Where did these circle things come from?

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  1. There are now some strange circle things I've seen present in tab and list formatting, and I'm curious as to whether that's intentional or some kind of weird side effect from something being tested.

    • Look at the circle things to the left of the tab titles.
    • There's also one off to the left of the tab field.
    • They're kind of distracting.

    • And they replaced bullet points for lists.
    • What's up with that?
    • They look kind of like googly eyes.
    And in case this is something mobile doesn't see, or maybe is just a problem I and/or Firefox has at the moment, here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about. The dots in the circles kind of jiggle around when you mouse over the tab or list item, too. It's odd.

    So, is the cause of these new doodads known, and are they likely to be permanent?
  2. The jiggling is...disturbing.
  3. Personally the ones on bullet lists look nicer to me and are kinda fun to make jiggle when I'm bored or putting off making a post, but I don't like it on tabs either. I agree they're very distracting and look out of place/bulky beside the numbers.

    It's not just you either, it's on Safari/Chrome and mobile too from what I can see. So probably not a browser bug or anything along those lines.
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  4. A bit, yeah. Seems like they're watching your every move. :sigh:
    Ehhh, they're tolerable on the bullet lists, but personally I prefer the normal bullets. Definitely agreed that they look awful with tabs though.
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  5. Somebody either thought it was a fun little idea, they're a pervert or it's a nuance way of it watching all things. Kind of like the patriot act.
  6. After staring at them for a while, I swear they're not perfectly aligned...
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  7. I see them too, they look cool from lists; but from tabs, they are horrible (but I like the color).
  8. Three bugs associated with these that I should probably report separately:
    1. They override previous styling, most notably colors.
    2. More importantly, they do not display in Post Preview.
    3. Also, that's a lot of margin-bottom; on that <ol> element.
    They override previous styling, most notably colors.

    More importantly, they do not display in Post Preview.

    Also, that's a lot of margin-bottom; on that <ol> element.
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  9. Also, if you align an image next to them their background will overlay said image.
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  10. I have to admit I giggled kind of uncontrollably for a few minutes when I realized they jiggle.

    But yeah, now that the novelty is past, I think they're awful. Really disruptive to a post and ultimately not very helpful.
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  11. Nooo don't get rid of the fun songs D: I want the novelty darn it XD

    Those will get fixed soon!
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  13. And with soon she means in a few years when everyone has forgotten about it being a problem:D
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  14. Rest in peace.
    Now I'm glad I took these gifs before they left us.

    Seriously though, these were annoying and took up a lot of space. Glad they're back to normal.
  15. Wait, they're already gone? :( Aaw, and here I wanted to see people complain for a couple of month, forget about it and then go 'o.O I don't even remember it being a problem' once it's solved in a year or two. I'll never get to have any fun >_<
  16. Oh wow, I didn't even try out the numbered list. That looks hilariously stupid. :lol:
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