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  1. "That doesn't mean she doesn't get lonely." Astaroth lightly poked Melody's cheek.
  2. "I would hope so." He smiled and handed her the plate.
  3. Yeesh! Sorry I just disappeared like that! Life got eventful and busy quick, lol!

    Anyways, I agree with Kate, it looks great! The concept seems really cool and one I have yet to try out, so brownie points for originality! If people stumble across your Clan, I'm sure they'll contact you about joining (or just join, however you have the member invite system set up). Nice job Crimson! *thumbs up*
  4. John

    "Depends on how many he hits and if he gets bored."
  5. Melody shifted irritably.
  6. Anya smile and took a small bite.
  7. Lucius smiled and watched her.
  8. “You’re getting better.”
  9. "Yes, I have a sleeping Melody."
  10. Pao is more American than Orion is.
  11. I'm more a 49ers fan... the Seahawks suck after all.
  12. I would put up Spanish lyrics to the national anthem, but it's basically illegal, so sorry.

    Even irony is under attack these days. FIGHT BACK, AMURIKA!
  13. -uses dynamic entry on ramses/damned-


  14. The Patriots? Didn't you hear? Solid Snake took them out like, over two years ago.

  15. American is more Orion than Pao is.
  16. Obama uses the same shit George Bush used to do.

    Paorou is lolwutting.