Where are my Fighting Game Players?

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  1. So if you clicked on this, you probably know all of this.

    Your thumbs are a giant mass of callouses, blisters, and that burning sensation. (Unless you're one of those pricks with an arcade stick).

    You sit in training mode practicing your combos until they're muscle memory no matter how badly the joints in your hands want to kill you afterward.

    You go to Dustloop and learn the latest tricks.

    You may or may not pay attention to the tier groups for your game.

    You love hearing the announcer going "PERFECT!" at the end of a round.

    You're a fighting game player. And you have come to this thread to talk about fighting games. Blazblue, Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Marvel vs Capcom, King of Fighters, Melty Blood, if its a fighting game, it belongs here.
  2. Marvel vs Capcom 2- I restrict myself to low-mid tier characters, I don't use any assists whatsoever, and pull comboes like nothing. ^_^
    120-hit Felicia combo for the win. ^_^
  3. Generally I'm DOA, Virtua Fighter, Soul Calibur. All that I really need to be good at any game (as perverted as it sounds) is a female character at least for the first two I listed. Spawn all the way in Soul Calibur. I'm good with quick people.
  4. Huh. I was never much on Soul Caliber, and while MvC3 is on my list I've always been more of a Guilty Gear and Blazblue player. Though Blazblue only recently however.

    Back in Guilty Gear I mained Holy Order Sol (Pitifully I might add. Blazblue is what got me really started on fighting games), and in Blazblue I'm maining Ragna (Who, go figure, has been shot from mid-tier to God-Tier in Continuum Shift) while learning Noel as a sub. My problem is I'm cursed with the inability to use a fucking arcade stick...and I play the 360 version of Blazblue if I'm on a console (Though I'll drop for PS3 in a heartbeat if chances present itself). Luckily I have the PSP version to practice without that clunky monstrosity that is the 360's D-pad.
  5. I've never had the chance to play Guilty Gear nor Blazblue. I'd always be up for it though.
  6. Street Fighter. Best fighting game ever made, imo. Street Fighter alpha 2 was my favorite of the series. Still haven't played 4 though.

    Samurai showdown and Killer Instinct (arcade versions) were also pretty BA.
  7. Let's see.. I'm pretty big on fighting games, SC, Blazblue, SSF4, Marvel vs Capcom 2 and of course. Tatusonoko Vs Capcom for the Wii was one of my favorites as well.

    Blazblue is awesome, probably my favorite one so far, much better story than most other fighters. It's the one I'm decent with as the controls aren't as demanding as some of the other games. I haven't played much lately but with the sequel coming out I'm going to get back into it.

    The 360 controller IS NOT good for fighting games... Really am considering investing in an arcade stick. :P I just wish there was something like the Wii's classic controller, I am great with that thing. I can pull off the super moves reliably whereas with the 360, it feels rather random in games like SSF4.
  8. What do you play Blazblue on, Weavel? 360? If so, drop me a Friend Request. I'll help you break yourself back in. My GT is SilentChaos87.

    And that goes for all you guys. Even if you don't have a game I do, drop me a FR.
  9. I have it on the 360. My GT's Dusk0000, I'll get on when I can but most likely I'm thinking it might be more wise to wait for CT to come out then learn and get back into it that way. I mean similar games and all but the changes to some characters appear to be somewhat big, with Bang becoming awesome and all, Rachel being weakened. Not to mention the new characters.. Still no clue how the other two DLC characters are going to fight even with their Drive names leaked..
  10. Arcade machines were here, fighting in consoles are for weenies.

    Capcom all the way with SNK(though I suck at SNK games) at a close second, Namco's 2 fighting games are fun too. I also liked the Guilty Gear Series/BlazBlue.

    The best way to win is to not use any super moves in the first round, then just toy with them at the second round and finish with a LP, LP, ->, LK, HP. SF3 3rd Strike/Vampire Hunter 2(aka Darkstalkers). Good times.

    trollface.jpg everytime this happens.
  11. Nine out of ten times I'll grab you as you're sliding forward, and make you eat the floor.

    I've been toying around with Mugen a lot lately, and I'm having a lot of fun with the variety that you can get with the program once you get everything balanced.
  12. Uh oh, Fighting-Game-Raeg approaching.
  13. Well, I love fighting games, I just have no one around me to play against, regardless, I play MK, Blazblue, GG, MvC2, and SC.
    in Blazblue I mainly play Iron Tager and Noel, both are fun to play as.
    I have it on 360 as well, Gamertag Leonof
  14. It's extremely hard to counter Morrigan's since it's from the air and I usually do it right next to you after combos(it's actually useful!); good point on Akuma though, I just do that for show.

    But you have to admit, it's a really awesome way to win. :D
  15. Yeah, Morrigan's is a pain, and it is a kickass way to win. I just love slam dancing Akuma players that try that move too much. XD
  16. I need to learn how to do that more consistently o_o usually just jump or roll away lol.

  17. I stopped caring about Marvel Vs Capcom 2 when everybody in my arcade started choosing from the same 5 characters. O_o Nobody even tried sticking in a Strider, or a Dr. Doom, much less using both on the same team, even though they work wonderfully together. It was all Cable, Sentinel, Magneto, Storm, and Psylocke. It got old quick.

    I haven't played Soul Calibur IV in years, and probably won't go back unless Namco went back and patched in some decent netcode so spammers won't be able to get stupidly long streaks because some guy chose Mitsurugi and just did all of his impossible to GI attacks, thanks to the lag. ._. It could be that I just suck at the game, though.

    Right now, I'm passing the time until Continuum Shift by playing Super Street Fighter IV with Guy and Ibuki. And I'll pass the time until King of Fighters XIII, Mortal Kombat 9, and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (Dante/Trish/Morrigan FTMFW) by playing Continuum Shift.

    Unless Capcom re-releases Capcom Vs. SNK 2 on Live, or Playmore re-releases King of Fighters XI, or Capcom with Vampire Chronicle, or Playmore gives KoF '98 Ultimate Match some decent netcode (unless Playmore already did and I just didn't bother looking it up). So help me God, if Capcom re-releases Project Justice...

    And yeah... I pretty much grew up on fighters. Fighters and 90's First Person Shooters (+ Serious Sam & Painkiller). O_o
  18. You know, I just have to say one thing.


    Seriously, Capcom! X is way overdue for MvC!
  19. I'm not much of a fighting game guru, though I have a couple friends that are. The closest I get is SSBB, where I pwn all with Pit. Though in a serious fighting game, I haven't had enough practice to know if I have skill in it or not.
  20. As fun as Brawl was, its doesn't feel as fun as Melee did to me. Plus they nerfed Samus into the ground.