Where did your username come from?

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  1. Pretty easy question... where did your username come from? Does it have a meaning behind it?

    Mine came from when I first started roleplaying (waaaay back on Neopets). I started in the wolf pack roleplaying, as many people did, and I had a wolf named 'Keloryn.' I've been using it since for random stuff. Never really sure where the name came from initially, though someone had pointed out it is a respelling of 'Kylo Ren' :P

    That was not the intention.

    How about you all?
  2. From the inner turmoil caused by realizing I am a tiny, tiny girl.

    Sen = a thousand in Japanese.

    Makes me feel big 8)
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  3. Mine was from my original username both on Iwaku and from the first site I roleplayed on. I use it because I like how it sounds simple and sweet~

    It means 'flower' in Japanese. ^^
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  4. It was the name I used for what became my main World of Warcraft character, and I liked it more than my other internet names in use at the time so I started using it elsewhere. Now it's the main name I use for everything on the internet.
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  6. A dog treat.

    Well, it is one.

    But seriously, it was originally going to be Bamboo on another forum. Since that wasn't available, I added Green in front. After that, all my new friends started calling me Greenie... And so I changed my name to that, and for the last three years whenever I join a new forum, I keep the same name.

    I dunno, I find it cute ^_^
  7. The non-turtle part of my username changes frequently.... and it just changes depending on my mood. But the Turtle part.... "There are two types of people in the world. There are turtles and there are octopuses."

    I happen to be a turtle.
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  8. It's the name of several D&D characters I made for tabletop gaming back in the early 1990s. It's a variant of Raistlin Majere from the Dragonlance series.

    The Razilins were:

    Human fighter
    Dark elf fighter
    My old AOL Messenger screename
    And every forum handle I ever had, including Iwaku
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  9. Steven Universe, and also my birth stone.
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  10. Back in ye olde days when Halo 2 was being developed, they originally were going to name the Arbiter Dervish, but decided to change it in case it was offensive to Arabs.

    It was also my preferred class for Guild Wars.

    I figured it was unique, easy to remember, and it rolls off the tongue.
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  11. It came from ur mum.
  12. It was a joke name that stuck. Before that I was doing gloriously stupid shit with my usernames like using my real name or edgy animu claims.
  13. the ba-zings be real
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  14. ONCE UPON A TIME I WAS A WEE CHILD who did not feel her real name represented who she was as a person. =__= So I called myself a ton of different names until Diana stuck.

    I used other usernames on the internet tho until I finally just used Diana. But then people kept thinking I was Diana the cat from sailor moon. o_o So my actual full internet handle is "Diana Notacat", because I was always screaming "I'M NOT A CAT!" in chat rooms.
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  15. From my sunny and cheerful disposition.

    Disagree and I'll fucking ban you
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  16. [​IMG]

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  17. I made my username like I make my art.

    Me: *shoves random letters and figures into a pile*

    Pile: *looks good*

    Me: Beautiful. Oh hey, if you look at it from this angle, it has kind of a meaning too!
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  18. Mine came from a long quest of trying to find an universally available username. SlowInfect was decided upon due to a large amount of zombie roleplays I was hosting at the time. I've never had a problem with it being unavailable.
  19. I used to have an OC named Wolfie who I would write about all the time, she was a genetically modified wolf hybrid. I stopped writing about her once I realized how much of a Mary Su she really was, but considering the fact that she was my first OC and I had had her since I was really young my username has always stuck. I'm thinking of changing it though.
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