Where are you my king?

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I have a current RP in which I play a Queen. She is forced to rule a kingdom after her husband's, the king, death and her struggles with ruling in a society that does not want a woman leading over them. The kingdom and council are pressing the queen for a king. She is a bitter and cold woman because she lost the only man she ever loved and her kingdom hates her because she is of the wrong gender. However...I want to explore who she was before she became Queen. I want to write a prequel if you will.

Here is the basic premise:

The Queen was not always a queen. She was a simple peasant girl from the very same kingdom she later ruled. She lived with just her father and older sister. Her sister would tend to the home and her father would play the lyre to bring in whatever he could to help them survive. She was an excellent dancer and also the most beautiful woman any man had ever laid eyes upon.

One day her father is invited to play in a special feast the king is holding. He invites his daughter to dance for the king as a special treat while he played. When the duo perform for the king, the king becomes enamored by the beautiful dancer before him. He must have her. Thus ensues his pursuit of the girl who later becomes his queen. But what does he have to do to win her love? What does he have to do to hide the fact that she isn't royal?

That's where you come in. I need a king.

Here's what I expect:
1. Communication
Communication is key to me. I need someone who is willing to take a dominant role and help me move the story along. Don't just wait for me to lead the story. Let's work on it together. Have an idea, let me know. Need to go away, let me know. Not interested anymore, let me know.

2. No one liners.
I don't want to place a paragraph expectation but if you can give me two good paragraphs that give me something to work with than I'm good with that. I always prefer more but we can work it out. But don't give me six paragraphs of nothing but thoughts and emotions where I have nothing to move the story along with.

If you're interested shoot me a PM or just post in the thread.
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