Where are my pants?

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  1. ⇐Will You Be My Pants?⇒
    So I am looking for roleplaying partners. I just recently came back from a long break, and my other partners either left like I did or forgot about me T.T

    〉Stuff I will Roleplay〈
    • Yaoi
    • Romance
    • Fantasy
    • Furry
    • Mystery
    • Horror
    • Group
    • Libertine
    ↔Stuff I won't Roleplay↔
    • Yuri
    • Fandoms
    ⌈Plots in mind⌉
    Big Boss Inmate x New guy (MxM)
    An outcast girl who reads minds x popular guy
    Mafia boss x College student (MxM)
    Human boy in monster school x monster
    Two mental hospital patients (MxM) (FxM)

    Childhood friends
    Neko x Master (BDSM) (MxM) (FxM)
    **Will Update**

  2. Uh... Still looking? My posts will be kind of stuttered. But I post more frequently at night. The human boy in monster school sounds kind of interesting. shoot me a PM if you're cool like that.

  3. If you're still looking, the mafia boss or monster school ones look interesting. Send a PM if you want. :,)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.