stared upon women that were now thought to be attracted. Confused by her actual feelings, Seline never questioned her sexuality out loud but as her alone time came along, her fantasies wondered to female beings. This left her wanting to try the lesbian relationship, to see how her emotions really are about it rather than just the fantasized dreams, burn bright. Yet the fact was... As long as they were at home that would never happen.

    Name: Liam Haugen
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Ancestry: Norwegian
    Backstory: Took care of sister even at a young age due to the constant quarreling of their parents. Mid high school their parents divorced and the truth about the fathers constant affairs during the years came out. Mother moved to the other town as their father stayed in the country, while his girlfriend for the past year move in with them. Liam had girlfriends but none lasted long. They found it creepy and rude how family came first and they came... well last. Graduating a year before his sister and with perfect grades, he decided to tag along on their little trip so he could make sure nothing happened to any of them. Personally he took it as an escape from their reality and a chance for something new.
  16. Name: Ryan Santos
    Ancestory: Brazillian
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Funny, Charming, Athletic, Layed Back, People Person
    Intrests: Girls, Parties, Sports, Drinking, Entertainment
    BackStory: Ryan grew up the yongest out of and older brother and sister. Since a young age he was always into sports and trying to be better than his siblings. He grew up in an nice town where everyone knew enerybody. Ryan's mother died in a hit and run when he was 17 and ever sicne then he started to drink and it didn't help that after that his father got sick. Ryan put his mind into sports and everything else since then.
  17. Name: Lucas Hawkins
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Confused
    Ancestory: Astralian
    Personaility: Friendly, Short tempered, Likes to fight, Sweet and kind hearted, Cool
    Intrests: Friends, Having fun, Smoking, Clothes, Sports and staying in shape
    Backstory: Lucas grew up in a small home as a single child. His mother was a buisnesswoman who was always out of town and his father was a police officer. When Lucas was young he had everything he wanted but when his father lost his job things changed. He had a terrible temper and would take it out on Luas for whatever reason. Eventually his parents got a divorce and he lived with his mother who re married. It was around his 16 birthday when he realized he had an intrest for the same sex. It botherd Lucas since he wasn't raised with parents who encouraged attraction twords the same sex. Ignoring it Lucas dated plenty of girls and kept thoughts of " What if" to himself.

    Hope the two character's are okay
  18. Sweet. Do you plan on them being in the road trip group from the beginning or being hitchhikers that are picked up along the way?
    I could definitely see them being highschool friends of Trini, Andrea, and Caroline but if you want them to be hitchhikers that is totes cool too.
  19. They can be in the road trip from the start. And that be great if my characters are friends with them
  20. Definitely! That's what I had in mind actually. Should they know each other from school or just the party scene? Or both?