Where did you roleplay before Iwaku?

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  1. I never did really do any heavy forum roleplay until I stumbled on Iwaku. Back on Fanfiction, I used to run a group RP using their forums system, but that lasted for only a year before dying due to people's busy lives. With that I had to find another place to RP suiting my own schedules and free time, and a friend who was also a player in my rp had recommended Iwaku.

    Where did you people RP before you started on Iwaku? Do you still RP there alongside Iwaku?
  2. Warcraft III >.>
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  3. <.<

    That was a fun game though
  4. Warcraft 3 as well. Transition from pure chat to pure forum roleplaying was an interesting challenge, but I have to say I prefer it here.
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  5. I began RPing in MSN Groups. Then I dabbled in IM roleplay and Gaia. Neither felt particularly good to me. I tried Elliquiy, but found that the people there were weird. Like multiple members asked me a lot of personal information that have nothing to do with roleplaying. I'm sure there are sweet people on there, but I got the creeps. Then I moved to Tumblr for 3 years. It was a lot of fun and I met some amazing people there. My main muse there sort of faded out due to time constraints. Then a friend found this place and I've been content ever since. :3
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  6. Neopets, then various Invision Free forums, then by e-mail. The most prominent places I role-played was a forum called LiteraryxKisses when I was 15 (holy shit that was forever ago), and then my friends and I made our own similar forum called Propaganda and its subsequent less successful reincarnations when I was super edgy and pretentious. Fantastic.
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  7. Loads'o'places. Buckle up, we're going on an adventure, in chronological order--from oldest to newest.

    Warcraft III: SotDRP was neat. I liked it.
    Fate: Enjoyed it greatly for what it was. Grew out of it as I got older.
    Verdict: Don't regret it at all. It was a simpler time. Wouldn't do it again, though--anything I could glean out of that experience has come and gone.

    Gaia: A rite of passage if you will.
    Fate: I quickly grew to hate it and everything that it was.
    Verdict: A harsh lesson that big communities are not always best. Loads of people there were just terrible people in general, making absurd demands that made no coherent sense whatsoever. Moderators were random tyrants that imposed whatever their crude sense of morality is.

    Roleplaygateway: Alright site, overloaded with unnecessary complexity.
    Fate: Grew bored of it in due time. Too many elitists always blaming others for their failures, never themselves.
    Verdict: Decent site, may go there again one day, but I doubt it.

    SBRP: Referring to acronym to preserve their security.
    Fate: Tiny site had no interest in growing, burned itself away with inner turmoil.
    Verdict: I outlived the community. Learned the harsh lesson that small isn't always better either.

    NVD: Another small site.
    Fate: Creating an atheist was apparently not allowed.
    Verdict: Learned that small sites can be crazy cult shit too.

    GMod: Garry's Mod.
    Fate: A fun experiment that rapidly taught me how horribly inefficient game engines are for telling deep and complex narratives.
    Verdict: I could be convinced to do it again, for shits and giggles. It takes zero effort and might be a nice way to waste an afternoon.

    RoleplayerGuild: Good times.
    Fate: Staff who were constantly outnumbered, overwhelmed, and in most cases, who didn't care. (A couple of notable and lovely exceptions.) Site imploded and reincarnated, but was a non-functional potato for a year.
    Verdict: I burned my bridges there when I left. Not intentionally, but when you accidentally draw a hundred people away from a site via mass migration, it tends to leave some sore egos behind. I miss the site for what it was--but I don't know what it is now. I'm sure it's still a nice place to RP now that it's working. I, however, won't take the chance of having several years of work suddenly go up in smoke again because the admin was too lazy to pay a once-a-year bill.

    IwakuRoleplay: Left-leaning.
    Fate: Staff-to-member ratio is skewered in favour of staff, policies tend to be further left-leaning than I'd ordinarily like. Very heavy LGBT emphasis with tags and the like. Earnest community.
    Verdict: I've seen sites with a greater level of writing ability overall, but Iwaku wins out by sheer professionalism on the part of the staff. The fact that the community is as diverse and humorously lovely as it is, is a bonus. I can teach writing, I can't teach compassion.

    Do I roleplay on any other sites right now? No. Would I consider it in the future? Maybe--depends on circumstances. At the moment though? No. I like having one go-to place for my roleplaying needs.
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  8. Like many others here, I came from Roleplayer Guild. As for anything before that... yeesh. Not only was it all so long ago, but I feel like all of that super early RPing just... doesn't really count? I never stayed with any of those other sites for long -- not to mention none of them were really meant primarily for roleplaying -- and I feel like I really didn't get heavily into forum RPing at all until Roleplayer Guild.
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  9. Hell Neopets
    And then before I found Iwaku I did a few role plays on Aywas.
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  10. Fictionpress. More specifically, The Melting Pot Forum there, as well as Miraculum. And my own little random forum place for random things. I still rp in all three, most of my rps are there, actually.

    As much as I love Iwaku, most of my rps here have died. I stay here mostly for General Chat. If it weren't for a few people, I'd probably have left here, to be honest.
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  11. Habbo Hotel Canada - The "Welcoming" Committee

    This is where I first started Roleplaying. It wasn't the worst, but it had it's fair share of problems.

    +The bonus all Game Platform RP's have of being able to design settings. Can add immersion.
    -Said Platform does also severally limit (and slow down) ability to RP though.
    -The fact said props also required Habbo Credits, which required real money made it an expensive hobby.
    -It was more a combat system than roleplaying itself. Like, a story was there but almost everything was dictated by combat.
    -Said Combat System wasn't even inventive, they just spammed attack actions until the other fell. It became a test of who could type (or copy+paste) the fastest.
    -This also lead to a clear hierarchy of people who were 'better' than others. So elitism was rather high.

    Star Wars Combine - Basically the Galactic Empire

    Where I was first introduced into the Genre of Forum RPs specifically. To give context, Combine is primarily a browser based Star Wars Simulation game. I was trying to join the New Republic, but being a big Faction they tend to be slow as hell (and miss introducing recruits entirely). So they offered those applying some ways to distract themselves while waiting, one of which being the "Meeting Hall", effectively the sites forum RPs. I became hooked.

    +A Pretty fun, cool and creative player base. Some good moments were had.
    -The Moderators were Controlling as hell. To the point sometimes we weren't even allowed to fight Stormtroopers because no one in the RP 'owned' any in the game (and no, these RP's had zero effect on the Browser game itself. If they did they were hosted on a different site entirely and called "White Scenarios").

    Star Wars Universe Roleplay (SWURP) - What happens when you put me in charge of something

    So eventually I got fed up with the Combine Moderators, but I loved the people I was playing with. So I offered to make a separate site for us all to move over where we'd be free from such restrictions. Literally every single active player agreed in a heartbeat and within the day we all jumped ship. Now, it should be noted this is technically two sites, but that switch was more my way of providing an 'update' since I lacked the knowledge on how to simply upgrade the old site.

    +Same Community Combine had. Except even closer and more friendly with one another. Several friendships were made.
    +Direct control over the RPs, combined with a small (and friendly) community made adapting things to suit our current needs quick and easy.
    +Were actually able to organise, run and complete a Universe RP that lasted in total around 2 years.
    -We got a bit too eager with power levels. By the time our Universe RP completed we hit such a high power level there was nothing for us to continue to if we ever wanted to do something else.
    -You thought RP Guild me was naive and rash? I was even younger than that when I was an Admin. Thankfully in the later stages there were two other admins to keep me under control.

    Roleplayer Guild - The Meat of the Experience

    So mid-way through SWURP one of the fellow Admins got an RP craving bigger than what SWURP alone could provide. So he found the Guild and came back to tell us all about it. The rest of us joined, and kind of came in and phased out within a month cause it didn't catch any of our interest. But then SWURP came to an end, and suddenly I was left without any method of Roleplaying. I knew the Admin who introduced us to the Guild had remained active there, so I went back and gave it a second shot. It was during that time I got hooked and practically exploded in Roleplaying, taking part in a good amount of the most active RP's on the site (especially 1x1... I was a little absorbed into it). That being said, general burnout from so much RP's combined with a bad break up left me in little mood to continue RP'ing, so the next 2 years I spent on the Guild were exclusively non-RP related only for me to then join one more RP just shortly before leaving the site.

    +Huge Variety of RP's with a relatively simple and efficient system for finding them
    +The most maintained and fairly moderated site I found up to that point
    -Said Moderation was still lazy though, and ultimately resulted in a mass data loss and the majority of the community simply vanishing.
    -And then they didn't learn from the first time and the majority of those who chose to stick around also then gave up.
    -Rather Elitist Mentality among the "Advanced" RPers (Advanced refereed to general length and grammar expectations) towards everyone else. Thankfully, said community was also highly introverted so we barely had to deal with them.
    -It's Off-Topic Community wasn't much better. Everyone trying to 'debate' when in truth they were just trying to show off how many words they could get off Google.
    -Likewise it's Spam Section were just as cliche, aggressive and dickish as any High School. It seemed less like an 'escape' from normal life and more where people went to lash out at others over it.

    Iwaku - Praise the Sun! \o/

    So obviously I eventually ended up here. I was one of the late comers to Iwaku, mainly cause said shitty community from the Guild hit a bit too close for me and I ended up acting just like them... Serves to me as a good example of be cautious of what you let others imprint onto you. Anyways, that RP I joined at the tail end of my time on the Guild had moved to Iwaku which was my original reason for coming on here. My original plan being to be active on both sites. However, as the Guild showed to be more and more dead and hostile, Iwaku proved to be more and more welcoming and alive. After a few months here it became rather obvious that Iwaku was my new home and I was permanently moving out of the Guild. I'd still visit occasionally, they were never pleased to see me though.

    +The best Staff and Admins I've ever seen for a site. Seriously, I might complain and critique time to time (it's in my nature) but the combination of how involved they are but at the same time take such great care to act rationally and with proper cause rather than gut feelings continues to leave me in awe.
    +The most accepting and open minded RP site I've seen yet. I mean you still find the occasionally "I hate people! Piss off!" sorts, but you kind of can't avoid those folks on the internet (especially among a ton of authors), but the majority of people here are cool... Dare I say, Fonz Cool.

    -There's no more Tabs. I miss my tabs. :(
    -The logo isn't the Sun yet... You people need to Praise more.
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  12. Chatango CHARP
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  13. Oh boy...

    My VERY first experience was roleplaying on the LEGO.Com Forums. I remember mainly roleplaying on the AGENTS and Mars Mission forums. There was an entire war going on in the Agents forum that was pretty entertaining to watch. Then, they introduced the LEGO Universe forum. There, I made some things there that actually made me pretty popular. Most famously was the LUUN or Lego Universe United Nations. It was made because several people started factions against each other, and they could talk it out. I also used them in other RPs, and they grew and grew. I continued playing there once the game came out, and also role played IN the game.

    Then, it ended. As I got older, I drifted away from the LEGO forums. I moved on to checking them occasionally. I started reading the 39 Clues books. So, I joined their forum which had a large roleplaying community. I had some fun RPs on there. They were basic as fuck, but still pretty fun to do during my 11-12 year old life. I got a site mod to join in on one at some point, so that was fun.

    After that, A friend got me into roleplaying on Instagram. I had a character I thought was badass at the time. (A Zelda OC, with complicated af backstory. I can't remember an of it.) And I was actually pretty popular among the Zelda, the SAO and the Hetalia Roleplaying communities. (How I became popular among them is a long story for another time.)

    I drifted away from that. (Read: Stopped posting one day.) and moved onto Planet Minecraft. I had joined Planet Minecraft during my Instagram tenure, but I wasn't really active in their roleplaying community. So, I became more active, joined some fun RPs before they died, and I still check on it today because of the anime hub, but have fallen out of going on PMC because of bad memories.

    A bunch of people moved to Guild from PMC, so I followed them. I had fun on Guild for a while, but after facing some elitist RPers, and a GM with a terrible attitude, I decided Guild just wasn't for me. Also, me and another member joined here as a joke to resurrect Guild. We planned to keep the Guild alive through Iwaku groups. But, I fell in love with you all here, and once again just dropped The Guild.

    And now I'm here.

    Where will I go next? Who knows. I'll be here for a while, though.
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  14. I've been around a few places.

    Sal's Realm of Runescape. Lots of good nostalgia from there, and plenty mixed feelings about its demise. There used to be a thriving RP section there, of which, ironically, had nothing to do with Runescape. There was a nice close-knit group there that started falling apart as people went off to college and got busy. The RP there completely died when the site merged and buried the entire RP sections into General Chat without notice. My old RPs are... embarrassing to read, so in hindsight, that's for the best.

    SerenesForest. Very friendly people there, but I drifted away from them after a while.

    TESNexus. Yeah, the modding site. The RP there was surprisingly high-caliber for the type of forum it was. The RPs never lasted though, for several reasons, and I also drifted away when the ones I was in died.

    Roleplayer Guild, like everybody else. Good fun. As many others, I've spent a lot of time there. Unfortunately, the site died and reincarnated into an inferior copy, people moved to Iwaku, and so I did too.

    And that naturally brings me to Iwaku, where hopefully I'll be staying for quite some time yet.
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  15. Facebook. There are quite a lot of groups dedicated to roleplaying, but only a handful are active. And of those are a slim minority with literate players. The people are nice, but a majority writes more OOC than IC in the same post, often.

    If you consider roleplaying on FB, no. It is a good beginning and introduction to roleplaying, but upscaling after a while is a good idea.
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  16. I had some early exposure to roleplaying in some games (Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2) as well as one instance of being invited to join a session of a D&D game when I was like 13. Had no idea what I was doing, got bitched at for not being in character, didn't try again with those people.

    Then my first time really roleplaying was in World of Warcraft. I'd joined a RP server because my couple high school friends who played were on that server, but I wasn't sure what the server type actually meant until one night when I was playing and running through a city and saw someone telling about a place called The Dungeon, saying there were drinks and entertainment to be had. I went to check it out and found a bunch of female characters dancing in various states of undress. Yeah, it was a RP strip club (with some brothel action that was a poorly kept secret). It was exactly as ridiculous as it sounds, and it was my first experience of actually participating in roleplay rather than being a confused bystander. I sat around and watched to figure out what was going on, jumped in after I had a grasp on it, and long story short I ended up doing a shitload of roleplaying on WoW that far outlasted the silly strip club.

    My first forum roleplaying experience was during a lull in my WoW RPing, on a forum that was just for random fantasy shit. It was a roleplay started in the site's Spam section (which was where most of the site activity lived), a total mess of power level juggling and godmoding. It was really fun though, ended up being the only forum roleplay I've had reach a real conclusion, and I never would have thought to join it if not for having already known what roleplaying was thanks to WoW.

    After that ended I went looking for dedicated roleplay forums. I tried out Roleplay Gateway and.. shit, I forget the name of the site now, but it was some other one that was super popular years ago. After messing with those, someone from that fantasy forum messaged me saying they'd found a good site with some other folks from the Spam RP, thus I was brought to Roleplayer Guild.

    was active on there for about a year, during a period of my life when I was being pretty fake on the internet (all nice and chummy, suppressed the fuck out of my douchebag side) in the hopes of making people like me, became disillusioned with the site after helping a group of people construct a persistent world roleplay and seeing how deep and shitty the elitism rabbit hole went. Took a couple year break from RPG that I had intended to be a permanent leave, but the roleplay bug bit me when I had nobody on games or chats to roleplay with, so back I came. I did the "be yourself" thing and made a lot more friends (funny how that works, eh?), actually became part of the community, had a lot of fun until the site died and was reincarnated as a shadow of its former self.

    After getting really dissatisfied by the glacial pace of simple site improvements over the next year (like we didn't even have text formatting options like coloring text) and frequent site downtime and lag, I was one of the many who said fuck it and left to come to Iwaku when Brovo moved his roleplays here.

    I haven't felt the need to go find any other sites since then, and I don't foresee myself doing so any time in the near future.
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  17. [tabs][tab=Git Gud]Scrub.[/tab][tab=RP Success #1 Secret 2016][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/YA2WFS8.png[/IMG][/tab][/tabs]

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  18. Then I don't see why Gwazi found them missing to begin with.
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