Where are you from?

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  1. I am from a horridly small town in the eastern edge of Montana, it's called Glendive.It's so pathetic that McDonalds can't even keep a store open here.

    When i first joined Iwaku though I lived in a town in upstate New york called Brockport.

    So where are you from? did you live somewhere else when you first joined?​
  2. Living in germany, a small 20.000 people town called Ochtrup near the border to the netherlands
  3. I live in Arlington Heights, in the NW suburbs of Chicago. Not a bad place, I live near all the shops 'n stuff, so I don't have to use my car.
  4. I am from my mother's womb.


    Born in Washington. Still live in Washington. Boring, boring life. However, I did move away for 8 years before returning.
  5. Graxia a neighboring planet of the 8th colony sent to study the mistakes of this planet to undo our history.

    Born in Wausa, WI later moved to Stevens Point, WI next moved to Waukesha, WI (majority of life 1st grade - Highschool) and now live in West Concord, MN.
  6. I lived outside of Atlanta in Forest Park most of my life! :D Big city, gangstah lyfe!

    And then I moved with Gibs to Siloam Springs Arkansas, which is a very tiny town and really creepy. c__c; I keep running in to people I know, and never want to see. And all of the good places to eat we have to go over to a different town. We have one big main street where all the businesses are on. But on the bright side, we're an up and coming growing town. So it's not as tiny as scary as it COULD be. .____.;
  7. Live in a small "city" near Chicago. Actually, Towarsysz lives really damn close to me... >.>

    But I was born in Istanbul, Turkey, moved to Athens, Greece, then moved to Des Plaines, then Palatine, and finally Cary, all in Illinois.
  8. Why does that place only have one window, Asmo?!
  9. I live a mile(ish) away from Kawauso.

    imma gonna stab him now.
  10. Born and Raised in Aurora, IL. I am currently living in Saint Louis, MO.
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    Somewhere to the left there....behind the bushes....and some more bushes...."downtown".
  12. Cary!? Damn, that's, like, half an hour away. ._. *shudder*
  13. I was born in Madison, WI and lived all over during my childhood. I just moved to NYC with Charchar~ But depending on where he goes to school I might be moving to a different place~

  14. Was born in So. California. Lived in Riverside, then Newport Beach. Did a brief three month stint in Redmond, Washington. Met another guy, ended up in Great Falls, Montana. Relationship went south, moved back to So. Cal a year and a half or so ago, and now live in Lake Elsinore... which is just a little bit away from Riverside!
  15. South Korea --> Michigan --> Ohio/Michigan --> Pennsylvania...no idea where i'll be within the next two years though
  16. With me of course~ lol

    I live 90 miles North of Chicago. And that's all you need to know about that.
  17. I live in Gladstone. A mid size-ish town in northwest Oregon. All my old homes are within less than two miles of one another.
  18. It deserves it. Marathon county has always been just this boring place to me. So take that you oddly named city.

  19. Now just remember that, apply the same thing to me. except for highschool I've been going there in MN. I swear I have went to three different districts XD elementary was one then middle and now high lol.