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  1. Hey all, I haven't been on in awhile but I've been itching to do something inspired by a RP that I was involved in a couple of years back that I found really interesting.
    Here's the synopsis:
    It's said in the real world in modern times and it's summer. A group of friends, most if not all of them recent highschool grads, are going on a roadtrip together. They don't have a set destination per se, but they're leaving from a fictional small town in the southwest and heading eastward. The story will revolve around these friends, the hitchhikers they pick up along the way, and others who chose to join their caravan. The story will be about the drama and romance that occurs within this ragtag drifter community. The story relies on a unique, complex, and diverse set of characters to really thrive. Suggestions? Anyone interested?
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  2. Sounds interesting! :) What kind of characters were you hoping for?
  3. I'm really hoping for diversity as far as race, gender, sexuality, class, things like that in the group. But equally important, I want the characters to have complexities, to have flaws and secrets and intricate pasts that will come out as the story develops. That's what keeps the story intriguing, after all. :)

    But yeah, glad you're interested! Any suggestions or ideas?

    Oh, and I see you're new so welcome by the way!
  4. Sounds cool. Is kinda dramatic okay?

    And haha thank you!
    Hope you don't mind a newbie joining!

    I'll give it more of a think for now but is it okay to have more than one character? :)
  5. Yes! Dramatic is awesome as are multiple characters!
    I'm sending you all the newbie love my friend. Hope you decide to join. And ask me if you have any questions. ;)
  6. Colour me interested
  7. Awesome! I'll post a link to the OOC here when I make it. :)