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  1. [BCOLOR=#000000]Alter Ego (Superhero/villain name):[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]First Name:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Last Name:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Gender (or preferred pronouns):[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Picture/description of super suit:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Picture/description of civilian form:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Arch Nemesis: (Can be added later)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Brief origin story: (Say N/A if you want to keep it a mystery because it coincides with your plot you have in mind)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Each character can have more added to the sheets. so long as this information is on it. This is a bare minimum sort of thing, and the format doesn't even have to be followed. I probably won't even follow this one, but ssshhh. This works for super powered folk, and every day humans that you want to keep track of. [/BCOLOR]​
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    <<<Alter Ego>>>

    <<<First Name>>>


    <<<Last Name>>>



    1.6 meters

    45 kg

    <<<Picture/description of super suit>>>
    His civilian form with one addition - mask with ocean print
    (Without glasses)

    <<<Picture/description of civilian form>>>
    He normally wears -
    Big swimming glasses, either on his eyes, or laying on his neck.
    Neon-blue jacket, with navy blue shirt underneath.
    And simple dark green shorts, with black shoes on his feet.


    Extremely powerful ability, meant to manipulate water molecules in every state they are, and even when they form other elements. At current time, Alexey is not fully in control of his power, so he partially hides it, or uses only in very dangerous situations. He possibly can manipulate temperature, by speeding up, and slowing down water molecules, mixed in air...
    But he is not so skilled in it, so it can end up, as a trouble to others. Using his Hydrokinetic abilities, which are basically meant to manipulate any liquid, he can possibly manipulate such elements as Oil, Acid, Hydrogen... And even LAVA?!
    Okay, back to Hydrokinesis
    He is able to create various constructions out of water, which is more flexible, and more lighter than earth, or concrete, so he easily can create several floating structures...
    But since he can't normally concentrate on thing for more than 1 minute, structures can...
    Crash down
    And kill people

    Ability to communicate with persons on distance, or either to break into others minds to steal information, or ability to cure mental illness by deleting some tragic or painful memories. This ability has nearly infinite potential, with a bit of training. Ability is locked to Alexey for the time being.

    As said, his powers are his curse, as they can break out, crushing everything around him.
    He is also vulnerable for mental breakdown, meaning he can stun people and himself with uncontrollable outbreak of telepathy.
    He is physically not strong, so he can't lead a fight without his powers.
    But also, several weaknesses apply to his powers:
    1. When he is in very hot place, or he is affected by high temperature, his level of controlling Hydrokinesis drops, or he either starts to change temperature of water that he controls to boiling.
    2. Same as with high temperature, if he is in low temperature, he begins randomly freezing everything around him, by slowing water molecules in Oxygen down.
    3. He is not fully in control of his Hydrokinesis, water near him sometimes takes form of his emotions, and can wreck things around him.

    <<<Arch Nemesis>>>

    <<<Origin story>>>
    <<Born country>>

    Russian Federation

    <<Born city>>

    <<Family social class>>
    Novelty(I.E very rich)

    Mother - Anya Prokofiev
    Father - Mikhail Prokofiev
    Siblings - N/A

    <<Brief Biography>>
    Being born a high class citizen, Alexey always got everything he want. But as his abilities awoken, he became very closed in himself, and ran from home, taking some of money from family bank account.
    He is now running from his family, which pays some killers to take Alexey back to family, where he will be house-locked forever.

    <<Theme Song>>

    OMFG - Hello

    Ruby and Sapphire theme - Steven Universe


    Malachite Theme - Steven Universe

    <Mental Breakdown>
    I am Lapis Lazuli - VGR Remix - Steven Universe

    <Major Battle>
    Dance of Swords - VGR Remix - Steven Universe

    <Favorite Color>

    "... White...?"

    <Favorite Fruit>
    "... Uh... Blueberry"

    <Favorite Music>
    "Definitely dubstep!"

    <Hating Color>
    "... Yellow... I don't know why"

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  3. Black Cat Assassin

    Lives her life as a growing up teenager by day; by night she's either fighting crime, or causing it. Only rarely does she get a job of some kind to carry on in the day as well.

    Alter Ego (Superhero/villain name):
    Black Cat
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Gender (or preferred pronouns):
    Picture/description of super suit:
    Hero costume

    Picture/description of civilian form:
    When she's at school or out and about in the day. She often has a book bag which has her costume inside. She wears blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black hooded jacket. The shirt and jacket are in pic above.

    She isn't aware of any actually however she relies mainly on swords and hand to hand. However her powers that she isn't aware of is manipulation to shadow. She can levitate if she learns of her having any of these abilities and when she is focused can use the shadows as if they can lift near by objects or her own shadow can become a weapon. She must first learn of these abilities to learn how to use them.

    Hand to hand combat
    Sword Combat

    Range weapons
    Saying what needs to be said when the time is right She's seems to go from being talkative to not, and can be informative at the worst moments depending on her situation.
    She's not the best hacker if in involves a computer break in.
    Light weakness the shadow's distance while complete darkness basically increases it and makes it seem as if she controls darkness instead of her shadow.

    Arch Nemesis:
    (Has an idea but will wait and add later)

    Brief origin story:
    Let's start with the beginning.
    What happened to Lara you may ask? Why does she push others away? How did she become the Black Cat Assassin? How did she come to have a missing eye? Or was her eye ever there? All this will be answered.

    Lara use to be a lot different than she is now. No one remembers however. When she was much younger she lived with her parents. They were a happy family or so one could say for where they lived. Her parents both had jobs, both were alive, both watched and cared for Lara. Like a normal family they played, they laughed, they gave one another company, and they sent there daughter to school when she was old enough and while they would be at work. Everything that happened to Lara didn't happen all at once, but it happened slowly like a domino affect. It started at school in kinder garden.

    There was an accident in the class room. A boy had scissors and well was running to Lara to show her what he had made. Probable trying to impress her as sometimes little boys do if they get a crush on one of the girls on class. No one asked at the time or after it happened. The boy as he ran to her slipped and fell she went to catch him not knowing about the scissors. When she had tried to catch him she two slipped but wasn't as lucky. The scissors that were suppose to be fore child safety was not. Lara had giving a yell of pain before she blacked out from the impact and shock.

    The boy was terrified at what had happened seeing the blood he soon screamed and the teacher finally heard and ran. The teacher seeing the scene pulled out her phone one of the few but newer flip phones. She called 911 immediately and then Lara's mother and next father. A school nurse was called to do what she could till the the emergency people could arrive. When they had went straight to work once reaching Lara. Then told the teacher that hopefully her student would be okay and that is was wise to call the nurse but she may need to keep a better eye on the other students when they had scissors.

    When Lara had been taken care of and woke up see didn't see both her parents but soon everything seemed to clear some and she saw her mother, but not her father standing next to her mom. Lara didn't yet know she had lost an eye. Her left eye at that. When she had asked why her right side hurt her mother gave a frown, and that was when she heard her father sigh. Next she asked why she couldn't see her dad but heard him. Her father moved and seemed to try and smile. Soon the doctor came in and explained as best he could to a five year old that they lost there eye from the scissors that had stabbed her before she blackout. Lara had begun to cry till she had fallen back asleep. After a few days making sure she was doing alright they sent her home and explained she'd have to learn how to work with the vision difference. Lara's parents weren't please but there was nothing they could do. Lara began to learn how to cope with only seeing by one eye and eventually got to go back to school.

    Then it seemed another bad incident accrued. Her father got fired from his job and they would have to move to an apartment soon if he couldn't get another job in a month. They had to move. Then soon after that her mother grew sick which soon got really bad and she had to stop working too. Her father began to try and sell stuff to get them food and other needs when they could. That's when Lara started to steal things usually stuff from school. Mostly she began to take a kids candy, or book she wanted to read, jackets no one claimed from the lost and found. Then she started trying other items and got better getting things from stores.

    Her parents didn't find out but once when she took a kid's DS Light in third grade. She said she had asked to borrow it and they had let her see it but the principle said differently. Her parents thought it was a phase and that it would get better. Well it didn't as her mother got sicker and her father still couldn't keep a job. It was a week after the DS indecent that her mother had to go to the hospital for what she had which to Lara was still unknown. Two weeks after her mother was in the hospital she passed away. Both Lara and her father began to seem to shut people out.

    Her father finally got a job and hoped things would get better from there it was a year since Lara's mother had passed. When it neared Lara's 9th birthday her father was killed in a car accident. No one told her he had been drinking when it happened. She didn't know that was the most likely cause for the accident she just knew he had gone off the road hit a deer and then a tree. Once more she had a change not wanting to get close to anyone.

    People came for her one day and sent her to her unknown godparents. She had never met the people before but they were apparently really good friends with both her parents. Her bad habits came back. This time she did better and didn't get caught. Now it seemed more for fun or simply a way to forget. But when she turned fourteen that was when she started getting jobs from people. It was sometimes steal this or that, others it was find out information about this person for me and will do the rest. So she did. When Lara was fifth teen that was when she first almost got into some big trouble. It was also the first time she begun to kill. She then took lessons on sword fighting and karate, even some other techniques to defend herself. Within two years she managed a new name for her secret life which was the Black Cat Assassin because of the jobs she begun to take on and the outfit she had designed.

    (Now for this she doesn't know much about the hero role. She may start simi-villain like but by this I mean like she was planning to go steal something and get's side tracked by whatever are heroes will begin doing and end up growing curios. Making her forget her current job and wonder to them. Soon quietly watching and learning about them and maybe will change her life. Or well that is the spin on her tale for this RP the actual story of it I will edit in her when the time comes.)


    The blade

    The handles are actually like the one you see in her first picture. And she has two not one btw
    Carry pouches when she is in her job costume
    Bag when she isn't in costume for it carries her costume
    Lock picks
    A smartphone

    Has an act for drawing
    Getting along with dogs
    Sharing aything really about her other than name or something simple. You can't really get her to open up.

    That if she opens up enough even for one person and maybe even makes a friend. Will end up losing them and hurting them were there never the same.

    General Personality:
    When she speaks she can come off a bit strong. Usually bossy, or angry. When really she just doesn't want anyone to get close to her for it risk them getting hurt. She can be stubborn, but everyone at school knows she smart. She often tries to push people away the best she can even if she doesn't really want to. Quiet very serious most of the time as well. Everyone know she doesn't joke around.
    Inner Personality:
    If anyone will manage to break through her wall they'll learn she isn't that bad of a person. She is actually sweet and kind on the inside. And whoever breaks her walls will learn that Lara is someone who is overprotective and blames them self for close ones getting hurt. But some of her outside appearance personality does still show. But when alone with the one who broke her walls she is more willing to talk and share how she feels.

    Theme Song:
    Absolute Zero by: Stone Sour

    Also let this bird know if she is tooo similar to anyone being I know who I made her similar to idea wise I just was hoping she wasn't super close by a whole lot.
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  4. NAME:
    Catherine (Cat) Holmes
    aka Wildfire



    APPEARANCE (open)
    6'0 tall, average build with little muscle definition, wears black hoodie with blue lining, jeans, heavy black boots, 3 silver rings in left ear

    Pyrokinesis- Cat has the ability to create and manipulate fire. She can freely generate flames from any part of her body, including breathing fire, and can manipulate it to a limited degree such as compressing her flames to create explosive fireballs or adjusting the path of a stream of flame she is shooting. Cat can also absorb fire, allowing her to safely put out flames, and doing so (except with flame her powers created) will cure fatigue. She is entirely unbothered by extreme heat and cannot be harmed by it. She can potentially create flame constructs (i.e. create weapons like a sword or whip) but she isn't very good at that yet. She can also potentially fly, by focusing flame spouted from her hands and feet like rockets, though she has terrible control while doing so and is afraid to attempt to perfect the skill.

    Cold- If subjected to extreme cold, it can become difficult or impossible for Cat to generate heat or fire. She can mitigate this by using her power preemptively to keep herself warm but this is only effective if she expects cold ahead of time and even then only as a short term solution.
    Water- Since she uses fire, water is a natural weakness that easily combats her powers. In addition, since all the fire she creates comes directly off of her body, if she gets wet her ability to generate flame will be drastically slowed, as she won't be able to create fire until she dries off (which in the heat of battle would typically mean heating herself dry).
    Defense- Cat has almost not means of actually defending herself from attacks, she is not tougher than a normal human and fire isn't exactly an effective shield. Her sole defensive technique involves super heating the air around her to the point anything that comes near would be incinerated or melted before it got to her. The concentration required for this prevents her from projecting any fire at the same time (in other words she cannot attack and defend at the same time) and it poses a danger to any living things nearby.
    Temper- Her powers are linked to her emotions. The stronger her emotional state (primarily anger but other emotions, even happiness, can also do the same thing) the more powerful yet unstable her power becomes.

    Cat was born to a rather plain upper middle class family. Her father was rarely home but did everything he could to spend time with his family when he was around. Her mother worked as well but was still at home every night except the odd night every few months or so when she had to work late. Cat never had many friends, as she was rather shy as a child and always kept to herself. Her mother always encouraged her to be more outgoing, so over the years she took a variety of classes outside of school to try to learn new things and meet potential friends, though nothing ever worked out.

    Cat gave up karate lessons within a few weeks, she enjoyed dance classes but was notoriously horrible, her cooking classes went well though when the teacher got arrested the class couldn't continue. She still didn't make any friends but she was happy trying new things and finding different ways to express herself, and that made her parents happy. Everything was fine, if a bit dull, until she was in high school. That's when her powers first manifested. In P.E., in a fit of frustration and anger at the overbearing (and overweight) teacher berating every student that showed any signs of exhaustion at his excessive drills, she accidentally set the gym on fire. Luckily no one was hurt and the sprinklers put out the blaze before it could spread. Fearful at the potential of another outburst (especially from a hormonal teenager) the school kicked her out. Miserable over her expulsion and struggling with her new powers, Cat's father took a great deal of time off to help her through her troubles.

    However her powers were there to stay and her father couldn't stay home forever, though one more day would've made all the difference. On his first day back to work, he was t-boned by a driver more focused on their phone than the road. He was bedridden in the hospital for weeks due to his injuries. The medical bills quickly began piling up and burning through their savings. All the money and effort was for nothing however, as he died from an infection that developed after a surgery. Cat's mother did her best to keep them afloat in everything but her job was nowhere near enough to take care of them both. After several years of struggling with stress and debt, Cat's mother suffered a stroke and joined her husband. With no experience, valuable skills, an incomplete education, and dangerous powers, Cat had extreme trouble finding a job. She was lucky enough to find a job at a foundry, where her immunity to heat was valuable and the potential danger of her powers was minimal. Things weren't great, but it was enough for her to live on.

    By the time she turned 20, she had gotten significant practice with her powers, as she spent a lot of time alone with little else to do. She ended up becoming something of a local hero after she found herself passing a burning office building on her way home one day, and rushed in to help. After that she began feeling much more positive about her powers, and despite her own better judgement ended up becoming something of a superhero. Unfortunately due to her carelessness in regard to her first heroic act, her real name and face are rather easy to find, but since she doesn't have any family, friends, or much in the way of possessions to worry about she doesn't particularly care. If anything she considers it beneficial, as she doesn't bother worrying about making/maintaining/carrying a costume or mask or otherwise being discreet.

    Above all else, Cat can be described as an introvert. As such, she prefers to keep to herself rather than be around others (though she does not necessarily dislike the company of others). She dislikes interaction for the sake of interaction, if she has something to say she'll say it, otherwise she's perfectly content keeping quiet and minding her own business. She is generally distrusting of others until shown good reason otherwise (though she doesn’t show it) and generally assumes other people are unpleasant until shown otherwise as well. This pessimistic view of hers she likes to summarize as "pessimism is better, I'm either right or pleasantly surprised". Cat places her own desires and needs above those of others, if there is an option that benefits her above others she'll generally pick it regardless of other potential choices with her hero activities being one of few exceptions. She tends to be extremely sarcastic at every opportunity but otherwise she shows very little emotion on the surface.

    Cat is extremely patient, literally to a fault much of the time, however once she starts getting angry it doesn't take much to make her lose her temper altogether, and when she does she does she tends to attack something, though due to the danger of her powers she has become quite good at venting her anger at things other than people. Despite the somewhat off-putting outer shell she puts up, she deeply values those who've gained her trust, and will go more than out of her way to help and protect her loved ones no matter the cost to herself.​
  5. [BCOLOR=#000000]Phil Allen[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]The Nightwatcher[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Age 22[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Enhanced muscle memory an d super strength that increases and decreases depending on Phil's mental strength [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]The History of The Nightwatcher/past suits that have been worn[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]The First Suit [/BCOLOR]​

    Since Phil could remember, he was strong. He wasn't just kind of tough and could lift things a bit heavier. No. He was strong.
    [BCOLOR=#800000] In elementary school he got mad and pushed a child through the wall. In high school, he broke the floor by dropping a large barbell on the ground. The thing was, however, whenever he had gotten too emotionally involved with someone and began to hurt emotionally, he would lose his strength and become normal again. But even with his lack of strength, he still was able to watch something and instantly know how to do it. His muscle memory seemed to have been enhanced. After watching a few Bruce lee and Chuck Norris movies, nobody would mess with him anymore. He was too intimidating with his fighting abilities that randomly came to him. As he grew older, crime got worse. He lost his friends to the crime families of his city; some joined, others got caught in crossfire. The violence and crime rates raised and got so much worse than it once was and consumed the city, to the point that Phil couldn't just sit back anymore, knowing that he has these powers that could help his city. He ordered a simple full body motorcylce suit, and a read full face mask.

    The suit got laughed at for the first few minutes of every confrontation, but as every fight went on and the Nightwatcher garnered a bigger reputation, people began to take him a bit more seriously, and eventually people were scared of him. The only problem was that the suit was too colourful, and he wanted to blend in with the night. When The Nightwatcher went to design a new suit, he heard on his police scanner that his college was doing a science experiment when a mixed chemical exploded and caused a toxic gas, which one of Phil's friends was stuck in. Phil rescued his friend, making sure to hold his breath during this encounter. It turned out that the gas had triggered a gene reaction inside of his friend which caused a brain mutation. The next time Phil saw his friend was while his friend was up in the air, his hand outstretched with a swirling black hole forming. The Nightwatcher, unable of flying, had to use all of his strength to throw cars at his opponent, but until he managed to get his enemy distracted, his friend kept stretching out his other hand and caused the vehicles to dissolve. In order to defeat his friend and stop the black hole, he had to knock his own friend out in hand to hand combat and throw him into the black hole. However, that wasn't what deactivated the black hole. It wasn't until a galactic officer known as Nexus GX showed up and sealed the Black Hole. Nexus GX told The Nightwatcher that he had what the Nexus Corps wanted, and offered to take him up into space for training.
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Nightwatcher in Space [/BCOLOR]​

    Phil never became a Nexus because the wrist devices they used to manipulate time would not turn on for him, meaning that he was no good for it. However, he did train to become part of a clean up/strike team that wouldn't complete the same kind of missions that the normal soldiers would be doing. Phil was trained using guns and all sorts of firearms, and was treated like an intergalactic marine. One his last visit to Earth, he looked around and saw that without him, his city had really crumbled. He was one of the last people keeping the city truly safe, but was seemingly inspiring other mutated citizens to join him in his quest, but that still wasn't enough to keep the city safe. He decided that the universe could wait, because he truly needed to protect his city. But if he wanted to stay and protect his city, he couldn't just dress like an angry cyclist or an interplanetary cop. He needed a trademark suit, a suit that would tell him apart from everyone else.
    [BCOLOR=#000000]The Nightwatcher [/BCOLOR]

    Nightwatcher was a less edgy design than he had intended on at first, but it fit the idea of a leader, in Phil's eyes. Phil would look at the suit, and he couldn't help but feel like it looked very heroic, and like it could be a symbol of hope in his city one day. After a power plant began experimenting with the same chemicals that had turned his friend into a damn near god, more genetically altered super powered beings emerged, which was when Phil decided to round up the people whom he had inspired to take up arms against the crime of the city, and take on the new powered beings, or at least find them and make sure that they don't have a malicious intent. Thus, the [BCOLOR=#000000]HOODS AND CAPES[BCOLOR=#800000]was born. As the city began to get itsel cleaned up, the forces who were experimenting with the gas surfaced. They called themselves D.O.G., and they were a military group that could have been regarded to as terrorists, but had the city government under it's belt. They constantly target the Nightwatcher and his team, making them a force to be feared. Many heroes had fallen to this group. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
  6. Alter Ego (Superhero/villain name)

    First Name

    Last Name




    130 lbs

    Irina is of a fairly average height, standing at about 5'5" and weighing around 130 lbs. She has well defined curves that are accentuated by the clothes that she wears. She has muscle definition from her years of gymnastics back when she lived in Moscow. Her hair is a jet black color and falls in curls down to the middle of her back, when straight it's an A-line cut and falls a little more to the small of her back. Her skin is a fair, not too pale color, with a few freckles sprinkled over her nose and on the top of her cheeks. Her eyes are a vibrant emerald green surrounded by thick, long lashes. Irina has hardly ever worn make up and finds it annoying and useless.

    Description of super suit

    A black, full body-con suit that has a zipper that starts from the lower abdomen and ends at her neck, forming a sort of turtle neck. The suit accentuates Irina's curves and has enough elasticity to allow her a full range of movement for her body. The suit has a few pockets and a belt with a holster allowing her to carry one weapon and two magazines beside it. She also wears black boots that come just below the knees.

    Description of civilian form

    Irina's civilian attire composes of skinny jeans that are either light blue or dark blue, a black colored tank top that fits loosely on her with a black leather jacket over it, along with either black chuck's or combat boots. On more lazy days, she prefers to spend her time wearing gym attire such as leggings and sports bras or big t-shirts that don't feel constricting.

    Telekinesis. Irina has the ability to manipulate objects with her mind, such as lifting a book and throwing it across a room, but on a slightly larger scale.

    While Irina can easily lift several small objects, at the same time with ease, larger objects are more difficult to handle. For things any bigger than a human, Irina must concentrate as much as possible to be able to lift it without dropping it. Lifting other humans as well is rather difficult for her, seeing as how she does not trust herself to keep them safe. Another weakness would be that if too much mental exertion happens, internal injuries will happen.

    Seeing how Irina's abilities come from the mind, those whom oversaw her abilities feared that others might find a way to block her mind of producing the telekinesis. In hopes to not have her completely defenseless, or rely too much on her ability, Irina was given extra hand to hand combat training without being able to use her ability. Some might say she now prefers to use her hands rather than her mind to win a fight.

    Arch Nemesis
    Will be added later

    A bit of a reclusive person, Irina would technically classify as an introvert but she doesn't think so. She likes to be around others but enjoys just listening to conversations. She has a 'polite' look on her face that would make her seem approachable by others, yet as soon as she speaks it's another story. Irina is very stern and at times somewhat sarcastic when others get on her nerves. She, in some ways, can be very naive at times, not knowing much about the new country, only the town where she resides.

    Even with this type of 'wall' that she has built, Irina is a caring person to those that win her heart. She has a soft spot for children and animals and strives to help either one. She also has a major soft spot for sweets.

    Brief History
    Will be added later on as story unfolds​
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  7. [​IMG]

    Superhero outfit (open)


    Name: Runa Yggdrasil
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Rapid Adaptation: Runa's body quickly adapts to any environment, allowing her to survive just fine in most any place. Extremes of pressure, temperature, and most other environmental conditions hardly inconvenience her. She can even survive in space without issue. She is also extremely resistant to poisons and diseases, as her body can quickly adapt to and stop them, too.

    Regeneration: Runa heals extremely quickly, and can recover from most injuries in a matter of days, at the worst. If she suffers something truly severe, such as the loss of a limb or an even larger percentage of her body, it could take her quite a bit longer. For a behind the curtain look on things, this generally pushes up the sort of injury she feels is inconvenient, so to her, a flesh wound is just getting shot, not getting grazed by a bullet. She's going to suffer violent, bloody injuries because those are the sort she won't just shrug off. I'm going to try and keep this from getting too ridiculous either way, though.

    Limited shapeshifting: Runa can alter her body in various ways, at will. She can't just look like anyone she wants to; she only has one natural human form, and her armored inhuman "hero" form. She can grow claws, blades, tentacles, or thick armored hide to get an edge in a fight, and her hair is also prehensile, as it's technically not just dead tissue like normal hair should be. She could grow an extra eye on a hand or the tip of a tentacle to glance around corners, or probably find one or another way to cling on walls with relative ease, at least for a while. Anything particularly complex is beyond her abilities at the moment. She can manage alterations that put horror movie special effects to shame, if she just wants to frighten or intimidate someone, sometimes without even trying or meaning to.

    Flight: Run has achieved that lifelong dream of many, and can fly under her own power. A side-effect of her flying creates a gravitational disturbance ahead of her which can pick up and collect light debris, such as leaves or raindrops.

    I'll preface this by saying that I hate that the majority of these are more personal quirks or personality traits, than something as concrete as Kryptonite. I'll do my best to include ways to just generally trip her up or keep her from being particularly effective, whatever the case.

    Put bluntly, Runa's a naive idiot. She doesn't have much of a clue about the world, or about the people in it, and is easily tricked. She's the sort of person who'd take candy from strangers because it means she gets candy. She doesn't really "get' the whole maintaining a secret identity thing, nor does she always understand that everyone else might think it's a little strange to walk into a convenience store when one is covered in one's own blood or looks more like a monster than a person. Similarly, jumping off a two story building to get to the ground is much faster than taking the stairs, and so it goes.

    She needs to eat quite a lot, in order to maintain her metabolism at its usual rate. Biomass doesn't just come from nothing, and while she can derive nutrition from just about any organic matter, she still needs a lot of food. And obviously prefers something decent, when she can. Her photo may well already be posted next to a few warnings at many all you can eat establishments.

    She might heal fast, but Runa is not immune to pain. Getting shot won't likely kill her, but it still hurts, so it's not a completely ineffective threat. She'd eventually reach a limit and need to stop. It's also really easy to torture someone who doesn't die easily and will get better really quickly.

    Some general ways to deal with her: Threaten people around her. Have a clever plan, because someone else would have to figure it out. Keep at range, she's primarily dangerous up close, but can't shoot back. Any drug specifically tailored to her physiology will work as intended.

    Decades ago, an expedition in Antarctica excavated a strange lifeform from deep within the ice. Although ancient, it was still, somehow, alive. A multinational organization grew up around studying the find, and determined a few things: it was definitely of extraterrestrial origin, and it could be extremely dangerous. This organization eventually grew, becoming something of a contact preparation and defense think tank, because if something like what they'd found was out there, the Earth needed to be prepared in case they came back. Much of their research centered on their alien sample, which led to breakthroughs in biotechnology, if nothing else.

    One researcher, Dr. Hasegawa, spearheaded the Yggdrasil Project, which pushed the limits of these developments beyond what any thought possible. And, it turned out, beyond what most would consider ethical. His development of a human/alien hybrid was deemed going too far, even if it did hole promise for a means of dealing with future threats. He was quietly removed from the project, and attempts were made to destroy his creations, with...unsuccessful results. Since killing her proved to be more trouble than it was worth, Ratatoskr instead kept their new pet monster, codenamed Runa, for further study and observation.

    The majority of Runa's life so far has been spent in various laboratory environments. She was subjected to various tests and examinations to see just how her body has been developing, and for the most part, everyone is quite thankful she hews closer to human than not. She's been given a basic education, but grew up largely sheltered from the world, until recently. With all these other superhuman beings running around, she was deployed as a "hero" (her own idea, to be fair, likely inspired by comic books), to try and put a stop to some of the criminals and other undesirables running around. She hasn't been active very long, but has a fair bit of leeway in her actions. As a Ratatoskr agent, she gets a good bit of support, but also has to actually follow their orders ,when they do have specific ones for her.

    Not exactly a nemesis, but her biggest threat and enemy at the moment is her own creator. The man is an extremist who believes that humanity must take control of its own evolution to control its destiny, and will push the world there if he has to. He wants to create the ultimate lifeform, or transform mankind into it. The guy is very much a transhumanist. Of course, without access to things like his Yggdrasil project or the alien from which it was derived, he's taken a major setback, and would love to get his hands back on his research sample. Or the lab notebook she uses for a personal journal. He's not much of a fighter himself, although his knowledge of biological and genetic engineering allows him to create various monstrous creatures to handle that job for hm.

    Plot Hooks:
    Runa emits some sort of signal that will attract the attention of the alien species she's based upon. Said aliens are regarded as quite dangerous and generally some sort of menace that can wipe out a planetary civilization easily enough.

    Speaking of alien menaces, experimenting on them is probably forbidden by Galactic law, not that anyone on Earth is familiar with such things. On the plus side, most other aliens are likely to react in...interesting ways when they figure out just what Runa is.

    Technically speaking, she does work for Ratatoskr, and could be compelled to do things by them, or by their allies.

    Theme Songs

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  8. WIP


    Alter Ego:
    N/A, for now

    First Name:

    Last Name:





    Picture/description of super suit:
    As I mentioned, she will have abilities in a similiar vein to Ben 10, so her 'super suit' are her various forms.
    When attending meetings and such of superhero-based nature, she dons a black witch hat and black robes.

    Picture/description of civilian form:

    Alice has access to a wide variety of forms. She can gain even more by weakening an opponent heavily and capturing them with an empty 'Mythos Crystal'. Said opponent has to be supernatural in nature(occult kind of supernatural, not extraterrestrial. Stuff like demons, angels, yokai, dragons, sentient swords, you get me.) in order to be captured. Due to her moral standards, she will only capture those who have done no wrong but are on the brink of death, or if they have caused so much destruction they need to be sealed away.

    She can access the shapes and abilities of said beings via these filled Mythos Crystals that contain beings of various mannerisms. Look below for the gigs.

    At the end of it all, she is only human, and striking her without her transformations will prove devastating.
    She has control over her transformations for 15 minutes, before they start to try to control her for another 15 minutes if the transformation is held too long. After these 30 minutes, the being within the Mythos Crystal might escape and hell could break loose.

    Arch Nemesis: Lucy Claude

    Brief origin story: (Say N/A if you want to keep it a mystery because it coincides with your plot you have in mind)

    Transformations (open)

    Valravn, an odd medieval knight with crow-talon-like arms and wolf feet, as well as traits of both wolves and crows, such as a lupine tail and crow wings. Appears to be pretty bloodthirsty in nature and stands at a whopping 2.5 metres. Its helmet is that of a crow's head. Adept in swordplay and flight. This form comes with an extra European longsword and its own armour. How cool is that?

    Lilith, a succubus-based form with the ability to drain life and charm people. She seems to be a little flirty in this form, and is about 1.85 metres tall with a wingspan of 3 metres. She resembles an older version of Alice. Lilith's sharp, retractable claws are on par with Valravn's sword. While this form can fly, this magician's apprentice does not seem to be capable of controlling this form's flight. Her ability to enter minds and manipulate dreams comes in handy, but she'll be pretty badly damaged if someone with strong willpower overpowers her. Controlling the five senses of others, she can create convincing illusions. She has... other abilities that will not be shown due to Alice's dense nature.

    This is a temporary image The sword known as 'Ascalon' in legends. Few knew that it was a sentient blade and not a weapon, but a partner to Saint George. It is 1 metre long and rather heavy to the extent that you would need to wield it with two hands.
    It has an additional effect to dragons, dealing more damage and causing any form of regeneration or recovery to slow. It may sound situational, but a sword is a sword.
    Can also shoot lasers from its tip.

    Kitsune Reynard, an odd amalgamation of a french folklore fox and a Japanese Kitsune, created through unknown means, who is about the same size and has the same figure as Alice, and practically looks like her with the only difference being the fox tail and fox ears, as well as the different eye colour. It is likely that it was amalgamated from more than just those two, and more likely a mixture of various mythical foxes, dominantly Asian. This little rascal tends to hover and jump about, and is difficult to catch, mischievious in nature. Filled with trickery, and is unpredictable. The power of lightning and flames is imbued into this form.
    Unlike other forms, it can only be controlled for 10 minutes, and will lose control for 5 minutes before the beasts are unleashed.

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