Where Do We Belong?

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  1. ((This Roleplay is between Shadowuv98 and I, Thesecretgirl445))

    I wonder the streets in New York city pick pocketing everyones wallets. Im a fourteen year old girl who is alone and an orphane. Yeah I know what you are thinking I need to be in an orphange if i'm an orphan or in a foster home. But the thing is, no one wants me. No one will accpet me. I have no idea why. I guess im just different. Their lose. If you have never been to New York city then you have never lived. Its such an amazing place. And its really nice at night. When I go to an alley way I look through the wallets I have "borrowed' and decided that I have a good amout of money. Eighty dollars is about enough for me. When I throw the wallets on the ground I head back to my little home. What I call home is a little abondoned apartment complex. Other People that have no homes go there too. It's more like a safe haven for most homeless. We get fed and everything. So yeah. I guess i do have a place to stay. But i have no friends or family. But I don't care. It's better if I'm alone. I have been alone since i was eight years old. I got seperated form my older siblings when i was younger. Im sure they have families now.

    When I enter the building the people that are in the broken down lobby give me stares. Shurgging them off i head up to the very top floor to where my bedroom is. And I guess I lied once more. im not really alone. I have my dog, I call him Guardian. He is a german shepard. I found him when he was a puppy not to long ago. But now he is a big boy. We both take care of eachother. And to be honest. This guy is all im fighting for. With out him my life would be hell. I give Guardian a hug as i walking through the door and his licks my face I would say about a hundered times. I love this guy. He is my best friend. I walk over and give him some of his food and I lay down on my bed and stare up at the moon. it was a great moon. As I drift asleep Guardain curls up beside me. "Goodnight" I say and we both fall asleep.
  2. I stare our hole of what we call home. And by we I mean my friends and younger brother Rex. Leaving under the streets of one of the hugest cities in the world isn't easy when you are on the most wanted orphan list in New york city. Which is a list of orphans all around causing trouble amongst the people. We all are not just me. But my brother and I are at the top. We are the only ones here who are actually related. We had a younger sister but she got separated from us years ago so we would probably wouldn't be able to recognize her now. Here there is 4 boys they are Danny age 17 and his twin brother Dylan who is more of a pain and by the way they are slender mans flesh and blood but they have there mothers face, Rex my bro is 16 he is my flesh and blood, and Darius age 15 was in love with my sister and still misses her but he is not weak he is a very strong fighter. We have 3 girls Allison age 17 and always knows how to put a smile on everyones face and is one of my best friends, Mara who is age 16 going on 17 in a month and always gives out free compliments, lastly there is me Shadow is my name but i go by Shawty and I am age 17. Most groups have leaders around here. But we don't. Everyone has there take charge moments.

    As I look away from the hole a see everyone has gone to sleep but Rex. I stride over to his bed and sit next to him. Silence. Then I decide I must say something. " What is wrong Rex" I ask as I ease my hand on his shoulder. "Do you know what tomorrow is" he asks avoiding eye contact. All I see is fire surrounding the neighborhood I grew up in for ten years an it burned gone and our parents along with it and our sister gone missing. That happened ten years as of tomorrow. " I do" I say as soft as I can without tears falling and I rub my hands on his back to calm him down. " I know I should be over it but.." I don't let him finish I say " It is okay to be mad at those people who did it, to mourn over the lost sometimes, and ponder if our sister survived and where she is now. Do not ever be over I never will be." He wraps his arms around me and i realize he is hugging me so i do the same. He rarely gives anyone hugs, so cherish every single one. As he is about to release i whisper in his ear " I love you my dear brother and don't you forget it." He whispers in my ear " I love you too Shawty and you better know it". As we head to our beds I glance at him one more time before sleeping and our eyes meet we smirk the same brother-sister smirk and go to sleep on that.
  3. I wake up to the smell of god breathe in my face up and see that Guardian is breathing in my face. Giggling I push him away and sit up. I go to the bathroom and take a shower. Yes, yes this building still works. All of us homeless pay one of the guys that keeps this place in order and running. So at the end of each week we have to give about twenty dollars each. but yeah we still have everything we need to live and rent is free. its free because well...we are homeless. I wash my body and my black silky hair. I have always loved the way I look. I have black hair, Deep blue eyes, and pale skin. Oh and I guess I forgot to mention my name. My name is Dawn. Some adults or older kids call me either D or Dark Dawn because of the way I look. But I don't mind.

    I get of my shower and brush my teeth and brush my hair. I throw on some Black skinny jean that I can move around in when I free run and just basically run in. Then I decided on my Black shirt with a gorgeous tiger on it. It looks so real. Then finally i throw on my black leather jacket. Yeah if you haven't figured it out I'm really into black. I also have only one pair of black boots that I just adore so much.

    I grab the money that I had earned yesterday and got Guardian on a leash and we both Walked out of the building into the streets of New York. Suddenly it was weird. I felt like today, was going to be a whole lot different. But i shrugged off the feeling and and went to go do my food shopping for me, and my Guardian too.
  4. When I wake up and Allison Rex and Dylan are up everyone else is still asleep. "Morning Shawty how late u stay up this time" Allison says i must look tired. I look over to Rex he smirks and holds up 3 fingers. I say " 3 am" I say with a smirk. " I gonna go get changed hey Dylan where is ur brother sweatshirt mine is dirty" I ask Dylan sleepily. " It is dirty most of them are from our last muddy trip" He says with a huge grin. "Mine is in the dryer u know which one go get it u can use it" Rex says with the same small smirk as he rolls his eyes. We are about the same size even though he is younger by not even a year. "Thanks" I say running to the bathroom. I glance in the mirror at myself. I have carmel skin, curvy body shape, blue-grey eyes, electric blue hair that it almost looks black and it goes half-way down my back, and I am very tall 6'2 to be exact. I take off my tank top and shorts and my dirty underwear and put on clean underwear and a black bra and a red t-shirt with the assassins creed symbol in black that used to be Danny's but i loved it so much so he gave it to me one day on my birthday my black khakis and black socks with red converse i found one day on the streets. I got a strange feeling in the pit of my heart something out of sorts was gonna happen but I smirked in the mirror and left to go get Rex's sweatshirt from the dryer.

    On my way out Allison gives my a waffle and follows me out along with Dylan. Rex stays behind. I grab the sweatshirt from the dryer and sneak out the back and I catch up to Allison and Dylan as I put it on over my head and we head off to go free run and grab lunch and dinner.
  5. I walk out of the store with bags of food in hand and smiled at the sky. That strange feeling was still there. I couldn't help but think it was a bad feeling. Because normally something bad did happen to me. I guess you could say that I'm bad luck. When I used to tell people they wouldn't believe me until something had happened to them while they were with me. That's why I more like a loner. Though one guy I knew from a very long time ago before I had gotten seprated from my Family that didn't care about all that. He was the only one I told and was the only one who stuck by me and by myside with I was in trouble. His name was Darius. He has probably forgotten about me. But I haven't forgetten about him. I'm still madly in love with him. I'm sure her doesn't feel the same way anymore.

    Shaking off the thought of him me and G ran home and dropped of the my food and G's food and went down to the old abandoned allies near central park to go free running. I like the excitement and the adrenielene it give me. I feel so alive. and I feel so much better. By the time I got the the park I froze. The feeling was stronger. It was so weird.

    Once again I shook it off and began. The day was so nice I couldn't pass it up. The whole time I was free running Guardian was at my side. I guess you could call him a free running dog. I laughed then he barked. We had such a good time together. As I ran up another tree I felt stares upon me. I finish with a back flipped and looked up. There was another group of free runners just stareing at me. I felt uncomfortable. I broke their stare and just sat down to relax. Guardian had walked to me and layed his head down in my lap. I smiled. I blew in his face and of course, he sneezed on me. "Ewww!!" I laughed. Pushing him off I continued to smile and laugh and play with him. I had turned around and noticed that the group was still there, looking at me. I felt uneasy, and began to walk away. Then one of the Older looking girls was walking over to me. I just stood there. Ready to attack if needed. But something about her, as she came closer, looked familiar. I didn't know what to do. When she wass standing in front of me she had ask "Um I know this is random but, is your name by any chance.. Dawn?". That was when She got scared. She slowly nodded her head and took a step back. This must what she was feeling. The weird part of the day.

    "Yes, my name is Dawn. But how did you know?" Dawn replied to the girl. The girls eyes went wide and she had this weird big smile on her face. This had just gone from Uncomfortable to really weird.
  6. At the place we free run I see girl who looks like Dawn our little sister mine and Rex so i ask her as Allison and Dylan go free running. "Um i know this is random but, is your name by any chance.. Dawn?" I say once I walk over to her. She is hesitant. So she must be. "Yes, my name is Dawn. But how did you know?" She replied with a curios look on her face. My eyes widen and i grin. "You probably do not remember me but i remember you. I am your older sister Shadow. I want to aplogize we tried to look everywhere for you after the fire but we never found you and assumed you did not want to be with us or worse died. Darius mourned for days he still mourns now he will be so happy to see you if you want to come with us and at least see everyone again and maybe stay but it does not matter I am just happy your okay and one piece you must be 14 by now turning 15 soon you are not much younger than darius. Allison, Dylan look who I found. Their families were friends with ours." They rush over and see Dawn. Allison says "hey chica remember me Allison?"
    Dawn doesn't respond before Dylan says "Or me Dylan I was Danny's twin brother, Darius's best friend next to your brother Rex and your sis here?"
  7. I was shocked, happy, but angry as well. For one thing Darius remembered me! But the upsetting thing was that they had stopped looking for me. As they begin to reintroduce themselves I nod as the tell me who they are. I back away once more and say "As much as I would love to come back with you I have my own place." Shadow looked upset. But of course wasn't giving up. Stepping foward she tell me " Just come and hang out. you don't have to stay, just hang out and see everyone." I pause for a moment. Looking down at guardian we both nodded. "yes i say, as long as Guardian can come to. He is like my protect." Then once again Shadow grinned and said "Of course" After that she was leading me back to there home.
  8. I kinda figured she would not stay with us but everyone should get to see her at least darius he will be so happy. "Just so you know we never truly stopped looking once we decided we needed to move on we did not loose hope so we set up a search party and filed a report to Erny the head chief and he told every other head chief to look for the missing child and we ask him every day if has any report of finding you but he did not ever. We ask him over our old cell phones we had from years ago." I said that cuz i felt guilty that i might of seemed we stopped looking. We are at the doorway and right when she walks in Rex comes up and says "My lil sis has grown how you been" Dawn responds smiling a little with all the familiar faces and wondering where Darius is "Great life on the streets ya know." Darius perks up from his bed to the sweet voice of his lover. He runs over and picks her up in his arms and she smiles the biggest smile.
  9. When I saw Darius I couldn't believe it. He was here. He swooped me up in his arms and I was smiling and laughing. I even kissed him! and guess what! He kissed me back! The kiss was incredible. I was so happy to see my family I started to cry. I have been so alone for so long and now they are back. But one thing weighed on my mind. My bad luck. What would happen now. Pushing the thought away I just hung out with my family and Darius and I stayed by each others side. We laughed and everything and they had told me what all of them had been up to for the past 7 years. When I looked out side i saw it was getting dark. I sadden a little. "Guys I have to get home. It's getting late and all residence at my place has to be home by eleven. I'm sorry" I told them. They all got sad and Suddenly Darius came out of no where and said "Don't worry guys. I'll go with her." I was stunned but happy. Everyone looked uneasy but they knew we weren't going to do anything bad. They all okay and Darius, Guardian, and I said our goodbyes and went on our way.

    It was amazing talking and holding hands with my one love again. Since we were a young age we knew we were meant to be. We had to run to my home because it was ten till eleven. We made it on time and the Manager just smiled at me. "Well well, Ms. D who is this." He asked.

    "Well Mr. Gorge this is my long lost lover Darius. It was a weird and yet good day. I finally found my family". I replied

    "That's great!"

    "I know!" Guardian then jumped up on Gorge and he laughed. "Why hello G. Oh and Dawn do you the payment for me?"

    "Oh yes! I'll give it to you in the morning is that alright?"

    "Yes that is quite fine"

    "Okay, thank you. I think we will be heading off to bed"

    Smiling he nodded and I lead Darius up to the top floor where my bedroom is. Darius and Guardian went in first then I had followed behind turning on the lights. "Its not much of a place, But its my home. And I love it." I said smiling.

    "Its perfect. Just like you" Darius responded. I smiled and he smiled back. Sitting down on the floor we talked and talked. And I had soon fell sleep in his lap. He stroked my hair for a few minutes and he had soon fall asleep himself. Today, was offically, the best day of my life.
  10. "wow good eyes Shadow" Rex says with grin ear to ear as they leave. "yeah good job Shawty" Dylan spits out like he has to force it out. I am not surprised he really hates me, but then he smirks and looks at my eyes. Wow does he like me? Then I realize my eyeliner is everywhere. I run to Dylan's bed and rub some off on his pillow before heading to the bathroom. "Really?" He yells as i am walking to the bathroom. I smile and yell back "You betcha."

    I come out and everyone but Dylan and Mara are heading to bed, they are just sat up in their beds. Mara falls down and closes her eyes leaving just Dylan and I. Great. I can tell he needs someone to talk to so i come over and sit next to him. "Hey you okay dill" I ask him awkwardly. I expect a trick or revenge or him to point out my eyeliner on his pillow but he doesn't. "I saw a report today passing by a t.v. my sister died in a car crash. I haven't seen her since the fire" he says with tears in his eyes. "She will always be in your heart"I say with sympathy in my voice. "I know it just does not feel the same" he says with a few tears falling. I wipe his tears gently with my hand and say "hey i have been meaning to show you this really cool place i promise this is not a trick if it is all my family will perish in the next hour." "Okay" he says as i drag his arm so he will follow me.

    I drag him to what is left of the statue of liberty and we climb to the top bar. We sit there and stare at the scenery. "This view is amazing how did you know i secretly beautiful scenery"he asks me now focusing on me instead of the scenery. "Look i have seen you go up the to of the capital to see the sunrise i come here for a better view it is dark now but still the city lights are wonderful"I say smirking at him and his green-blue eyes. "Wow i did not know anyone else in this group likes this stuff especially you"he says with a guilt look. I turn back to the city and say "There is a lot of things you do not know about." "I want to. who does not though" he says turning back to the city as well. "A lot of people mostly guys they see me as trouble" I say as i start heading down. He follows.

    We talk the way back and I really start to know him more. I tell him good nite once we are home and ready to sleep.

    The next day we meet Darius and Dawn and G at the free run allies. I whisper to Dylan "Tomorrow we should go to my statue of liberty place and watch the sunrise i might invite some others another day but i need to see your reaction." Then we greet Dawn and Darius wen they come in.
  11. ((OOC---You need to spell the words correctly like in a book not like in text. also try to use , for a few things. When you don't the sentence just looks and sounds weird. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just trying to give advice.))

    Me and Darius wait at the allies and park but decided to get some free running in before the others showed up. When we saw the group walking towards us we went to meet them in the middle. "Hi guys" I smiled. "Hey there" Shadow replied. As walked around for awhile then we all free ran for about an hour or two.

    After we were done we just sat down and relaxed for a bit.
  12. "So how was your date last night?" Rex asks Dawn and Darius. They start talking about that but I just turn and talk to Mara and Allison. When Dylan pokes me on the shoulder. "Hey my brother wants to head to the Statue. Do you mind coming with us I do not quite know the way."Dylan says walking over to his brother. "You told him. What else did you tell him?" I say with a look on my face. "Relax I did not tell him anything else. Did you tell me things you have not ever told him? Besides you use to have a crush on him."Dylan responds with a smug look. "Yes, because i guess i felt like i could tell you anything since you had told me so much last night now lets go,"I say and the three of us head up to the statue of liberty.

    "This view is incredible,"Danny said smiling and looking from me to Dylan and back. "Isn't it,"I say smirking at him.Silence falls and i glance over at both of them."Is there something you two are not telling us," he says after waiting a while. "No, why do you ask" I say a bit too quickly. "Just wondering if my brother is dating my best friend and neither is telling me," he says glancing at the two of us with a smug look. "EW!!! I am too good for her" Dylan responds with a disgusted look. I am a little hurt but i can not show it. "Yeah well I am way out of the league for every boy here even my best friend"I say strongly and head back to the others. I try to fight my tears and I do. So when Darius heads over to Dylan,Danny, and Rex i go over and start chatting with the girls.
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