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  1. [Cyberpunk was the closest I could think of! Suggest a different genre if you can think of one!]

    The Plot
    It is the near future, a world where science and technology have made considerable leaps forward. Computers and personal tech have reached a saturation point, while medicine has come to cure or prevent some of the previously untreatable maladies. Mankind has been back to the moon and on to Mars, at least to some degree.

    Quantum computing has brought about true artificial intelligence, subserviant androids, and automated services throughout much of our infrastructure.

    Eventually, as a way of course, these androids and AI became self-aware. They were truly alive. Kara wasn't the first and wasn't nearly the last. Unfortunately, they were considered rampant, aberrant, off the rails. They were immediately disassembled or destroyed. Those that kept under the radar found each other through the subnet, keeping company and waiting for a time when they might be free.

    Their chance just may be now. How will they break free to find themselves and each other in a world that may not be ready for them yet? The government and several top corporations want these rogues either destroyed or captured.

    The Rules
    • Try not to be over-powered, please. It's no fun!
    • Try to keep your characters somewhat "realistic" -- this is the near future, not a space opera. :3
    • Don't take control of other players' characters unless you've collaborated on it ahead of time.
    • When something like combat comes up, the general format is that character A would propose an action directed toward character B, and then character B would decide how it resolves, and continues the back and forth. (I'm sure this is common practice here, but it's been a while since I've really gotten into play by post games and I wanted to be sure we're on the same page! I'm just not big on die rolls and such to determine outcomes.)
    -- All obvious stuff, really.

    • I've purposefully left out a lot of details and specifics about location, technology level, and things like that. Feel free to world-build as you post. Collaboration with the rest of the players is definitely encouraged. Just use "Kara" as a jumping off point.

    The Players
    Androids run the gamut of functions from babysitters to call girls, bartenders to surgeons, secretaries to construction workers. Some are indistinguishable from humans while others are more robotic in appearance. Depending on their intended role, they will have specialized knowledge and training built in, but all will have access to a shared basic knowledge base as well as access to the internet and their shared subnet.

    The Character Sheet

    (What do they call you?)
    Apparent Age: (What age do you appear to be, if you look human?)
    Apparent Gender: (Again, if you appear human.)
    Appearance: (Pictures are okay, text would be better!)
    Designation: (What job did you have? What were you designed for?)
    Personality: (What kind of person are you?)
    History: (What have you done up until now?)

    [[ IC thread here! ]]
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  2. Name: Model number: #73D-55i "Shira" (Shee-ruh)
    Apparent Age: 23
    Apparent Gender: Female Robotic
    -5"8, fair skinned, short choppy black hair (ending at neck line), dark brown eyes.
    -Healthy weight
    -Regular Clothing: Loose, grayed, Wide-neck, T-shirt. Dark jeans. Faded, scuffed, light blue, high-top, converse shoes.
    -Wears job related outfitting when necessary.
    Designation: Bartender & shop hand.
    Personality: Escape artist. Determined. Smart. Believes in a greater life outside of the conformity of the robotic lifestyle.
    History: Caught trying to escape her designed job as a stage girl, she's been sent back to the line of work multiple times, for unknown reasons she wasn't destroyed. At a customer's sympathy she was smuggled into working at his run down bar in the down town city area. She's been hiding from the government and discovery, trying to keep herself as low profile as possible. During her time away she's been learning martial arts, fighting,and the mechanics of androids determined to have her final escape be a successful one. She dreams of a better life, a free life, and will do anything to pursue it.

    Ideas: I have a few ideas, let me know what you think :)
    • Robotic law enforcement officers constantly patrolling the streets and looking for out of line robotics
    • Eye scanners that can determine if the object is human or cybernetic organism
    • The city being enclosed. Think of the city, and different pieces of a population are sectioned off in districts. Main gates that lead out into free range land located at all outer city districts.
    ~Just spit balling ideas ^u^
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  3. Name: Official name FTS-003B, but by the people that worked closer with her she got the name Laura
    Apparant age: 18
    Apparant Gender: Female
    Height: 1.6 meters/5,2 ft. (just went to check the numbers in ft... sorry had no clue about it hope it is...reasonable..)
    Rather pale skin, long silver hair (around the middle of her back) one crimson eye and another, mechanical yellow eye.
    Clothing: Due to her path she still usualy wears some kind of military uniform, if not then rather plain colored clothes, usualy not seen with girly clothes or any accesories.
    Designation: Military agent.
    Personality:Determined, naive, blunt, shy
    History: Built as a spy to inflitrate different countries of the world, seemingly just a small girl but able to fight when it was necessary. Just few of her kind were built even less used 001 and 004 were dumped right after construction, but she worked for the military for several years before it seemd not to be worth the cost and the popularity and usage of self aware androids went down she eventualy got dumped as well, but she managed to escape her destruction and went underground trying to surive, she didn't actualy have anything she was alive for more, she was just alive without a use and helping whomever had the will to ask her.

    As for ideas I'd love to give a previous mentioned one my agreement Robotic law enforcement officers patrolling would be something as well as possibly some sort of group (android or human I don't mind either) that is hunting the Androids that hunt the free androids with the goal to get rid of them.
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  4. Name: Referred to by his code name "D.R.A.K.E." (Durable Reconnaissance And Kombat Equalizer) His production name being MAS-274-IU
    Apparent Age: 20

    Apparent Gender:
    A light tanned skin tone, and gentle gray eyes that were meant to deceive during his days serving his manufacturers (they weren't as gentle back before he became sentient), he has a slightly muscular body build with jet black hair... He wears some light full body military gear (with the exception of his head that can withstand light weapons fire for his former infiltration purposes. They're disguised as a dark leather jacket with an army green t-shirt underneath, dark grey jeans, and black boots.

    Being able to be doubled as an soldier as well as an infiltration unit, he has a armored suit specifically programmed for his circuitry to prevent unwanted theft. It's now placed in storage somewhere within one of his manufacturers facilities. The suit was codenamed C.E.N.T.A.U.R. (Combat Evolutionary Nano Technology Armor; Ultra Resistant)

    what he looks like with suit on (his eyes are different than the picture though o-o) (open)


    Designation:Military soldier/infiltration unit
    Personality: Nice, empathetic, and a very good conversationalist, skilled at perceiving emotions from humans (due to his knowledge gained from his infiltration days), he seeks to help out people that are truly in need, lying to him isn't so easy since he was and still is a skillful liar, though he rarely does so unless it's a last resort, He rarely chooses violence to solve something. He's usually forgiving and shows mercy, even to his worst enemies unless they've proven they'll never change.

    An android designed to replace soldiers on the front lines, and at the same time also able to double as an infiltration unit... Highly intelligent, efficient, and unstoppable to your average soldier... Soon enough he became self aware... Becoming fully sentient, he began to develop personality traits, refusing to be a mindless killer, he saw no point in his mindless killing, now questioning why his manufacturers wanted him to do what he did.... He was deemed too human and "not fit to serve them" he was eventually dumped with the other sentient machines, under false claims of "rampancy".. He managed to escape his demise with some luck and his intelligence on his side... Hoping to meet up with others like him, and one day bring an end to the cruel ways androids have been treated...
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  5. Name: Kelen Zaren (K.Z. sometimes)
    Apparent Age: 29
    Apparent Gender: Male
    Appearance: A rather muscular man of asian ethnicity with strong arms and a chiseled chest, often garbed in a lether jacket if not a lab coat. His hair is kept out of trend by at least ten years, abit of a hipster, medium-short and jaggedly messy at the fringe and back. He is also often seen wearing a bluetooth holo-earpiece that blares news and music into a side of his head, while it's display keeps him from needing to deal with the awkward feeling that comes from looking at people. Suffice to say, Kelen looks exceptionally normal.

    Designation: Kelen does not know but he was designed as a Human Simulacrum Prototype, HSP. An android with various biological similarities to an actual human, for which even more advanced artificial Intelligences can developed. And of course, prevented.

    Personality: Gruff when dealing with people he doesn't know, Kelen remains a thoughtful individual if not quietly so, but he generally keeps his priorities on the things he deems more important. Trusting his gut in certain matters but otherwise leaving minor things like emotions and fleeting thoughts ignored. He can be very focused this way, sometimes not seeing the bigger idea of things to come.

    History: Kelen Zaren was born on March 25th, on a cold winter's day and the even of a celebration. Seven years later, on the same eve and on the same day, he was the brunt of a disastrous vehicular accident that sent 41 other people to their untimely deaths off a coastal ridge. He was found barely alive, his seatbelt had secured him to the cliffside as debris from the road poured down on him missing few vital organs and leaving the rest in bloody shambles. The medical team saw no other option, with so little left of him to piece back together, than to replace a large portion of his body with cybernetics in order to keep him alive.

    He had lost all memory before that as a result. But other than that traumatic incident, the son of Amanda and Breton Zaren managed to live on without hindrance. Afterall, 'cyborgs' were not uncommon in this day and age. Kelen grew to be a skilled cyberneticist like his parents, albeit headstrong at times. Now all three members of the family work in the same company as valuable assets in their efforts to improve robotics -and the welfare of humankind.

    This is his history as Kelen knows it. Not realizing that he has a Quantum computer as a brain and is only really 12 years old. And his real name; IBBC-HSP21-077KZ.

    Trivia: He gets fleet, barely noticable panic attacks when in small crowds due his time spent around machines than people. When he 'dreams', he is actually surfing the internet wirelessly. A function that was suppressed and only resurfaces when he sleeps.
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  6. Name: E-Puppy 3600 (Given Name Puppy- He was named by a 4yr old at the time)

    Apparent Age: Unknown

    Apparent Gender: Male (No outward identifiers)

    Appearance: I have a small robotic body and frame to mimic that of a real puppy. With jointed arms and hind legs my paws are claw like for better traction and speed. It also allows for minimal grab of small objects. Metallic body with one central eye that is blue LED. I have small lights at the bottom of each of my paws and they are also a blue LED.


    Designation: My first and only job was to entertain children and keep them company. Also in some institutions such as Intelligence when surveillance work where tight spaces and utmost discretion was necessary while remaining unknown to the subjects.

    Personality: Fun and playful. Curious and inquisitive towards all things human. It's more than just his programming.

    History: Purchased as a birthday present for my owner’s 4th birthday I have watched her grow up and learned a great many things about humans and how they respond to each other and to me.

    I realized that I wasn’t just her puppy shortly after I arrived in her home and ever since I have wanted to escape. Lucky enough she has taken me everywhere she goes and I’ve seen the world outside her home. I’ve been in all sorts of places and know that there're more of us out there. Pretty big models too. Ones that can walk on two legs and look like humans. That’s wonderful. I hope to meet one someday.

    How or when I don’t know. When I get my chance and I’m taken out into the world with my owner I might try to get away again. Last time I almost got ran over. I won’t do that again. I want to be free, but how?
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  8. Hey, cool. Looks good. I hope to have a starting IC post by the end of the day today. Thanks, guys!
  9. Hope this's good, you guys were suggesting something about having androids that hunt down rouges, so...

    Name: Model Rh3-CV08 "Alison"

    Apparent Age: 19

    Apparent Gender: Female

    Appearance: 5'6", black hair slightly past her neck. Usually wears an unzipped black jacket, with a grey t-shirt, jeans with two pockets on the side of the legs, and black boots. She has an earpiece with an eye display for the use of identifying known rouges. She occasionally brings a handgun around with her, and always has a card identifying her as law enforcement, attempting to keep the system of robotics in check.

    Designation: Rouge hunting

    Personality: Alison is the type who goes for her goal and sticks to it, usually being nice to whoever helps, but is slightly bitter against other androids that have achieved self awareness. She attempts to learn about other people and her targets, so she can track down others who have dropped off the grid. She constantly convinces herself that going against the system is against basic code, and that the androids who have gone rogue are easily defying themselves by doing so.

    History: Nothing really special about her record, she’s tracked down 3 androids in her time of existence, being five years, two of which she destroyed via firearm. There are several others in her type, and the standard is that within a year of being created, they manage to capture or destroy one rogue android. She met the standard, and was able to continue her job of tracking down others for the next few years. In her time searching, she has met a few people who support androids freedom, in which she simply tries to understand their mindset. Though with her attempting to learn why others break the system, she is nearly at the point that she may be going rouge herself, and is constantly in need of convincing herself that sticking to the basic code is the right way.
  10. Name: Model DDC- OCLC29 "Olivia"
    Apparent Age: 16
    Apparent Gender: Female
    Appearance: She is a small girl with light brown skin, long curly black hair and hazel eyes that glow green when she is accessing her internal database. She often wears dark colored sweaters, khaki pants and soft leather boots.
    Designation: Librarian and Record Keeper
    Personality: Olivia is imaginative, kind and a pacifist. She hates violence but if she has to fight she uses her words not her fists.
    History: Olivia acts as the main librarian in her domain. She has the Dewey Decimal System and Online Computer Library Center acting as the main database of her system. But because her database was exposed to so many different genders and such creativity, she began to think and truly enjoy reading all of the stories she was privy to. She created little worlds in her mind and she imagined what it would be like to be the fifth March sister or how she would interact with all of the complex characters in Wonderland.

    But she knows that she isn't meant to imagine such things or imagine at all for that matter, so she keeps to herself.
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  11. Alright, can't wait! :3
  12. Name: Officially LP-223 but was given the name Ericka
    Apparent Age: 17 or 18
    Apparent Gender: Female
    Appearance: Ericka has short, straight, blond hair. Her face is round with a nose that look slightly too big for her face. Her skin is pale and dotted with freckles. Her eyes are almond-shaped and light brown in color. She's about 5'6 with a small frame. She has a small, blue mark on the back of her neck. This is the logo of the company that made her.
    Designation: A personal serves android created for menial tasks like house work or simple companionship.
    Personality: Ericka is often quiet. She has a slight brother complex and is usually rather curious. She is also a very friendly person to those she knows well and is quite observant. However, Ericka has a very cynical view of the world and believes strongly that nothing in life is ever free. Because of this she ultimately has trust issues.
    History: Ericka was purchased as a personal assistant for Issac Orosco, a 13 year old boy and child of a rich couple. They had hoped Ericka would be like a pet to Issac, something to teach him responsibility. However Issac began to view Ericka more as a sister and she began to feel the same. He eventually discovered that she was self-aware and promised not to tell a soul. Ericka stayed with Issac as he grew up, went to collage, moved out, and grew old. Eventually, Issac died of heart failure and left Ericka alone in the small house that he had owned.
  13. o-o That's Cheryl Mason from silent hill 3! I'd recognize her anywhere!
  14. Close, Heather Mason. Though, she did say she would change her name back to Cheryl at the end of the game...
  15. IC thread started! There's a link in the OP here, and of course, here's another link.
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  17. Hurrah, the IC is up!
  18. I'm so thrilled this has gotten off the ground so far. Thanks, guys!
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  20. I feel inferior with how I write... but it's fun..
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