Where are your ancestors from?

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  1. Americans seem to be quite up on this information so I thought it'd be a good point for discussion. So, guys, from where did great gramps hail?

    My own family are all Irish and the family dates back several centuries, hence I'm disgustingly pure blood.
  2. Snoreway :moose:

    -Norway, for all we know.

    There is a lot of MYSTERY on my mother's side of the family. c__c;

    I have been told, Irish, Polish, French, Native American (of more than one tribe on both sides of the family), and that's all I can remember at the moment. Apparently my ancestors didn't give a shit about race or nationality. XD
  4. Father's side: Scots (surname comes from here) Spanish, grandmother on his mother's side was fresh off the boat from England.

    Mother's side: German Jew father, Catholic Italian mother.

    I'm not American, but I'm the European Union!
  5. Gramps be Polish.. all Isabellas know.. Isabellas are 100% albino..
  6. All Scottish, baby.
  7. Since my aunt actually did this a couple years ago

    Dad's Side: 100% Danish

    Mom's Side: We have Scottish, English, French, Swedish and Russian.
    Also on my mother's side I'm 93 times removed from Emperor Charlemagne, and I'm about the most Diluted Royalty known to man.
  8. lolz and now you're on a roleplaying site. The Emperor is rolling in his grave. What a legacy XD
  9. My father was descended from the aztecs tehmselves on his mothers side, and on his fathers side, descended from spanish royalty in lower espana. uhm... god theres no way to make this not sound likea fairytale. Mother is 100% Irish descended from royalty there too, and there is rumor we are related to one of the civil war presidents, but idk. I'm proud to be IRISH, Mexican, Spaniard and Comanche Native american. also, my great grandfather was a general in Pancho Villa's cavalry. lived throguh it all too. we have his sword.

    Wellt hat was T.M.I. ^__^
  10. A spanish dude raped a woman some 300 years ago, now, I'm here to tell you the story of how my grandgrandgrandgranddaddy met my grandgrandgrandgrandmommy.
  11. I am mostley Austrian and Norwegian, i also have Native American(Blackfeet tribe), German, French, Italian, British, Scottish, Egyptian, Danish, Russian, and Mongolian, ancestry. I have a ton of royalty in my family history, I am descended from charlemagne, Barbarossa, and Rollo (also known as Robert of Normandy, the viking who sacked Paris, and founded Normandy.)
  12. 8D OH WHAT FUN!


    Daddy's Visayan from Olongapo, momma's Tagalog and half Mexican on her momma's side. So basically, I got Spaniards fucking with my peoples on both sides.

    I cry at night because I'm not monolidded.
  13. I'm Metis. 'Nuff said.
  14. There's still some debate, but I'm holding out for originally from an icey meteor, though most likely from a mud puddle. Then there's the other side, which is a fragment of the universe trying to understand itself.
  15. If we go back several hundred thousand years, King Kong.

    Immediately however, my mum is Cherokee-Irish. My grandmother was adopted out of a Pennsylvania-Dutch community, but that's all we know.

    My father's from Laos, and his father is half-Vietnamese.

  16. You too? Well, this makes things more awkward.
  17. For my Dad's side... My Grandfather is Mexican and Grandmother is half Italian and half something else. That's all I know. My Dad was adopted by a white guy named Dennis, who we all miss very much.

    For my Mother's side, I'm not entirely sure what all's over there. I know we have British, Russians, Germans and...some other stuff. All I know is my Mom is super duper white. XD

    So glad I inherited most of my Dad's traits. I don't get sunburns, plus it's genetically and physically impossible for me to get fat!

    I'm just some Latina/mixed girl/whatever... Some of my friends have called me a Nazi Beaner. I stab them with my mind every time I hear it. >>
  18. The blood of the Earls of Fife run through my veins, not a lot though.